Thursday, December 18, 2008

Beautiful jade their summer pastures tash - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuqia County in the north-western border of the lot has a picturesque beauty of summer pastures, it is fascinating-tash their pasture. It's unique in its pastoral poetry-like scenery, manned by the "Chinese relics in the Grand View" in the book. Yu tash its original intent of the "three stone." According to the local people explained that the jade tash Three snow-capped mountains between the pasture. All three snow-capped mountains, the clouds were high, 4,500 meters above sea level in more than Peak is not snow all year round, as three silver-white solid reservoir. Every summer snow melt to form a gurgling streams. A large number of springs, irrigation of large areas of grassland which has become its jade tash 100,000 livestock pasture, Thousands of people the source of life. Natural pasture land, more than two hundred kilometers from the county seat, with an average 3,000 meters above sea level in more than 80% coverage. The quality of the grass, and high-yield, generally about 15 cm high grass, is the highest elevation in southern Xinjiang, the largest of the summer pastures. Yu tash its grasslands, mountains Pohuan low, Open-shaped, fertile soil, the soil parent material for the residual material, rich vegetation, Stipa, Oxytropis, Kobresia, Potentilla, such as dandelion. Here more rain and snow, water enough grass-mao, is a paradise for livestock, is a treasure of the pastoral areas. July is the tash-grazing gold of the season. At this time, mild climate, blue skies, sunshine Mei, the mountain is covered with cattle and sheep, it is refreshing. The four-week peak of snowy mountains, sky and white clouds after another group of grassland and sheep group together, the view really is difficult to distinguish the day is, is a cloud, snow is still sheep. Mountains in the Yu-tash, Jessica green grass, green want to drop, while Wang Budao, Less than the first, as is the green carpet shop to the distant horizon. This is on top of the carpet, there are many white, yellow, red, purple race Yamahana Yan, the frontier of the motherland so many prairie dress Jiao! Whenever the breeze down to the grass, shaking his head, laughing flowers , A pair of running cattle and sheep, in order to give the United States and the enjoyment of life. In the early morning The whole pasture was the white mist hung over, covered with a crystal Leaves of Grass on the dew, fresh air and moist. Walk in the morning on the Prairie, lead thrilled. Within a short while, birth vacant east side of the sun, 10,000 sprinkling rays reach the grasslands, Shalian red, green carpet of grass, coupled with the risk from the Kirgiz, Zhanfang The white smoke continuously, to decorate a more beautiful grassland. Here, people can enjoy a taste of this beautiful natural scenery. It was also through the grasslands of every stream, winding, snow-capped mountains in the distance from the glacier flow drip from the White Hua Hua, gurgling streams, as is the enchanting sound, as the small fish in the water this music Voice of Pina Dance, which brought water to the prairie life, a herdsman to bring cheerful, and then again on the grassland with laughter, quietly went the distance. One summer every year, the Rural Yao who herdsmen of the animals, happy to drive as "bazar", gathered here from all directions. On the hillside, in the valley Zhanfang spread all over, 100,000 livestock scattered grassland, groups, an on-chip. White is a flock of sheep, yak and is, the Red Horse. Yangermiemie, plump eating the green grass; horse chase to find the ideal spouse; yak walk to walk on the grass feeding; shepherd waving a whip in the herd shuttle between the Singing in the rough grassland around, it Renhuanmajiao, great excitement. Kirghiz herdsmen Zhanfang, assail the nostrils came Naixiang meat, welcomed the guests from afar. The warm hospitality of the owner to end-yogurt, milk Ma, Naipi, butter and dry milk, so that Gebao eat, drink enough. Leisure, The beginning of the conversation, the topic can not be separated from the total wealth of experience and hard-working party's policy of enriching the people to bring in the good shepherds of years.

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