Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yongjing Binglingsi Grotto - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Binglingsi the first "Tang Shu-Cave," Qiang is the phrase "Ghost Cave" was conveyed. After the calendar "Longxing Temple," "Lingyan Si." Ming Yongle, the Tibetan take "hundreds of thousands of Buddha" transliteration, and check "Binglingsi" or "ice Ling Monastery" in the name. Linxia located 50 km west of Yongjing County, on the north shore of the Yellow River in Jishi Shan. Grottoes points Temple-ditch next three Temple, located in Temple groove on both sides of the red sandstone, layer upon layer of caves, and circled on the tortuous path along the cliff. Binglingsi following the most spectacular temple, Kukan chisel statues in Temple ditch on the right side of the cliff, 2 km long, up and down four, scattered high and low, cover 000 vertical and horizontal, on the brink of the Yellow River, a solemn momentum. Is preserved Qin, Northern Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang, Yuan, Ming and Qing 183 Kukan, the size of the stone as close to 800, sub-stone, clay stone and clay sculpture of three births, about 900 square meters of frescoes. About two-thirds of the Tang Dynasty works, exquisite artistic attainments, plump chic style, full of vitality and vigor. Li Yuan Road, "by the water The river, "said:" The river gorge next to the cliff are two caves, Tang said, a reference Cave, four high-Shi Zhang, West Second, the cave-in some cases, high Baizhang widely II Shi Zhang, Shi Zhang three deep. "Cave of which 169 cut In a natural Cave, the largest, is said to have referred to tenement slums. There are beautiful statues of the West, Tingbo energetic style, life Murals of God in people Yimei elegant, brilliant colors, classical compositions, showing that the beautiful scenery of the Kingdom of Heaven. There are paintings, "the first year of the West Bright Future" (420 years) of the Ming statues title. National caves found so far the earliest title in mind. Binglingsi the most typical stone is like, relief pagoda and Tantric art murals, and Mo Cave and Maijishan Grottoes in Gansu Province and known as the Caves of the three. Lanzhou starting from the 75 km trip by car, take into account the Liujiaxia Hydropower Dam yacht, after 54 km of the vast plateau Pinghu, Gap, turn into the West, had a sister peak, you can reach.

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