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Aheqi tourism Ten - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The first King: Ukraine at the site of the ancient city of Chek two kilometers east of the county, north, Mackintosh stem surging river, according to South Weiwei kara grams of iron mountain, is a Yishanbangshui the ancient city, covering 500 acres, divided "Two city, the city set up inside the city defense facilities and residential areas, just outside the city walls and set up observation posts. It is said to the ninth century epic The Kirgiz hero Kurmanbek enemy to conquer when they built the Arc de Triomphe. King II: Kohl also located in the ancient castle town to the west of the border line in the nineteenth century, took the 1970s to resist foreign aggression Kirgiz Yijun when built. Yijun advantage by virtue of the castle, and finally beat Agu Bo invaders away. Around the castle Surrounded by mountains, Qian Feng Jing Xiu, green grass and more clear spring -, clear as a mirror. In recent years, tourists are attracted to the steady stream. King III: The root of the Rambler Di ancient fort at the county 140 km west of the border on the south side of the road. Was built in the middle of the nineteenth century, in order to Aheqi County Kirgiz back Agu Bai Yi-Jun The slightly built. Fort large-scale, solid structure, for both ends of the gun room, and command bunkers in the middle for the room. Fort built in accordance with the northern East-West Beach is on three sides. Qi Qiaer to be here, Kejiaerte, Channel 3, p. Di root of the fork in the road, actually a town of three military facilities. Fourth King: Do Diego, Rally beacon towers at the northeast border town in Aheqi to jurisdiction within the county. In 1828, Su Fu hero designated Kirgiz for power Blazy built, and named. The grand scale of beacon towers, an area of 100 square meters, 10 meters high, two-sub-built stone for the lower and upper mixed for the civil construction, the building in Taiwan Diego Yamaguchi, a high slope, once the situation has taken place, starting at war, the East could Wushi to notify the West can contact my song, the three parties can communicate with each other, is a very important strategic location of the beacon towers. King of the Fifth: Zi-rock Lectra is located in the county seat 20 kilometers southeast of Zi-ditch Lectra, the rock paintings In the white quartz surface of the stone surface of the rock formation, the rock paintings area of 3.16 square meters. There are 15 paintings. Including adults, children, men, women. Zhanfang more painting, the herd. The whole performance of the rock paintings of ancient nomadic life scenes. King of the Sixth: Yang Jun-yan Arab-Israeli view of snow Qi County, is an ideal summer resort in the county over the height of summer, there are different view of the Shengjing. Yan Jun Yang snow view is that visitors can not be found south of the scene. Climbing around: Nanshan is an elevation of 4,500 meters above the peak, snowy; Beishan 588 glaciers. Matched snow and ice, magnificent, quite poetic: Yan Jun Yang concept of snow, snow-capped mountains into many glaciers. Snow Mountain summer tours, summer tourism to Lansheng. King VII: The Millennium is located in old town east of color Paba according to Dan dry rural checkpoint 3 kilometers to the east. This tree was davidiana, in the long mountain cliffs, Climb, the crown of clouds. Stand under a tree, BUZZ smell spring, but no spring, spring water from far away from the tree 50 meters out, that the local people as "holy water", said the drink "holy water", illnesses and misfortunes, they seek to "holy water" and the tourist Stream. Legend has it that in the tree next to the clear spring, the hero Manas of the Kirgiz Zibo Luoqia Ke-war graves . King VIII: Ji Lusu Hot Springs is located in Yi county in the vicinity of the Arab-Israeli Kete Ke Ji Lusu River tributary on the west side. Here is an ideal bathing place. Hot Springs by the five-chuen, in a zigzag order. Clear spring water bottom, long seasons, is always flooded stream. All the year round water temperature maintained at around 35C, the water content, lithium, such as hydrogen sulfide ore Quality. This not only Stephen and pleasant water temperature, extremely comfortable, and on arthritis, skin diseases and very good effect. Those who are attracted to this very public bath. King IX: Mackintosh Mackintosh river canyon scenic river canyon scenery, like the thousands of Kaleidoscope, rapid change. February early spring, Durian Snow, snow everywhere is one of the world. On the advent of cross-strait street field, the trees regained consciousness, Poplar Tingtingyuli, Lvliu Enuoduozi, outside the city vitality. Fall season, the two sides of the river, rolling Mai Lang, apple orchards, fruit fragrance, is everywhere one Shengjing harvest. The arrival of winter, snowy, Mackintosh wadi, water Bingning cold, with no rolling. Value Xiao Shu-million in the quarter, along both sides of the unique sea buckthorn still proudly. Lili sea buckthorn fruit, such as pearls, like agate, Sihuo red, white snow and set off each other, reflect traditional costumes and to pay and watch this phenomenon admirable. 10th King: Falcon style home of the famous British Hawk trainer Andrew experts in 1991 to Qi County, study co-trainer skills Eagle said: "The world, Falcon's home in Aheqi County Rural tash sum. Here, I saw an unforgettable falcon-hunting by the spectacle." More than 400 township households of herdsmen, domestic home Eagle falconry hunting, is truly the home of Falcon. Every winter, many township Falcon only a few hundred, to be held for up to several days of falcon hunting game. Falcon hunting game concept, it is fun and soul-stirring scene, than to look at Spain Bull.

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