Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wan view - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Linxia city is located 1 kilometer north of the plateau Wan. Plateau here in the first towering mountains, Bingzhi of Wufeng, respectively, from west to east, known as the Second Kong, F-dong, Wan concept million Hall of the Ancestors turn, Lin Lama Si. Wan Xi concept of "Eight River State". Said, "Xianzong ancient concept." Fu's said to beg in the establishment of the West River State government has This concept. After the Rise and Fall of experienced, said the yuan's College dust, for tomorrow or ZhenWuTang Palace Tower brightly lit, money end of the beginning. Building and construction of the mountain, followed by bottom-up Guanyin Mountain Gate House, Temple Zhenwu, Zi Dian, Yu Huangge, Fulu Pavilion, San Qingdian, Hun Yuan Court. After the Rise and Fall of experienced, is the only real force in rebuilding the Temple, the Temple and the Yu Zi Court and the rest are construction in recent years, new

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