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Kongtong Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingliang City, located 11 kilometers west, is a branch Mountain, 2123 meters above sea level, covering an area of 30 square kilometers, with dozens of large and small peaks. Bei Yi Guan Hill, South Point EC too, back in the first fifteen-years-old, facing the water Jing, "kongtong scenery show the world" is the first of China's Taoism Hill.

  Legend has it that Wen Xuanyuan ancestor of the Yellow Emperor in the mountains to the son consult as widely Road, Qin Huang Han had to board the mountain, later generations of the Tang and Song Ming and Qing Dynasties, in view of the mountains way to build a Buddhist Temple. Now there are mountains 8, 9 Palace, 12 homes, 42 buildings, a number of historical sites 40, with the most famous pagoda kongtong. , Majestic mountains, vast Lin, is a state-level key scenic spots one.

  Kongtong Mountain is a branch Mountain, the natural plant and animal kingdom, there are more than 1000 kinds of plants, animals and 300 species, the forest coverage rate reached 90%. During this period, which rise amid Xiong Zhi, Cliffs stands, it seems uncanny workmanship Lin vast, fog Yan Long locks, such as in Wonderland Piaomiao; Gaoxiapinghu, Shuitianyise, Lijiang charm. Both the majestic mountains in the north, south and the beautiful scenery. Dignified and elegant eight Nine-palace hospital 12 42 72 stone buildings Dongtian House, the grand vision, abundant details.

  To this ancient , Kongtong Mountain attracted a lot of talented Merry. Respect for the Chinese nation was the ancestor of the human person to board the Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Kongtong Mountain, a wise man to consult widely as sub-governance and operation of health, asked that the Yellow Emperor in the event through the ages "in the Zhuang Yu" and "Historical Records" Were recorded in ancient books and records; Qin Huang, Han "Huang Mu "," Good god "and follow the example of the Yellow Emperor Xi Deng kongtong; Sima Qian, Wang Fu, Du Fu and Bai Ju-yi, when Zhao Chun, Lin, Tan seekers can explore, and so also left a large number of poems, Hua Zhang, stele, and inscriptions. Kungtung Mountain Dong and the Shaolin martial arts, Wudang, Emei, such as Kunlun well-known Chinese martial arts genre. 986 in May, the former CPC Central Committee General Secretary Hu Yaobang personally Inspection Pingliang when the title "Kongtong Mountain"; in January 1994, Kongtong Mountain was approved by the State Council as a key national scenic spots; in January 2001, was approved by the China National Tourism Administration The first batch of China's AAAA-level tourist area; October 2002 Lee passed ISO9001, ISO14001 quality and environmental management system of international certification; July 26, 2003, Kongtong Mountain and the state board business cards, integrated system, which is the most representative Kongtong Mountain landscape - the city dry moat, Zheng bomb Gap , Ta Yuan Feng and Mr. Richard component of the "Kongtong Mountain" is my special stamp Following the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, the Maijishan Grottoes and Jiayuguan tower after the State Post Bureau issued the first local theme of the 4 sets of special stamps; in March 2004 and was promoted to the national geological park.

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