Thursday, December 18, 2008

Qi Shan Fort Lixian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longnan area located 23 km east of Lixian Qi Shan Township, north of Tianshui City, more than 70 kilometers, was built in the Western Han Dynasty, when the three countries is the prime minister Shu Han Liang of the three armed services commander, the troops on the offensive northward Cao Wei's business fort, as a result of Zhuge Liang, "Qi Shan 6" Well-known. Qi Shan for the Fort Hirakawa wide on a process of Gu Feng, is located Water on the north shore of the Western Han Dynasty, a number of high-Shi Zhang, Xu, around, such as the cut on all sides, drawing odd high and steep. Business doors southwest of Fort only be able to join the castle, and then folded plate along the path, from tortuous song to peak. 3000 square meters on the mountain plain, its steep cliffs, Qiao Shi risk alone. Northern and Southern Dynasties period, in memory of Zhuge Liang, the wu have a built-in Fort Hall-designate, calendar Repair. Wu-designate of the existing temple temples, before and after Hospitals, for Xieshan architecture. In the main hall inside the plastic tall like Kong Ming, hand fans, sitting face up, Houdian Guan Yu Si, for the last permitted from hospital. Zhaobi outside, the stage for nation-building before and after reconstruction or renovation. Masters history to write the remaining horizontal inscribed board multi-faceted, couplets 5, 2 steles Tong Yu, Liang Gong trace his life story and outlined a great deal about it, writing Jin-soo, abundant ancient interest. Qi Shan has become a fort trip to the three major scenic spots.

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