Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zhangxian your Shan-ching - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhangxian located 72 kilometers south, the Loess Plateau in Gansu is the most scenic areas of natural Qixiu, now the provincial Forest Park, Long known as the "Hua Shan small." Stretching up to 18 months because of their village, the "18-ching in your village," said. Gui Shan-ching as limestone Belt, many peaks, rocks like clouds, forest Garden area of 3.2 hectares, the forest around, medicinal plants and more than 500 species of ornamental plants, as natural botanical garden. Peak 2340 meters above sea level, Ming Longqing years, the peak in Temple site. Break through the Xian Qiao Jian, the West Hall of Buddha ancestors, the Great Hall of basalt, the 10 Hall of Yan Jun, and so on, the size of 2 lifelike statues. Gui Shan-ching-ching have your Wonderland, scenic spots in the West, off Xian Qiao Jian, Yeongam Kwu Tung, linked to Buddhist temple, temple bell, Songtao Among a Myriad, Qing-chi, such as wash Eight. Yamashita has Longchuan River across the whole territory. Travel along the canyon on foot, but see both sides of the river in Ky Son Perfect Mount different form, Yunteng around the fog, rare birds and animals Service can be seen, like the southern scenery, Qi Xiu beauty, it is refreshing.

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