Thursday, December 18, 2008

Song Xixia Cliff stone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Xixia Cliff stone at County, Gansu Province, 13 kilometers into the foothills of the courtyard, known as the "Monument Huanglong," inscribed on a four-year Jianning the Eastern Han Dynasty (171 AD). Xixia Cliff Song monument 2.2 meters high, 3.4 meters wide. For the top part of a tablet, "Hui Anxi" seal of the four characters. For the body of the table in the form of text, incised Lishu 2 lines, 385 words, each word 9-10 centimeters square. The main account of the life of Xi and Li repeated the local office of the Chief Executive for his excellent performance as well as people repair their rate of narrow-West Road, for the benefit of the people's benevolent rule. Inscriptions and calligraphy have very high test stone appreciation of the value of research and copying. Before the body of incised Huanglong, White Deer, mannose Golden Harvest, wood and even the rationale for people exposed images. There are four tablets at the Song and Yuan Dynasties, roads, Chun Xi Qing Emperor Guangxu years and, in some years, civilian officials Inscription 30 visit to Cuba a number of modern and traditional Chinese painting master Li Keran title of "Eastern Han Dynasty stone Cliff" and "Song Xixia." Song Xixia lower left another stone Cliff Han Li, known as the "Peach Blossom "There are about 1 km east of the Eastern Han Xi Ping three years (AD 173)" Han are in full Gengxun monument, "Cliff Stone Tablets, Li Geng account performance. Xixia Cliff song monument is the only remaining Chinese in the Han Dynasty," Shek Chung " "Fu Chung House," "Song Xixia" Song of the three major milestone in one of the most intact and to preserve. It sets literature, Painting, calligraphy, and thinking of the Han Dynasty equivalent to a place, the study of the Eastern Han-table articles, and even then the social and political, economic, transportation and an important physical evidence.

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