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Shan Wang Mugong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan, also known as back. Jingchuan County in the west 0.5 km Jing, satisfied the second intersection of River triangle. King Mu-to-week with the Queen Mother of the West Sanyo festivity in the Jade Pool. Prior to departure, the homes can not bear to love the mountains, look back again and again, got its name. Emperor Yuan Feng-year period (before 110 - before 105), Wang Mugong built in the mountains, on behalf of experienced by To the first year of Ming Jiajing (1522), built in the mountains one day the door, the door for two days, three doors, Wang Mugong, Wenchang Pavilion, three F-ching, the Jade Emperor Temple, River House, look, ask a guest to stay, Xiao Zhong Ting, such as open Ting, and other temples. Couplets on doors for two days, "Calocedrus Akamatsu, 3000 on the island Mingqiong sector; see Gong Lin Que, took over Yuk House, 12 . "Qing Tongzhi period (1862-1874) by the House of the temple, surviving Ta-iron bell, the stele, Wang Mugong caves. More than the existing building for nation-building before and after reconstruction. In recent years, during the Chinese New temple fair held on March 20, the mountain is covered with light spring breeze Fu, a bright flowers, incense Jade Pool Health, Ge Fei volley. Visitors to view, "Jing Water Pik "" Jade Pool Yeyue "beauty. Poetic, making things taste.

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Kongtong Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingliang City, located 11 kilometers west, is a branch Mountain, 2123 meters above sea level, covering an area of 30 square kilometers, with dozens of large and small peaks. Bei Yi Guan Hill, South Point EC too, back in the first fifteen-years-old, facing the water Jing, "kongtong scenery show the world" is the first of China's Taoism Hill.

  Legend has it that Wen Xuanyuan ancestor of the Yellow Emperor in the mountains to the son consult as widely Road, Qin Huang Han had to board the mountain, later generations of the Tang and Song Ming and Qing Dynasties, in view of the mountains way to build a Buddhist Temple. Now there are mountains 8, 9 Palace, 12 homes, 42 buildings, a number of historical sites 40, with the most famous pagoda kongtong. , Majestic mountains, vast Lin, is a state-level key scenic spots one.

  Kongtong Mountain is a branch Mountain, the natural plant and animal kingdom, there are more than 1000 kinds of plants, animals and 300 species, the forest coverage rate reached 90%. During this period, which rise amid Xiong Zhi, Cliffs stands, it seems uncanny workmanship Lin vast, fog Yan Long locks, such as in Wonderland Piaomiao; Gaoxiapinghu, Shuitianyise, Lijiang charm. Both the majestic mountains in the north, south and the beautiful scenery. Dignified and elegant eight Nine-palace hospital 12 42 72 stone buildings Dongtian House, the grand vision, abundant details.

  To this ancient , Kongtong Mountain attracted a lot of talented Merry. Respect for the Chinese nation was the ancestor of the human person to board the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Kongtong Mountain, a wise man to consult widely as sub-governance and operation of health, asked that the Yellow Emperor in the event through the ages "in the Zhuang Yu" and "Historical Records" Were recorded in ancient books and records; Qin Huang, Han "Huang Mu "," Good god "and follow the example of the Yellow Emperor Xi Deng kongtong; Sima Qian, Wang Fu, Du Fu and Bai Ju-yi, when Zhao Chun, Lin, Tan seekers can explore, and so also left a large number of poems, Hua Zhang, stele, and inscriptions. Kungtung Mountain Dong and the Shaolin martial arts, Wudang, Emei, such as Kunlun well-known Chinese martial arts genre. 986 in May, the former CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Yaobang personally Inspection Pingliang when the title "Kongtong Mountain"; in January 1994, Kongtong Mountain was approved by the State Council as a key national scenic spots; in January 2001, was approved by the China National Tourism Administration The first batch of China's AAAA-level tourist area; October 2002 Lee passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality and environmental management system of international certification; July 26, 2003, Kongtong Mountain and the state board business cards, integrated system, which is the most representative Kongtong Mountain landscape - the city dry moat, Zheng bomb Gap , Ta Yuan Feng and Mr. Richard component of the "Kongtong Mountain" is my special stamp Following the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, the Maijishan Grottoes and Jiayuguan tower after the State Post Bureau issued the first local theme of the 4 sets of special stamps; in March 2004 and was promoted to the national geological park.

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Iron Wood Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ning is located in the provincial capital of Gansu in the northwest town 70 kilometers east longitude 104 degrees -104 degrees 46 minutes 47 hours, 57 minutes north latitude and 35 degrees -35 degrees 59 minutes, covering an area of 749 hectares. 2100-2397 meters above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 6.3 degrees Celsius, the average annual rainfall 477 mm. The main protection against For water conservation forest and its ecosystem. There are 141 hectares of natural bush, 357 hectares plantation. State protection of the birds are Golden Pheasant, owls and so on.

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Song Xixia Cliff stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Xixia Cliff stone at County, Gansu Province, 13 kilometers into the foothills of the courtyard, known as the "Monument Huanglong," inscribed on a four-year Jianning the Eastern Han Dynasty (171 AD). Xixia Cliff Song monument 2.2 meters high, 3.4 meters wide. For the top part of a tablet, "Hui Anxi" seal of the four characters. For the body of the table in the form of text, incised Lishu 2 lines, 385 words, each word 9-10 centimeters square. The main account of the life of Xi and Li repeated the local office of the Chief Executive for his excellent performance as well as people repair their rate of narrow-West Road, for the benefit of the people's benevolent rule. Inscriptions and calligraphy have very high test stone appreciation of the value of research and copying. Before the body of incised Huanglong, White Deer, mannose Golden Harvest, wood and even the rationale for people exposed images. There are four tablets at the Song and Yuan Dynasties, roads, Chun Xi Qing Emperor Guangxu years and, in some years, civilian officials Inscription 30 visit to Cuba a number of modern and traditional Chinese painting master Li Keran title of "Eastern Han Dynasty stone Cliff" and "Song Xixia." Song Xixia lower left another stone Cliff Han Li, known as the "Peach Blossom "There are about 1 km east of the Eastern Han Xi Ping three years (AD 173)" Han are in full Gengxun monument, "Cliff Stone Tablets, Li Geng account performance. Xixia Cliff song monument is the only remaining Chinese in the Han Dynasty," Shek Chung " "Fu Chung House," "Song Xixia" Song of the three major milestone in one of the most intact and to preserve. It sets literature, Painting, calligraphy, and thinking of the Han Dynasty equivalent to a place, the study of the Eastern Han-table articles, and even then the social and political, economic, transportation and an important physical evidence.

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Xiangshan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li County, Gansu Province is located in the territory of east longitude 105 degrees -105 degrees 02 minutes 10 minutes, 45 minutes north latitude and 33 degrees 54 minutes between -33 degrees, with an area of 113.3 square kilometers. 1080-2532 meters above sea level (Fragrant Hill), is a warm sub-humid climate (average annual temperature of 9.9 degrees Celsius, the average annual precipitation 500.2 mm). The main area of the protection of forest ecosystems, as well as historical sites, and other rare animals. 3730 hectares of natural forest area, aerial 4000 hectares of afforestation. Higher plants are known to have Section 120 is 250 more than 500; wildlife in 30 species of mammals, 50 kinds of birds, reptiles 10, 10 kinds of amphibians, fish 9, hundreds of species of insects, is a key state protection have cranbrooki, deer, musk deer Lin, Ling mane, black bear, otter and the kite, sparrow hawk, sparrowhawk, Yan Falcon, the Golden Pheasant, and so on.

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Zhangxian your Shan-ching - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangxian located 72 kilometers south, the Loess Plateau in Gansu is the most scenic areas of natural Qixiu, now the provincial Forest Park, Long known as the "Hua Shan small." Stretching up to 18 months because of their village, the "18-ching in your village," said. Gui Shan-ching as limestone Belt, many peaks, rocks like clouds, forest Garden area of 3.2 hectares, the forest around, medicinal plants and more than 500 species of ornamental plants, as natural botanical garden. Peak 2340 meters above sea level, Ming Longqing years, the peak in Temple site. Break through the Xian Qiao Jian, the West Hall of Buddha ancestors, the Great Hall of basalt, the 10 Hall of Yan Jun, and so on, the size of 2 lifelike statues. Gui Shan-ching-ching have your Wonderland, scenic spots in the West, off Xian Qiao Jian, Yeongam Kwu Tung, linked to Buddhist temple, temple bell, Songtao Among a Myriad, Qing-chi, such as wash Eight. Yamashita has Longchuan River across the whole territory. Travel along the canyon on foot, but see both sides of the river in Ky Son Perfect Mount different form, Yunteng around the fog, rare birds and animals Service can be seen, like the southern scenery, Qi Xiu beauty, it is refreshing.

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Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longnan Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve is located in Xingwen County, Gansu Province, Wudu counties in the territory, the establishment in 1978, covering an area of more than 19 hectares, mainly for the protection of giant panda, golden monkey, takin and forest ecosystems. Yu Mai is located in the Minshan, the highest peak 3530 meters above sea level, with the exception of a valley north humid subtropical climate Most of warm humid climate, vegetation and tropical evergreen broad-leaved, deciduous broad-leaved forest, coniferous forest and alpine meadow. There are more than 450 wildlife species, an ancient fauna and North Oriental transition zone, there are 265 kinds of terrestrial vertebrates. China's giant panda, golden monkey, takin, and so on the national level Animal care of the distribution sector north.

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Xia Ling Gong Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Is located in Gansu Province when the two County, 22 minutes east longitude 106 degrees -106 degrees 26 minutes north latitude and 33 degrees 54 minutes 58 minutes between -33 degrees, with an area of 29.73 square kilometers. Logo into the eastern basin is located in the hilly areas, in 1000-1500 meters above sea level, warm and humid climate. The main protection As for Pinus and the ecological environment. Bungeana Gansu Province for the protection of plants. There are 666.7 hectares bungeana pure, and scattered around the area nearly 2,000 hectares, is currently found only a piece of white Pisong Lin natural. There are causes Pinus and the story spread. The region is a national security The wild M.berezovskii animals and spoon the chicken, Golden Pheasant, kite, sparrow hawk, and so on.

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Qi Shan Fort Lixian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longnan area located 23 km east of Lixian Qi Shan Township, north of Tianshui City, more than 70 kilometers, was built in the Western Han Dynasty, when the three countries is the prime minister Shu Han Liang of the three armed services commander, the troops on the offensive northward Cao Wei's business fort, as a result of Zhuge Liang, "Qi Shan 6" Well-known. Qi Shan for the Fort Hirakawa wide on a process of Gu Feng, is located Water on the north shore of the Western Han Dynasty, a number of high-Shi Zhang, Xu, around, such as the cut on all sides, drawing odd high and steep. Business doors southwest of Fort only be able to join the castle, and then folded plate along the path, from tortuous song to peak. 3000 square meters on the mountain plain, its steep cliffs, Qiao Shi risk alone. Northern and Southern Dynasties period, in memory of Zhuge Liang, the wu have a built-in Fort Hall-designate, calendar Repair. Wu-designate of the existing temple temples, before and after Hospitals, for Xieshan architecture. In the main hall inside the plastic tall like Kong Ming, hand fans, sitting face up, Houdian Guan Yu Si, for the last permitted from hospital. Zhaobi outside, the stage for nation-building before and after reconstruction or renovation. Masters history to write the remaining horizontal inscribed board multi-faceted, couplets 5, 2 steles Tong Yu, Liang Gong trace his life story and outlined a great deal about it, writing Jin-soo, abundant ancient interest. Qi Shan has become a fort trip to the three major scenic spots.

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Longnan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longnan has a long history as early as 7,000 years ago, mankind has evolved. Qin Tongyiliuguo that is, West Road, the old course, Wudu Road and Road identified under the 4-level system of political power. Emperor Yuan Ding six years (AD 111 years), when they set up Wudu County.

  In August 1949, set up in Gansu Province Wudu District from 1950-1951 years to Wudu area, in 1958 changed to Wudu areas, in 1985 changed its name to the Longnan area.

Longnan rich in resources and a wide range of biological resources. Terrain in the region, adequate light and heat for a variety of growth and reproduction of animals and plants to provide independent terrible day . 1758.36 million mu of forest land area has, as many as the natural growth of more than 1300 kinds of species, of which 52 kinds of rare tree species; live in the territory of more than 300 kinds of wild animals, including giant panda, golden monkey, and so on more than 20 kinds of rare animals; there are 1,200 Chinese medicinal herbs Multiple; also Tremella, fungus, Shannon , Hericium, and so on more than 100 kinds of edible fungi and Shanzhen.

  Longnan rich mineral resources. There are lead, zinc, antimony, copper, manganese, gold, silicon, barite, and other metals, 34 non-metallic minerals, minerals to 445. In the region rich in hydropower resources. There Jialing River, Bailongjiang, White River, Han of the four major river systems, large and small rivers in 3760, in runoff 27,900,000,000 cubic meters, accounting for about one half of the province.

Longnan beautiful, a good tourism resources. Ocean County, Yan Bo Tang Tianchi vast, Wudu Yousui wide hole in Vientiane, Kang Xian Lin plum green tea Nature Reserve County chicken into a vast gray-san, a beautiful beach three Hui County, when the two old Zhang Guo-filled clouds, as well as the narrow West Cliff Song, Qi Shan Temple Lixian, West and the site of the country Chou Chi, Yin Ping Road, Dangchang shop hada Red Army memorial And a number of natural scenic, far and near is a premier tourist destination, tourism is no vacation Place.

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Yongjing Binglingsi Grotto - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Binglingsi the first "Tang Shu-Cave," Qiang is the phrase "Ghost Cave" was conveyed. After the calendar "Longxing Temple," "Lingyan Si." Ming Yongle, the Tibetan take "hundreds of thousands of Buddha" transliteration, and check "Binglingsi" or "ice Ling Monastery" in the name. Linxia located 50 km west of Yongjing County, on the north shore of the Yellow River in Jishi Shan. Grottoes points Temple-ditch next three Temple, located in Temple groove on both sides of the red sandstone, layer upon layer of caves, and circled on the tortuous path along the cliff. Binglingsi following the most spectacular temple, Kukan chisel statues in Temple ditch on the right side of the cliff, 2 km long, up and down four, scattered high and low, cover 000 vertical and horizontal, on the brink of the Yellow River, a solemn momentum. Is preserved Qin, Northern Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing 183 Kukan, the size of the stone as close to 800, sub-stone, clay stone and clay sculpture of three births, about 900 square meters of frescoes. About two-thirds of the Tang Dynasty works, exquisite artistic attainments, plump chic style, full of vitality and vigor. Li Yuan Road, "by the water The river, "said:" The river gorge next to the cliff are two caves, Tang said, a reference Cave, four high-Shi Zhang, West Second, the cave-in some cases, high Baizhang widely II Shi Zhang, Shi Zhang three deep. "Cave of which 169 cut In a natural Cave, the largest, is said to have referred to tenement slums. There are beautiful statues of the West, Tingbo energetic style, life Murals of God in people Yimei elegant, brilliant colors, classical compositions, showing that the beautiful scenery of the Kingdom of Heaven. There are paintings, "the first year of the West Bright Future" (420 years) of the Ming statues title. National caves found so far the earliest title in mind. Binglingsi the most typical stone is like, relief pagoda and Tantric art murals, and Mo Cave and Maijishan Grottoes in Gansu Province and known as the Caves of the three. Lanzhou starting from the 75 km trip by car, take into account the Liujiaxia Hydropower Dam yacht, after 54 km of the vast plateau Pinghu, Gap, turn into the West, had a sister peak, you can reach.

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Song Yan Ming National Forest Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Yan Ming National Forest Park, located in the state and political Linxia County, 25 kilometers south of Prince Edward in the mountainous forests.

Song Yan-ming because whenever the wind, Songtao masterpiece, the Pentium bang sound of a crash, such as beat Zhangu Lei, like Ma and the Pentium name. Song Ming Yan Bing Zhi has three peaks for the rooftops of the South, the West top Ling Kong alone, odd-shaped peak , Fu Jun Maung, is the ancient temples pavilion, Ting Xie Fei Hui-land bridge. As early as the Yuan Dynasty, it was cutting holes in the plastic Buddha, Xiumiaojiansi, religious seclusion, to take shape in the Ming Dynasty, in order to Furukawa, one of the Eight.

Song Yan-ming Forest Park is located in the mountainous forests of Prince Edward, a relatively large height difference, animals and plants Many categories, as many as more than 130 kinds of shrubs, a division of alpine fir and iron Cheng; distribution center of spruce, Cheng Hung, white birch, davidiana; low distribution of Pine Hill, poplar, larch; forest suit Bright, flower-shaped unique rhododendron, Hydrangea, primrose, willow, and so spent nearly 100 species of wild flowers; are widely distributed; number More Zushima, 3-pin, 9 calamus, Paeonia Sichuan, Astragalus, Mr Purple, with deer grass, and so on. There are precious animals fox, pheasant, rabbit, wild boar, and other animals. Merging the dense forests, colorful flowers, use different herbs, thousands of rare birds and animals, the limelight, surely shine with greater splendor. Park Chung-ming of the total area of 2666 hectares, the song by the rock-ming landscape of relics in the area, water sports medicine Gap Recreation Area, eight-way ditch mountain botanical garden, Huai Liang Shan-forest landscape areas, a small gorge leisure resort component.

Ming-song rock relics in the scenic area, "Pinnacle Songyan" well-known Wani, as early as the Ming Dynasty built on Yuhuang Ge, Buddha Temple, the Temple of Notre Dame, Temple Kong alone, and other temples, stone cutting had a mountain peak and then Ladder.

Syrup Water Gap Recreation Area, 150,000 square meters for the water to syrup to the main reservoir.

Huai Liang Shan-forest landscape, to 200 Pine acres, larch, spruce, fir, pine, and 500 acres of forest landscape as the main nursery.

  Gap small leisure resort to a small river gorge as a context, Huaxi, linked to the flower diameter; arch bridge, Quqiao each other; promenade Shuixiexiangyao; Portal, avoid the shadow of hope.

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Wan view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia city is located 1 kilometer north of the plateau Wan. Plateau here in the first towering mountains, Bingzhi of Wufeng, respectively, from west to east, known as the Second Kong, F-dong, Wan concept million Hall of the Ancestors turn, Lin Lama Si. Wan Xi concept of "Eight River State". Said, "Xianzong ancient concept." Fu's said to beg in the establishment of the West River State government has This concept. After the Rise and Fall of experienced, said the yuan's College dust, for tomorrow or ZhenWuTang Palace Tower brightly lit, money end of the beginning. Building and construction of the mountain, followed by bottom-up Guanyin Mountain Gate House, Temple Zhenwu, Zi Dian, Yu Huangge, Fulu Pavilion, San Qingdian, Hun Yuan Court. After the Rise and Fall of experienced, is the only real force in rebuilding the Temple, the Temple and the Yu Zi Court and the rest are construction in recent years, new

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Liujiaxia Hydropower Station - Chinese tourism scenic spots

75 km from the city of Lanzhou, Linxia Yongjing county seat is located 1 km south-west of the Yellow River valley in the Department. Is the first Five-Year Plan period, China's own design, the construction itself, created a large-scale hydropower project, completed in 1974, a radical cure for the flood of the Yellow River, Yellow River water resources development, mainly in power generation, and Power generation, flood control, irrigation, aquaculture, shipping, and other large-scale utilization of water-control project, but also tourist attractions.

  Liujiaxia reservoir water storage capacity of 57 billion cubic meters of water area of over 130 square kilometers, was south-west - to the north-east extension of up to 54 kilometers. Tai Lan He Up to 147 meters, 840 meters long, at the bottom of the dam is the power plant, underground hall lined with 5 large generating units with a total installed capacity of 1,225,000 kilowatts, generating 5.7 billion years to reach the scale of degrees. The Liujiaxia Hydropower Station in Shaanxi, Gansu and Qinghai provinces of the grid together.

  Canyon Reservoir is located in the Plateau, known as the "Pearl of the plateau", the spectacular scenery. Accessibility by yacht visitors back and the Yellow River, the Qifeng off into the gorge, stand like a wall Qian Yan, Gap is a mountain lake, yellow-ha, Shuitianyise. Westbound at about 50 km, is Binglingsi Grotto. Pass a sister peak, the graceful shape , Kingston For language, similar to Xiaoying guests.

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Linxia Nanguan Mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia Nanguan Mosque is located in the city of Linxia Jiefang Road in the south gate on the south side of the square, near the North Red River, is Linxia Muslims worship the sites for religious activities. Founded in the late Yuan Dynasty, with the subsequent damage with the repair, which has been extended.

Linxia Nanguan Mosque in 1979 by the existing mosque rebuilt from the lobby of the ceremony and Church made up of two parts. For the lobby of the platform, platform 2 m high, the Office of 8 meters high, before the vertical cylinder 10. For the brick church hall, sitting west to east, the former volume after Xieshan Ding-composite structure, around the corridors by 30 columns hold up a large, majestic momentum, with a solemn silence. Yingbi are decorated with reliefs of cement, the ancient Code , Unique.

  The front hall roof repair has three green dome steeple circle, "Wood is holding" and "Moon House", 22 meters high. Mochizuki floor with the top prize, and Aquarius; in the middle of the wood carving there is a take-old Arabic "mantra-ching." Temple construction of the entire collection of classical Chinese architecture built with the Arab In one style, unique design, the grand style, is the East-West cultural blend of renowned crystal.

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Linxia Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia in the valley, flat land, lying south-west, north-east low, from the southwest to the northeast descending, was inclined Basin, an average of 2,000 m above sea level.

Sanin Sichuan Plateau area of precipitation, rain heat in the same quarter, conducive to crops, pasture and forest growth: light-arid areas rich, low rainfall The main crops are wheat, corn, potato, broad bean, the top-five barley, the main cash crops of cannabis, sugar beet, fruits, pepper, herbs category. Linxia broad bean is the traditional advantage of crops, large grain delicious, nutritious, is the main export varieties of grain, color Linxia cannabis soft white matter, for Long Tang Wang famous big apricot then sold to famous Hong Kong.

  Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the famous treasure house of minerals ? ? Qilian Mountains and the intersection of the West Qinling Mountain site, the geological conditions are better. Autonomous territory of China rivers, the Yellow River, Tao River and its tributaries Huangshui big summer Oxford River, Canton, r., three Chahe, Wood River, such as the rule more than 30.

Linxia unique folk customs and culture, its heritage and the many cultural, tourism and natural resources. "Majiayao culture" represented by all types of cultural heritage spread all over, "Mid-level culture" "Qijia culture" as a result of the first discovered and named in Linxia. Museum of Chinese History in the collection of national treasures, "Wang painted" unearthed in Linxia, the River State and China, "colored town" in the world.

  Binglingsi the famous grottoes along the ancient Silk Road, look for victory visit to Cuba, a popular tourist destination of one of the Boundless expanse of blue water, the Pearl Canruo Liujiaxia Reservoir is the Northwest's largest inland dam, known as "Gaoxiapinghu." Yellow River Three Gorges scenery is the singular of a new tourist destination. "When Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo," Shi Ji-Xiong Guan, a reference to Yu Chuan, "he guided stone from the plot," the story. "Flowers" Known for its beautiful scenery National Forest Park Chung-ming and Lin Fa Shan Nature Reserve, the country has become a unique tourist attractions.

  Lin Mu period of relative masses live, the more feature rich Islamic culture, all kinds of classical Chinese mosque solution of the Arab architectural style and features in one, John Solemn, beautiful spectacle. Cantonese cuisine in the various types of traditional English food, especially Muslim-style snacks, known in the northwest. River State, "flowers" forceful romantic, folk literature and art is a rare treasure.

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Shihezi the first well - Chinese tourism scenic spots

For the realization of the development of Shihezi Metro's wishes, in August 1950, the Corps has set up a more than 30 of the 22 Corps investigation team. Investigation by the team engineers and soldiers, and in August to the end of Shihezi, the beginning of the sampling-spot survey. Comrade investigation team is divided into three groups, two drilling teams at the same time in different Drilling locations; a logistics team responsible for the lives of all survey team members. Vast wasteland, gravel everywhere, the investigation team of comrades in the hands of only a spade a simple tool, so they started digging hard work. First of all, they Shihezi in the north-east and south-west diagonal slash on the selection of one or two points of the two wells Began to discuss ways of drilling, a final decision on home-made "excavator." They come to the Sui County (now Manasixian) post office bought waste 6 poles, and two custom-made Elm linked to the pulley, and all hands be cut elm tree be a self-basket, the two bought a large rope And the material is divided into two parts, respectively , The second point of excavation for installation. 3 poles aircraft has become a big triangle frame, under the hanging of a pulley, put up a separate slide 20 meters long twice, Shuanshang linked to one end of the rope, hanging baskets soil, the well-head catch of wood, it is so , A simple "excavator" to start the work. Only ten days time, one well The water. The soldiers were very happy, first to scramble to drink this sweet-ching of the well water. And more than 20 days after the second of water wells also. Today, people go walking in the South Shihezi Science and Technology Museum 200 meters southeast of the open square of the forest road, which I still can be seen in the first Junken well. According to the parties that it was well-head Drive about 3 meters and 18-20 meters in depth, water from the southeast to the northwest of flowing. This is due to dig wells only purpose is to detect whether there is water underground Shihezi, the wells do not have any use, construction, the soil was near the landfill. In 1992, the Shihezi City People's Government decided to serve as cultural relics Point of care for the protection of repair.

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Shihezi Nanshan scenic area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nanshan at Shihezi scenic spot about 80 kilometers to the south, Yu Mo Tian. Here the road back to the song, steep mountain terrain, vertical and horizontal Valley, has Shiqianfeng soo, towering trees, Shihezi is a tourist destination. Nanshan in the stone market in the hinterland, a year-round spring roll Chung, spit-spraying Zhu river, it seems like Yin Ling from the Linha will amount Ga Seoul After the ditch on the gurgle out in countless Stephen, the river, into the waterfall, turn around the West in the East Chongshan fold, from small size, by the waves to the Tao, while the Pentium, which is home Ning River. Ning Valley home covered with the original tsugae, a forest village, spread in different parts of the mushroom-like yurts, decorated in the Bi-feng of Pinnacle. Cattle Marsh, river horse drink, live water by the warm hospitality of the Kazakh herdsmen. This kind of tourists will be invited into the Zhanfang a taste of authentic ethnic flavor of butter tea with milk MA ...... breast to a visit here will feel into the embrace of nature. Nanshan from the field to the stone went Donggou I am too small ditch mine can hear the faint sound of the thunder from the horizon, the air was also very humid. Xunsheng around, you will find that it was not thunder, but the use of the temple Mongolia at the end of the diversion canal or water caused by the artificial waterfall issued by the roar. Stand falls below shows clear spring Yihong, appear out of the blue, blue day , Flying Ock, seems like snow clouds, you can not help but have a "three thousand feet down Fei Liu, the suspect is the Galaxy nine days off," the poetic. This is the Donggou Falls, which is 3,000 meters above sea level in the mountains, to be hundreds of mountain pine meandering stream and out of the snow seeping through the channels, aqueducts, water gates, and so on Regulation of building works so that water from 2700 meters of reinforced concrete culvert pipe inside out, fell into a tributary of the River Donggou Ning home convergence, the Lin-feeding, pasture, farmland. Falls to form, here is more Green Hill, Lin Mao-more, more animal fat. In view of this waterfall, listen to the waterfalls roar, listen to the whirling pine, listening to birds Sing, do not have a Yaqu. Donggou the source of the falls, there is a vast picturesque natural scenic spots, which is well-known temple in Mongolia. Legend was the Yuan Dynasty army of Western Expedition Mongolia, Genghis Khan passed by the rate of hundreds of thousands of Tieji here to see the snowy peak, the mountain Chan Yun Xu, birds singing in unison, a hundred Qiming campaign ...... Gobi desert Khan's life was so intoxicated with the charming scenery. At this time, a player down Zouqing Lama, the temple was built here to ensure success of the army's campaign. Xiazhi sweat immediately, an eastern way of the temple would be where they stand, to stay on future generations. Mongolia has experienced vicissitudes of the temple, not complex In the only names left, but still enchanting scenery around. In summer, there is both a lush aquatic plants, strong horse manure summer grazing sheep and a summer resort. Hill outside the heat of summer, here is breezy, like early autumn, will have three days to a drizzle Fei Fei, the mountain was washed Lvlv green, wild flowers fragrance. One Nanshan stone into the market, it can be seen on the white snow Yibi, Xiegua Mountain, throughout the year, the pure white snow. Even far away in Shihezi, in the sunny during the day, still vague to see this snow, that is, "Snow dam floods," Mongolia from the temple up, "Snow flood dam" may sleep in the past over their heads. Mongolia temple along the diversion canal Go on over the original large swathes of forest and large areas of grassland, "Snow dam floods" close at hand. However, more and more dangerous mountain road: deep precipice, a precipice waist, can only help rock climbing wall and, climb over a hill, "Snow flood dam" will appear on the front. Here full of weathered stone tablets, Cuncaobusheng, in addition to stone tablet Occasionally under The continued intermittent sound of BUZZ, a silence. A radius of several hundred meters of non-thin layer of thick snow are not, in this decumbens Animation, cold pressing. Snow downstream, there is a cave, a number of adventure tourists in this habitat, Yamashita view: Stone Yunyan vast field, many peaks, as a small island, albeit not very clearly; re-Yuan Wang, the quasi-Liaoyuan Seoul gray Basin, near Toyama forest, if the light smoke. In the scenic spot, there are wild medicinal herbs such as angelica, to yellow, more than 100 species of Fritillaria, and other wild animals have the Tianshan red deer, goats North, brown bear, wild boar, Marmota, frozen chickens, the birds, such as snow leopard dozens. "Tianshan snow thousands of miles, in shihe Kai King." Mountain is not able to finish my speech Road, the myth of the world, and fascinating tourist destination.

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Changji North Lake Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

North Lake is located in Changji in Xinjiang Shihezi NATO Shihezi City, 16 kilometers along Highway 204 to arrive by public transport. The geographical coordinates of latitude 44 � 25'-44 � 27 ', longitude 85 � 4'-86 � 1', an elevation of 400 meters. In 1985, the People's Shihezi in the reservoir area to build a tourist area North Lake Park is named. Has put more than 1000 million to build a promenade, pavilion, water port, equipped with speed boats, cruise ships, motorized water sports, water landing platform to carry out the swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, and other activities. In support of the tourism restaurant and reception facilities, shops have come into being. At present, King Rippling blue waves in the water shuttle boat, the twists and turns of the coastal promenade, scattered pavilions, weeping Yiyi shore, the scene in sway. Contented angler long, blue swimmer off the waves, air gliding birds, fish jumping in the water, one Yuanshanjinshui life. In recent years, when on July 16 before and after the formation of the unprecedented nature "North Lake Festival." Why is the election in the North Lake Festival on July 16 that day, no one said this is why. In fact, was the first by the spontaneous acts of today's unique holiday get-together, to the point that on July 16, 1946 tour of the Yangtze is the Chairman Mao's day, people in this way to Huai martyrs, thanks to the party, thanks to the motherland. Perhaps this is a specific Junken cultural expressions. After all, the vast desert in the past now have such a rich, "Jiangnan beyond the Great Wall," is worthy of a great fighter and later Junken intelligent, hard-working people of all ethnic groups use both hands to create the miracle.

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Aheqi tourism Ten - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first King: Ukraine at the site of the ancient city of Chek two kilometers east of the county, north, Mackintosh stem surging river, according to South Weiwei kara grams of iron mountain, is a Yishanbangshui the ancient city, covering 500 acres, divided "Two city, the city set up inside the city defense facilities and residential areas, just outside the city walls and set up observation posts. It is said to the ninth century epic The Kirgiz hero Kurmanbek enemy to conquer when they built the Arc de Triomphe. King II: Kohl also located in the ancient castle town to the west of the border line in the nineteenth century, took the 1970s to resist foreign aggression Kirgiz Yijun when built. Yijun advantage by virtue of the castle, and finally beat Agu Bo invaders away. Around the castle Surrounded by mountains, Qian Feng Jing Xiu, green grass and more clear spring -, clear as a mirror. In recent years, tourists are attracted to the steady stream. King III: The root of the Rambler Di ancient fort at the county 140 km west of the border on the south side of the road. Was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, in order to Aheqi County Kirgiz back Agu Bai Yi-Jun The slightly built. Fort large-scale, solid structure, for both ends of the gun room, and command bunkers in the middle for the room. Fort built in accordance with the northern East-West Beach is on three sides. Qi Qiaer to be here, Kejiaerte, Channel 3, p. Di root of the fork in the road, actually a town of three military facilities. Fourth King: Do Diego, Rally beacon towers at the northeast border town in Aheqi to jurisdiction within the county. In 1828, Su Fu hero designated Kirgiz for power Blazy built, and named. The grand scale of beacon towers, an area of 100 square meters, 10 meters high, two-sub-built stone for the lower and upper mixed for the civil construction, the building in Taiwan Diego Yamaguchi, a high slope, once the situation has taken place, starting at war, the East could Wushi to notify the West can contact my song, the three parties can communicate with each other, is a very important strategic location of the beacon towers. King of the Fifth: Zi-rock Lectra is located in the county seat 20 kilometers southeast of Zi-ditch Lectra, the rock paintings In the white quartz surface of the stone surface of the rock formation, the rock paintings area of 3.16 square meters. There are 15 paintings. Including adults, children, men, women. Zhanfang more painting, the herd. The whole performance of the rock paintings of ancient nomadic life scenes. King of the Sixth: Yang Jun-yan Arab-Israeli view of snow Qi County, is an ideal summer resort in the county over the height of summer, there are different view of the Shengjing. Yan Jun Yang snow view is that visitors can not be found south of the scene. Climbing around: Nanshan is an elevation of 4,500 meters above the peak, snowy; Beishan 588 glaciers. Matched snow and ice, magnificent, quite poetic: Yan Jun Yang concept of snow, snow-capped mountains into many glaciers. Snow Mountain summer tours, summer tourism to Lansheng. King VII: The Millennium is located in old town east of color Paba according to Dan dry rural checkpoint 3 kilometers to the east. This tree was davidiana, in the long mountain cliffs, Climb, the crown of clouds. Stand under a tree, BUZZ smell spring, but no spring, spring water from far away from the tree 50 meters out, that the local people as "holy water", said the drink "holy water", illnesses and misfortunes, they seek to "holy water" and the tourist Stream. Legend has it that in the tree next to the clear spring, the hero Manas of the Kirgiz Zibo Luoqia Ke-war graves . King VIII: Ji Lusu Hot Springs is located in Yi county in the vicinity of the Arab-Israeli Kete Ke Ji Lusu River tributary on the west side. Here is an ideal bathing place. Hot Springs by the five-chuen, in a zigzag order. Clear spring water bottom, long seasons, is always flooded stream. All the year round water temperature maintained at around 35C, the water content, lithium, such as hydrogen sulfide ore Quality. This not only Stephen and pleasant water temperature, extremely comfortable, and on arthritis, skin diseases and very good effect. Those who are attracted to this very public bath. King IX: Mackintosh Mackintosh river canyon scenic river canyon scenery, like the thousands of Kaleidoscope, rapid change. February early spring, Durian Snow, snow everywhere is one of the world. On the advent of cross-strait street field, the trees regained consciousness, Poplar Tingtingyuli, Lvliu Enuoduozi, outside the city vitality. Fall season, the two sides of the river, rolling Mai Lang, apple orchards, fruit fragrance, is everywhere one Shengjing harvest. The arrival of winter, snowy, Mackintosh wadi, water Bingning cold, with no rolling. Value Xiao Shu-million in the quarter, along both sides of the unique sea buckthorn still proudly. Lili sea buckthorn fruit, such as pearls, like agate, Sihuo red, white snow and set off each other, reflect traditional costumes and to pay and watch this phenomenon admirable. 10th King: Falcon style home of the famous British Hawk trainer Andrew experts in 1991 to Qi County, study co-trainer skills Eagle said: "The world, Falcon's home in Aheqi County Rural tash sum. Here, I saw an unforgettable falcon-hunting by the spectacle." More than 400 township households of herdsmen, domestic home Eagle falconry hunting, is truly the home of Falcon. Every winter, many township Falcon only a few hundred, to be held for up to several days of falcon hunting game. Falcon hunting game concept, it is fun and soul-stirring scene, than to look at Spain Bull.

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Beautiful jade their summer pastures tash - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuqia County in the north-western border of the lot has a picturesque beauty of summer pastures, it is fascinating-tash their pasture. It's unique in its pastoral poetry-like scenery, manned by the "Chinese relics in the Grand View" in the book. Yu tash its original intent of the "three stone." According to the local people explained that the jade tash Three snow-capped mountains between the pasture. All three snow-capped mountains, the clouds were high, 4,500 meters above sea level in more than Peak is not snow all year round, as three silver-white solid reservoir. Every summer snow melt to form a gurgling streams. A large number of springs, irrigation of large areas of grassland which has become its jade tash 100,000 livestock pasture, Thousands of people the source of life. Natural pasture land, more than two hundred kilometers from the county seat, with an average 3,000 meters above sea level in more than 80% coverage. The quality of the grass, and high-yield, generally about 15 cm high grass, is the highest elevation in southern Xinjiang, the largest of the summer pastures. Yu tash its grasslands, mountains Pohuan low, Open-shaped, fertile soil, the soil parent material for the residual material, rich vegetation, Stipa, Oxytropis, Kobresia, Potentilla, such as dandelion. Here more rain and snow, water enough grass-mao, is a paradise for livestock, is a treasure of the pastoral areas. July is the tash-grazing gold of the season. At this time, mild climate, blue skies, sunshine Mei, the mountain is covered with cattle and sheep, it is refreshing. The four-week peak of snowy mountains, sky and white clouds after another group of grassland and sheep group together, the view really is difficult to distinguish the day is, is a cloud, snow is still sheep. Mountains in the Yu-tash, Jessica green grass, green want to drop, while Wang Budao, Less than the first, as is the green carpet shop to the distant horizon. This is on top of the carpet, there are many white, yellow, red, purple race Yamahana Yan, the frontier of the motherland so many prairie dress Jiao! Whenever the breeze down to the grass, shaking his head, laughing flowers , A pair of running cattle and sheep, in order to give the United States and the enjoyment of life. In the early morning The whole pasture was the white mist hung over, covered with a crystal Leaves of Grass on the dew, fresh air and moist. Walk in the morning on the Prairie, lead thrilled. Within a short while, birth vacant east side of the sun, 10,000 sprinkling rays reach the grasslands, Shalian red, green carpet of grass, coupled with the risk from the Kirgiz, Zhanfang The white smoke continuously, to decorate a more beautiful grassland. Here, people can enjoy a taste of this beautiful natural scenery. It was also through the grasslands of every stream, winding, snow-capped mountains in the distance from the glacier flow drip from the White Hua Hua, gurgling streams, as is the enchanting sound, as the small fish in the water this music Voice of Pina Dance, which brought water to the prairie life, a herdsman to bring cheerful, and then again on the grassland with laughter, quietly went the distance. One summer every year, the Rural Yao who herdsmen of the animals, happy to drive as "bazar", gathered here from all directions. On the hillside, in the valley Zhanfang spread all over, 100,000 livestock scattered grassland, groups, an on-chip. White is a flock of sheep, yak and is, the Red Horse. Yangermiemie, plump eating the green grass; horse chase to find the ideal spouse; yak walk to walk on the grass feeding; shepherd waving a whip in the herd shuttle between the Singing in the rough grassland around, it Renhuanmajiao, great excitement. Kirghiz herdsmen Zhanfang, assail the nostrils came Naixiang meat, welcomed the guests from afar. The warm hospitality of the owner to end-yogurt, milk Ma, Naipi, butter and dry milk, so that Gebao eat, drink enough. Leisure, The beginning of the conversation, the topic can not be separated from the total wealth of experience and hard-working party's policy of enriching the people to bring in the good shepherds of years.

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According to Austrian Tucker Scenic Area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Austria is located in scenic areas according to Tucker grams of Artux City, capital of 127 kilometers, according to Tucker Austria Akto County town 22 km south-west, 2820 meters above sea level. Unique natural landscape here is refreshing. "According to Austrian Tucker," Kirgiz language means "mountain basin," forest landscape with nine other public Nagel peak Backed, in particular, the annual summer Songtao rolling, luxuriant fragrant grass, brilliant Yamahana, listen to Parus forward, Braun's singing, despite the cool breeze blowing gently better person Kim Jong Heart. That side of the mountain Fei Bao, such as training for the silver, while the opposite when they see avalanche roaring down, as Wei-like view of the scenery. Nature's expression of the sum of static and dynamic, flexible and just This blend perfectly in accordance with the Austrian Tucker stunning scenic areas. According to Tucker Austrian tourist areas of a scene is very dense virgin forest, the vast gray fir, juniper Zhetianbiri Park, the ground floor of grass dotted with numerous flowers between the pine cone, pine residual abnormal mellow. The Sound forest birds, squirrels in the branches to jump jump . According to Austrian Tucker unique scenic Silver Fox, flash snow, leaves Xiasi unlimited. According to Tucker Austrian tourist area of lofty snow-capped mountains is a surprising under the modern glaciers, this area of about 224.8 square kilometers by the name of the county-border activities of the Austrian glacier that is, according to the source of the River Tucker. The snow-capped mountains high above sea level For the 6678 meters, the snow-capped mountains as holy water day and night activities to add ice water, melting glaciers supply activities of the Austrian river water, according to Tucker. Glacier silver on the formation of a rift article, like cutting Fupi; Taotao in the flow of glaciers on the impact of a huge ice cave, like a charming Crystal Palace. Came here from time to time, "carbazole Kacha "loud noise, people walking on the glacier there is a soul-stirring feeling. Austria according to a special scenic Tucker is the Feipu snow-capped mountains, into its Kela Zi, almost all have Yamaguchi falls." Fei Liu down three Qian Chi, suspected Galaxy nine days off. "Some time off when it resumed, some gossamer thin if, when the time is hidden Only snow-capped mountains and glaciers of an interchange like a Yinlong, from the top of the snow-capped mountains to fly from Chung, Tandi direct, unpredictable ice cave at Melaleuca stacked snow, water fluoride gas heavy atmosphere, the thundering sound, Wei For the spectacular. Tucker will be in accordance with Austrian scenic snow-capped mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rivers, avalanches, the grass rubbing together, and the slope Flocks of sheep and herdsmen of the Kirgiz Zhanfang round, so that this great holy virgin land full of natural beauty, there is no trace of artificial media-cut and polish the marks are all pure and natural. No wonder there are so many domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to and in order to access its Rongse watch his innocence.

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Karamay River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng He, also known as River through Karamay, Karamay in the urban areas in the territory, a very convenient traffic. Karamay City Northeast River from the entry of twists and turns in the city after city across the Southwest into the western suburbs of the reservoir with a total length of 8.51 meters, 15 meters wide river. Friendship Bridge is the gateway to the city of Karamay, Wei of the main cable-stayed bridge, the wind Unique, sophisticated appearance. Gao Gandeng full-bridge using searchlights lighting and color ball, Tower neon tube lights installed, install cable-stayed with running lights, Karamay river into a major attraction. The remaining four traffic bridge which Gerbo Bridge, the bridge Kunlun, the victory of the bridge, and the West Bridge Ring. 15 footbridge and non-motorized bridge in With the river. Karamay River spread of green belts, covering 158,100 square meters, get rid of the lawn, but also planting 4614, respectively, to form a nine Longtan antique building, children's parks, Kunlun small park, the revitalization of the park, small garden and so on for the West On behalf of the five scenic spots, throughout the show gram Mayer Garden. Karamay river is the city of Karamay beautify the environment of the resources of River City is the most important tourism landscape, especially along the river promenade on both sides of the green and 20 different sizes, different form of a bridge in order to give the beautiful scenery and landscape changing Beauty, the city of Karamay into a beautiful landscape .

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Nine of the Longtan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Nine of the Longtan River is the source of where the Karamay, located in the scenic city of Karamay he wore with the first - with scenic waterfall in the eastern suburbs. The main scenic spots from about 8 meters high artificial waterfall, falls under the giant dam and a large area around the forest green lawn pose.

  Wind grams of water falls from the trunk of the rapid currents in the middle of the Article dragon of the population smoke, use of water spewing the speed and nature of gravity to form a width of 10 meters of the great falls, falls on both sides of the breakdown of the 8-long mouth water emitted at the same time, pose a huge gallery of water. Falls below a huge rectangular word back to the pool, ocean waves with Tam, Tam things on each side of a Tan Zhong small bridge connecting the island to become giant dam across the thoroughfare. Tam is surrounded by giant granite pavement of the ground, on both sides of the flower bed of roses, marigold flowers, and so even with open slopes are dotted the green lawn of the flowers.

As a foil for the life of 9-long, cross section in the trunk of the dam on Haipo Ingenuity to build a set of antique buildings with a total floor area of about 600 square meters. Who are listed on both sides of the two octagonal hall, located in the middle of the Gate Tower and a pavilion and the entrance tower to connect the promenade at the giant dam on both sides of the promenade is also about 100 meters. Scenic areas, the People's Bank of laying on the ground of red and green and white floor tiles, and beautiful Jie. Several new public telephone booths reflects the designer's thinking of the people-oriented. It stands tall, the street lamps of different shapes so that the night's other nine Longtan have a charm of the whole building painted carved beams and columns, colorful, with strong national characteristics. As a man-made tourist attractions, nine of the tourists attracted to Longtan Great concern, since the completion of attractions, many visitors come every day to visit, take pictures, it has become the pride of the general public in the first del King.

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