Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shan Wang Mugong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhongshan, also known as back. Jingchuan County in the west 0.5 km Jing, satisfied the second intersection of River triangle. King Mu-to-week with the Queen Mother of the West Sanyo festivity in the Jade Pool. Prior to departure, the homes can not bear to love the mountains, look back again and again, got its name. Emperor Yuan Feng-year period (before 110 - before 105), Wang Mugong built in the mountains, on behalf of experienced by To the first year of Ming Jiajing (1522), built in the mountains one day the door, the door for two days, three doors, Wang Mugong, Wenchang Pavilion, three F-ching, the Jade Emperor Temple, River House, look, ask a guest to stay, Xiao Zhong Ting, such as open Ting, and other temples. Couplets on doors for two days, "Calocedrus Akamatsu, 3000 on the island Mingqiong sector; see Gong Lin Que, took over Yuk House, 12 . "Qing Tongzhi period (1862-1874) by the House of the temple, surviving Ta-iron bell, the stele, Wang Mugong caves. More than the existing building for nation-building before and after reconstruction. In recent years, during the Chinese New temple fair held on March 20, the mountain is covered with light spring breeze Fu, a bright flowers, incense Jade Pool Health, Ge Fei volley. Visitors to view, "Jing Water Pik "" Jade Pool Yeyue "beauty. Poetic, making things taste.

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