Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xiangshan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Li County, Gansu Province is located in the territory of east longitude 105 degrees -105 degrees 02 minutes 10 minutes, 45 minutes north latitude and 33 degrees 54 minutes between -33 degrees, with an area of 113.3 square kilometers. 1080-2532 meters above sea level (Fragrant Hill), is a warm sub-humid climate (average annual temperature of 9.9 degrees Celsius, the average annual precipitation 500.2 mm). The main area of the protection of forest ecosystems, as well as historical sites, and other rare animals. 3730 hectares of natural forest area, aerial 4000 hectares of afforestation. Higher plants are known to have Section 120 is 250 more than 500; wildlife in 30 species of mammals, 50 kinds of birds, reptiles 10, 10 kinds of amphibians, fish 9, hundreds of species of insects, is a key state protection have cranbrooki, deer, musk deer Lin, Ling mane, black bear, otter and the kite, sparrow hawk, sparrowhawk, Yan Falcon, the Golden Pheasant, and so on.

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