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Qionglai roof-top scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qionglai City, located in the southwest of Ho Township High territory, 42 km from the city, 112 km away from Chengdu, is punishable by a natural scenery of the main scenic spots. Since the South, West, North surrounded on three sides dustpan-like, open field to the east, because of the unique circumstances, a district of Dongnuanxialiang climate, the forest coverage rate reached 94%, finally Tree-lined, continue to bloom. Xiao Yu's highest peak 1812 meters above sea level. Taiwan, China and gully on the ground, cave, during which the distribution of rocks. Golden Dragon River to wear around the platform, a colorful surface, with the platform ups and the formation of a number of Long Beach, Diexi, and Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths. Ring the famous beach water Fei Bao drop more than 40 meters wide, 1 Meters at 8 levels fall, was as high as 150-meter span arch, very spectacular. Admission: 30 yuan

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Wolong Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wolong Nature Reserve - the hometown of giant pandas, located in the groove Siguniang Mountain Donglu Browne of the two sides. Browne also known as trench Wolong ditch, trench river Browne said he, fast-flowing, Yixieqianli, cotton import by the Minjiang River, after flowing into the Yangtze River. The two sides of rivers, Feng Xia confrontation. River rock as high as 34 meters, the river standing by caving in of the Impact of water stirred up waves after another, as if Suiyufeiqiong, the scenery is magnificent. Wolong Nature Reserve Tickets: Jin Shan costs 15 yuan, 30 yuan Giant Panda Museum, a small Xiong Maoguan 5 yuan, 25 yuan ditch hero. Traffic: Simon station in Chengdu to take Xiaojin Xian's coach (6:40 morning hair ), The half-way off in Wolong. Dujiangyan has to Wolong car. To remind: Wolong Panda Bao Bao is the big panda's 100 yuan, 200 yuan Panda small, can take a group photo with pandas, there will be next to the breeder in the guide.

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Chengdu Botanical Garden - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chengdu Botanical Garden is located 10 kilometers north of the city, covering an area of 47 hectares, in Sichuan Province is the first comprehensive garden. A Celebration of the Arts section of the province is a major foreign plants and 200 species of rare species. 6, including a plant protection: Cyatheaceae, Davidia, Metasequoia, silver fir, cedar bald, Camellia. Wooded park, quiet environment , Has a plum, cherry, Magnolia, Malus, sweet-scented osmanthus, the camellia, Parkinson category, peach, pear, Chuk Yuen, Fujimoto Park 11 categories of professionals Park. Traffic: 9 to reach the bus. Tickets: 2 yuan

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Gubongsan scenic spots - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gubongsan, 3315 meters above sea level. Pengzhou is Zhushan Asia, the mystery of the sacred area, Road Buddhist place to share. The statements were Dachaoshan old, Fan Xin Cheng is not often encountered lightning storms, may not survive or may not hospice.

Jiufeng name, in accordance with the above-mentioned peaks 9. Chia-ching, "Peng County," set: "In the Northwest Bailiu , According to Qi to this day, Zhi Song Ran out to nine, actually ranks first in Pengyizhushan, named. "Jiufeng how to shape? Chia-chi said:" North-East Jiufeng Bai Long, Suzaku, the flame, tooth-day, back in the day, said Southwest immortal, Huang Yuan-wu, White Tiger Zhu Feng, Yi Li wind. "

Jiufeng cloud Around, high into the sky. In the ancient Shu people did not realize the Sun-Earth relations, is also high and steep that the tall and straight Jiufeng blocking the sun and running the road between Canyon Jiufeng said "the day into" the "muddle-Valley" (dormancy of the sun) . Research (Book of Mountains and Seas "said Gubongsan on" Da Huang W) referred to in " Hill. "Wu Peng, Wu Wei, Wu namely, Wu shares, regardless Wu, Wu Zhen, Wu Li, Wu arrived, and Wu Tse, Lo Wu and so on from here on dozens of witches in the world. Kinds of drugs are growing Here, they are on to the world, also) the way some of the gathering to treat people. Therefore, the Shan and "Ladder" and "God Road "and" fairyland on earth. "Shan said that this is" Hope is on the board, "and" God is on the board, "" Deng's death could, "" The board could wind and rain "and" drug production die " Mountain.

  Many peaks, the flame was particularly strange peak. During deep canyon, Fei Bao groups, clear Artesian Bore Baths Yun-do into a primeval forest colorful splendor, the For Guang unpredictable sea of clouds; spring when the azaleas in full bloom, Asaka Canruo winter when the red-loaded wrap, especially enchanting. Dover Road, both with each other occupied. During the Northern Song Dynasty is a "loft Ting Hin, bamboo trees looming between the" resort in western Sichuan. Feng became a flame on behalf of the Gubongsan said. Later said Gubongsan 9 was not referring to the summit, but the peak Huoyanshan.

  Many Shenseng history, the sages of this world are stopped. Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties have been circulating Jiufeng founder of the story. Gubongsan in the past so that the Government and the people fear, seems to be sincerely seeking Dachaoshan things, to defend the public misfortunes, rain without Qiuzi, and so there is no . Its temples are different from other materials. Temple in the mountains too much iron Giant Watt, during the Great Leap Forward has become the ideal raw material for steel-making Legislative Council.

Since 1985, Hill has been the development of provincial-level natural scenic spots, the resumption of an active religious temples, is unlimited Gubongsan add luster.

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Alan Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Second Temple before Alan Bridge, across streams in and outside of the River watershed, is a bridge. Was built in the Song Dynasty before the late Ming and destroyed in the war, Chia-ching rehabilitation of eight years. Stone bridge in order to support wooden raft, with thick bamboo Wankou such as cable Jiang flying plane, on both sides of the bamboo in order to claim for the column, is about 500 meters, the fish head in the Department set up outside the gates Jiang The bridge down more than 100 meters will be replaced by bamboo cable wire, cable took care of the pier changed to wood piles of reinforced concrete piles, the deck is also reduced to 240 meters. From a distance, such as hanging Feihong air, like drying Fisherman's network, in the form of very chic. Walk on the bridge, Seomang Minjiang roar from mountains, looking east China irrigation, the Dujiangyan project profiles Its role is clear.

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Mount Qingcheng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan Province, known as "Dongtianfude" and "fairyland on earth" and "You Qingcheng the world" reputation, is located 15 km southwest of the city of Dujiangyan, 70 km away from Chengdu. Zhu Feng outside the city surrounded by lush trees on the mountain, the mountain road on both sides of the towering old trees, shade cover, surrounded by peaks, evergreen the four seasons, named Qingcheng Mountain. Mount Qingcheng Qingcheng Mountain and the former Qingcheng mountain. Hill is a beautiful area before, many cultural relics; mountain mysterious beautiful natural scenery, such as China and the United States Shiwaitaoyuan original.

  Qingcheng Mountain is one of the birthplace of Taoism in China, is a famous Taoist. Taoism Qing three multi-purpose (supernatant, Yuqing, Taiqing) for their own temples named, is said that Taoism enshrined in the Senior's Yuan Shi, Jun Lingbao Road, Lao-day lives outside fairyland. Qingcheng Mountain is the main characteristics of the "quiet", a famous writer Lao She's "a little Qingrong in mind," sighed Qingcheng Mountain, "a surprisingly Qing", is a breath hearts of the people to "drop may not drop, did not want to move the action Green. "

  Qingcheng The main scenic spots are Jianfu Palace, natural picture, Heavenly Master hole Shangqing Gong, and so on. Jianfu Palace is the starting point for mountain travel, was built in the Tang Dynasty, the large, extraordinary tolerance, and the remaining two are Hall of Hospitals. Palace before a stream, surrounded by verdant trees and beautiful environment. Qing Ming is on the left side of Princess House site. Natural picture east of the Jianfu Palace Km, is the Qing Emperor Guangxu years, the construction of a Court, Cangyan stand like a wall here, the wind around the clouds, green trees cross-Ying, visitors to this, such as exposure to painting, named "natural picture."


  Natural picture from the West there are two kilometers Qingcheng main temple - Heavenly Master holes. Hole "Heavenly Master" Zhang Ling Road and 30 Sun Jing empty as the Heavenly Master, Heavenly Master Temple was built at the end of the existing hole, the grand-scale, carved, the Zhudian - San Juan Dian-zhong Tang dynasty for stone San Juan, the existing hall in ancient stone and wood tablets are the most famous Tang Xuan purpose of the book monument, Liang Yue Fei before and after the hand-written, and so Inst. There are three islands near the stone, the heart washing pool, Shangtianti Yixian Tian, and other attractions.


  Heavenly Master of holes, too Ning's visit to the bridge, is the Hall of Ancestors, to the north have Chaoyang Dong, Shangqing Gong. Shangqing Gong was built in the Jin Dynasty, the temple to-ching of the existing Tongzhi years, built on a "world famous Fifth," "Qingcheng peak in the first" Cliff stone.

  Qingcheng four : Dongtianrujiu, Dong Tian Gong tea, ginkgo stewed chicken, pickled vegetables Taoism. Taoism has always attached importance to keep in good health to take their gathering in the mountains of fruits and medicines, traditional Taoist secret of making the four specialties, unique flavor.

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Wang Cong Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Cong Temple is located in the southwestern city of Chengdu in the northwest Pixian, 2 km from the town, 23 km away from Chengdu. Wang Cong tourist spots in the main temple, including "Journey to the West Palace Art" and "laser guns on the battlefield", "Liang Shan Shui Bo" and other tourism projects. Has become a new tourist destination. Wang Cong is a shrine to commemorate the two countries Shu Wang Di of the monarchy and the cluster of Dili cemetery and buried together Ciyu, rebuilt in recent years. Tomb temples, around the pool, ocean waves. Water potential to build on the "rice-Sun House," and "listen to the House giraldii" Rendezvous Pavilion. Around the cemetery and more than 200 strains of Cooper dies gray. Chinese Dragon Boat Festival each year, in the vicinity of people have gathered here to give "Song of the race will be." Song of the tournament will be large-scale, the large number of participants are ordinary civilians, with a strong local flavor, a warm scene. Wang Cong-yunting also near the temple, the tomb of Yang Xiong and azaleas on tourist attractions such as the remains of the city.

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Qingyang Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyang Gong is located in the beautiful scenery, numerous cultural relics of the West in the southern suburbs of Chengdu, the side of the Jinjiang reliance is well-known Chinese Taoist temples.


Hyun in view of the Tang Dynasty. In the year 880 Huang Chao Chang-Jun Gongpo uprising, fled in panic Tang Xizong Chengdu, has in view inside. That is, later known as the Xia Zhao change Qingyang . Legend has it that when the Tang emperor had two, your visit to the palace.

The original is located in Qingyang Qingyang Gong in the market, Legend of Lao Tzu riding NIU Green had Hangu Guan, Guan Yin Xi today by the ethical, said half of the Lao something to go on Yinxi said: "The sub-way street in the market 000 days after the Chengdu Qingyang My search. " 1000 days later, but some, such as Lao Zi , Where continued preaching Yinxi said.

The existing building is being built in the Qing Dynasty. There are significant construction hall Zu Ling, the Hall of the course of events, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, San Qingdian, basking Hall of fighting, Dian-Tang, there are on both sides of the Taiwan-born Lao Zi and Taiwan claim.

  Eight Diagrams Pavilion is the Qingyang Gong Body building one of the grand momentum, superb cut out. Square-ting, who was a circular pavilion, a symbol of Tianyuandefang. Two-for-ting-ting Chongyanqiaojiao, pavilion roof with yellow glazed tile, the booths are from 8 engraved dragon pillars of support. One pillar of a dragon fist and India have traces of the legendary Dragon would like to take one evening to escape Qingyang , Just by patrolling the moon and found a real person, blow it to play in the post, which left fist and India.

San Qingdian spacious and majestic, three-ching for the statue, about 6 each equipped with a real person. Dianqian a pair of Qing Dynasty Yongzhengnianjian transported from Beijing to the copper sheep, sheep, a single angle of copper, the characteristics of the Chinese zodiac will be brought together Who, strange shapes out of the ordinary, as part of the mouse ears, bovine, Hu Zhao, rabbit mouth, c., brittle, Malian, to be sheep, monkey neck, corns, abdominal dogs, pigs and buttocks.

February 15 Lunar New year, new developments have been held here should be, according to legend this day is the birthday of Lao Zi. Qingyang Gong and separated by a wall of text Park has become an annual Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival to the Fair venue.

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Tomb of Wang Jian - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Yi Huanlu tomb is located in Chengdu in the West Dongqiao three for five generations, when Emperor Qian Shu Wang's tomb. Tomb excavation is now open coffin in the home room, with 12 of Ying-Wu Fu magnificent coffin Book statue, the bed side of the coffin inscribed with 24 as Leji, armed with a variety of ethnic musical instruments, such as study of the Sui and Tang Yue Ji Five music The precious cultural relics, experts concern both at home and abroad. Traffic: 25,42,46,48,54 way to reach all attractions. Admission: 15 yuan

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108 Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingtongxia Dam is located on the steep slopes of the West Tower 108 is built in the Western Xia period of solid-Lama tower. Taki's here, had found the book there are questions in mind the Tangut qianfoensis Bohua map. Pagoda in accordance with the mountain from top to bottom, according to 1,3,3,5,5,7,9,11,13,15,17, 9 of 12 arranged in odd-numbered lines, a total of 108 to form a triangle of the whole plane was a huge tower, the tower named after the number.

  108 tower, built in rows of artificial shovel Xue Cheng was stepped on the cliff. In addition to the tower top for the first line of a square, following the second line are eight single-storey Xu Mizuo shape. In addition to the tower in the first line of a larger, 3.5 meters high outside. The rest were in the height of 2.5 meters or so. Tower body system generally can be divided into four types: the first line of review for a bowl-shaped, east side niches have opened the door; the second line to the fourth-shaped, tapered tip for Bajiao Gu abdomen; fifth to the sixth line of the line for Gourd-shaped Seventh trip to the 12th line, in order to shape Aquarius. All the exterior body tower were painted black. Due to Bajiubainian has been established from which future generations of maintenance on several occasions, the tower wrapped in vitro have as many as the number of black layer. Jiequ future generations to clean and maintain the black Caoni, can be seen in the first layer of black, and there are always Lamaism Kwan's painted patterns.

  "108" is often used in Buddhist figures. Buddhists believe in life there are 108 kinds of trouble and suffering, in order to eliminate these problems and suffering, the provisions of beads are used to be 108, 108 and both sexes are to be all over, ring the bell to sound ... 108 ... Therefore, the tower is 108 donors who made "Lord of the story rather than" to eliminate the worries of life and the construction of a special disaster. Of course, some people think, is "the main merit of" respect for the Yang ", as kumgang top Vairochana 108 bodies of Mutual Covenant and India" and build. No matter what kind of out of ideas, it is evident that the Buddhist and used "108" number-related. So many of the tower, according to the law of combination groups, not to mention in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is in the country's ancient tower of the existing building, is rare. 108 Tower is published by the State Council, China's major cultural units. Autonomous Region in 2003 was named the Tourism Authority of AA-level scenic spots.

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Zhongwei Gaomiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

? Zhongwei located in the north of the city before the Ming Yongle period (1403-1424), generation of additional repair experience, to the Qing Dynasty when it has become a large-scale ancient buildings. Gao Miao is a three-in-one teaching of the temple. Not only dedicated to the Buddha, Bodhisattva, and the Jade Emperor, Notre Dame, Wenchang, such as the statue of Guan Gong temple Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism three religions here. Temple security in front of the temple, the Mountain Gate to the south, built on both sides of the room, Dan Yan Xie Shanding positive for the Main Hall. Gaomiao to bring up the rear, there are 24 steps, rising by St. Paul, Nan Tianmen, in the House and, finally, as much as the three-Sacred Mountains of China, the Jade Emperor, Sheng Mudian. These are mainly construction, In the same central axis, they are connected at various levels, the trend was gradually increased. In the main building on both sides of the Gaomiao, and clock tower, drum tower, the building, floor, Wu, Ling Guan Temple, the Temple and the Tibetan side hall in a palace, and so on, the structure, magnificent momentum.
  Gao Miao is a three-in-one teaching of the temple, very strange. St. Paul's brick temple there Vice couplet: "Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism's degree and I have his degree from here"; "Heaven, Earth, since the self-made and do here." Hengpi: "Bridge supreme law." The temple dedicated not only to Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, and the Jade Emperor, Notre Dame, Wen, Guan Gong. Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism three idols of Education, here.
  Gaomiao building Are located in the building to a central axis, the main building and auxiliary building between the flying bridge, the very changes in the entire building temples for its delicate, light peck with teeth, the wing angle Gaoqiaoqulang and there is addressed to the famous, full Reputation at home and abroad. Gaomiao is unique not only because of its perfect shape, it is even better set of Confucianism, Taoism Three Buddhist teaching at a temple, there are various types of plastic a total of 174 statues, of very fine life, dizzying. Gaomiao hell is one of China's four major ghost town, into the Netherworld, while also stimulating the eye-openers.
  Gaomiao the main building are located in a central axis. With levels as a result of gradually increased; auxiliary building Located on both sides, and symmetrical balance. In only 2,000 square meters high on the stage, building nearly 100 inter-nine Xieshan ridge, to save a sharp corner, Xie Shan Cross, such as top helmet general types, different styles of temples. The entire complex re-stacked Court House, Ting Lang connected with cornices peck, the circle twists and turns, compact and wealth to changes in the real Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in a masterpiece of ancient architecture.

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Cheng Tiansi tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheng Tiansi tower, located in the western city of Yinchuan Chengtian Si, known as the "West", the Western Xia Dynasty was the main Buddhist temple. Founded in 1050, now has 900 years of history. Qianlong three years, a strong earthquake severely damaged by the original tower, the existing tower is a 25-year-ching Jiaqing (Year 1820) reconstruction, Retains the style of Western Xia Dynasty style.

Cheng Tiansi sit east of the West, both before and after the composition of the Jinyuan La. Dian Yu Gallery housing, large-scale; front yard is the permitted five-tower and Chengtian Si; a backyard and lying on the permitted Wei Tuo Temple. Ancient times, when Cheng Tiansi "East earth celebrities", "West CHARLES ROBERT" exchanges, incense its peak, visitors do not . 64.5 m-high tower, tall and straight handsome, is an octagonal Zhuanta Miyan Shi, 11 storey tower. Was within a square space, layer 1 to 3 with no Chuangdong; 4 to 10 layers, alternating each set Chuangdong arch, the top floor surrounded by a large round window open, very light and spacious. There may be circling the tower and wooden ladder, the top-level board, Pingchuang Vision , The scenery of the ancient city and the panoramic view of the Frontier. When better weather, but also in the world to see first-line junction of the Yellow River.

  Cheng Tiansi an octagonal tower for a ten-Zhuanta pavilion, 64.5 meters high, the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, 0.5 meters higher. Tower built-in 2.6 meters high, 26 meters long side of the square On the platform. East tower facade, 4.8 meters by the Road into the tower room tickets. Tower Room was a square room on each floor for the interior structure of the wood floors, wooden ladder and circling on. A two-story tower to the side doors and windows voucher-based niche, three, five, seven, nine north-south located next-door voucher windows, floors tower closed at large, between each floor Canopy up and down the edge to single out three teeth brick. Yan Jiao at all levels of pomegranate-shaped iron handle put iron bell, the breeze, clink sound. Tower over a decade to single out a five-storey brick teeth edges and corners, on all sides to build Zanjian Ding brake blocks, its legislation on Peach Tasha green glass. Four, six, eight, ten things to set up multi-layer gate-out windows, set up a four-decade Four dark round window. Modeling the whole tower tall and straight, was cone angle style, simple and quaint.

  Ningxia's Cheng Tiansi tower is the only documented during the ancient pagoda was built. According to the Ming Dynasty, "Koji Xinzhi Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region," it reads: "Chengtian Si Cheng Tiansi in the tower, the pseudo-summer (Western Xia) has been built, 13, the test may have Canbei" he said. " Empress new country Chengtian Si Foding bury bone relic monument "contains: West Xia Jianguo Li Yuanhao after the death of the emperor, empress dowager's not possession for the purpose of" Yu Chen Teng-polar "little emperor Li Jo understanding, security," Jiang Shengshou with, so cases The ancestral hall extension Wing, "in the West Xia Yi-liang were down Saint Jo God Save the first year (1050)" labor of tens of thousands of soldiers, "the five - In the construction and Chengtian Si Cheng Tiansi tower. And Western Regions of Xian Springboard monks Fogu, gold silver outer coffin coffin buried in storage under the tower. St. Xixia Fu Cheng Road three years (1055), again thanks to the Song Dynasty's "Canon" at Temple. Pagoda following the completion of the Uighur inviting Buddhist monk preaching Gordon Block, the emperor and empress dowager always listen to the impromptu Terauchi strong incense, monks can not, at that time and liangzhou Hu Guosi, Ganzhou par Wofo Si, the Western Xia is one of the famous Buddhist holy sites. ??

  Cheng Tiansi tower in the Yuan and Ming period, Binghuo had been an earthquake and hazards, next only the beginning of "a tower-to-deposit alone." Later, the 16th son Ming Zhu Yuan-Qing Zhu Jing Wang Zhan, Repair the temple, the building temples, Cheng Tiansi "the Vatican bell brake" Mingzao Frontier has become one of the eight Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the Ming Dynasty. Qing Emperor Qianlong three years on November 24 (January 3, 1739) earthquake, the tower, all the earthquake destroyed Temple. Cheng Tiansi now see the tower for 25 years Jiaqing (1820) repair, Remain of the original basic shapes of the Western Xia Dynasty pagoda. ??

  Now, Cheng Tiansi People's Government of Tajikistan has been very good protection, and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as a key cultural unit. Construction of the temple inside the museum, the building of the ancient architecture galleries, a collection of many of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region history, ethnic and military Zhen The relics become a pleasure to watch and important places.

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I roll bell - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Commonly known as the small hole, located in Yinchuan City, 35 kilometers northwest of the foot of Helan Mountain, once a history of the palace and the Republic of China Li Yuanhao the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region during the warlord Ma Hongkui of the Mountain Resort, for the Helan Mountain is well-known scenic resort.

I roll bell beautiful scenery and forest Cong Long, a total of more than 70 kinds of evergreen and deciduous , Especially in the early spring season the most beautiful scenery, Yan Yamahana, spring water features, shade mountainside Congcong, snowy peaks, and this is the famous "Helan Qingxue." Yuwang ancient scenic spots in Taiwan, Xinglong Temple, the late Qing Dynasty, such as Tsui Court, built temples, the clever layout, Cuoluoyouzhi, a penholder Helan mountain peak is expected on the sea , From the Tingzhong view, the city of Yinchuan plain view glance.

10 minutes I roll down hills, rock Jun Qiao, verdant forests, majestic beauty. In the Western Xia Dynasty, "and famous ancient Western Xia." At that time, Li Yuanhao ravine in the northern part of the construction of a large-scale summer Gong Yuan. Now in this The error down 20 at various construction sites, scattered across the brick, tile and utensils relic pieces, are yours for the asking.

  Ming and Qing Dynasties, here in massive construction projects in the construction of temples, pavilions, built the temple Helan, Laojun Tang, the Great Mercy House, Doumu Gong, Dong Tian small, temple, the temple is booming, the late House Tsui, Kwun Yam Temple, and so on a Department Um Taiwan Pavilion Temple, the mountain building temporary insurance, with the potential of natural, Cuolayouzhi. Yamauchi three peaks above, also has three beautiful shape, size and unique white-Lama tower.

  After 10 minutes I roll history Xiurong construction, it has become a famous scenic tourist attractions. Spring and summer, the area within Mungo Sequoia, a light green. Gap between fruit trees on mountain slopes covered with a crystal want to drop the Red Hill and Red Jujube fruit.

  Ray, trickling streams flowing springs. "Beacon Hill" and "Hai Ting Wang," and "wife", "Wo Hu" and "fairy guide," an air of different stones, eye-openers. Trees in the mountains, red dispute Embraced the green grass, colorful, is the most comfortable quiet place to rest.

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Yinchuan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yinchuan City is located in the northwest frontier of the motherland is the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the country is also one of the historical and cultural city. Yinchuan City is a multi-ethnic enclave, a total of Han, Hui, Manchu, Mongolian, Korean, and other 26 nationalities.

  Yinchuan City is located in east longitude 105 � 51 ', latitude 38 � 2 '. Yellow River to the east, west screen Helan Mountain, south Qingtongxia City, north Shizuishan city, 64 km East-West wide, 82 kilometers long from north to south. The city has a total area of 3499 square kilometers, the urban area of 1457 square kilometers. City jurisdiction, the new urban, suburban and Yongning, Helan County. Open flat terrain, by South gradually tilt to the north-east, with an average elevation of 1100 meters, was south-west and north-east high-low. Yinchuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is located in the irrigated area in the central plains, rich in water resources. Crossing the Yellow River 78.4 km in length, 12.47 million mu of water, runoff in 3,150,000 cubic meters, flows through the city of the Tang YINCHUAN Wild channels, channel Han Yan West trunk, the benefits of agricultural drainage and irrigation water in the Yellow River amounted to 1,820,000,000 cubic meters. Yinchuan Plain large reserves of underground water resources, shallow burial, the volume of 756,000,000 cubic meters of underground water can exploitation amounted to 453,000,000 cubic meters.

Distribution of the Yinchuan City, a vast forest land, water, natural grassland . The city's forest coverage rate to 10.3%, 18.3546 hectares of natural forest and natural forest reserves 240,000 cubic meters. 1997 plantation area of 1.34 hectares. Yinchuan rich in mineral resources, mainly energy minerals, metallurgical auxiliary mineral raw materials, chemical raw materials minerals, building materials and other Metal ores, and so on.

Yinchuan City, a unique natural landscape and rich tourism resources is published by the State Council, 62 one of the historical and cultural city. There are known as "China's pyramid," the Western Xia Imperial Tombs. The main scenic spots have been since 1300 Haibao Ta history, was built in 10 0 years, Cheng Tiansi tower, drum tower clock building the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Yu Huangge, South Gate House. Islamic architectural style of the Nanguan Mosque, and so on. There are charming scenery outer suburbs of the Soviet Union Meiyukou Helan Mountain forests protected areas, Shahu Tourist Zone, as well as capturing the imagination of the Fort Town Film City. Yinchuan is the capital of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Helan Mountain West Hill, east of the Yellow River. Rich in tourism resources, human and natural landscape the large number given the unique charm of Yinchuan. Yinchuan city, a city pool, Gong Yuan, pavilions, temples, pagodas, the Mausoleum, the Great Wall and so on a number of monuments: the top board to look at Helan ; Nanguan the magnificent mosque; demonstrated Islam, the Yellow River, the three Western Xia culture, is a solemn rare Chinese art city.

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Jing rouge source Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gansu is located in the gorge rouge famous Taoist "Kongtong Mountain" mountain until Jingyuan Xian Yang Heung yellow tank inside the village and rouge Yu Mo Shan mountain, more than 400 meters deep gorge, 45 km long, formed in 8 million years ago, Austria Ji Tao, the territorial structure of the joints. "Rouge" by the one in this behavior evolved over the branch's "behavior support" evolution To come.

Xia Jingyuan Xian rouge area at 8 km north-east county seat, Jingyuan Xian is located in the trough of yellow sheep rural village, 5 km long gorge, with a total area of 4 square kilometers to the sky in the Yellow River fairy Xiafan face, the face of the red rouge Named after a river. Qi Qiao in the river valley in the gurgling singing, and take advantage of change The formation of numerous falls. Scenic areas, everywhere is full of rocks Qi-Song, who spent Yi Cao, the shape of Guanyin music tours, and so on Beit Road singular landscape, rouge Gorge downstream and Gansu Kongtong Mountain are closely linked, reflected on water, cloud around Fei Wu, one in Wonderland Scenery.

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Wufengshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wufengshan, 1523 meters above sea level, because of strange, middle fingers, named. Pengyang County is located 16 kilometers east of the city of Yang Han Zhaicun Township. Great Wall north Plateau, near the south-Ru River, Shen Jian west, the east valley. Man Shan Conglong sea buckthorn, green pines and cypresses, Prunus shady, Sihuo bonus, the carpet of green grass, Jade. May set Ru in the north bank of a green gemstone. Immersive, unspeakable poetic.

"Shan Hong amazing erect five fingers, dyed pink cloud Yan Chun Jin Xiu." Wufengshan on the temple was built in Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, the temple Academy 6, covers an area of 5000 square meters, more than 50 large and small temples There are over Wufeng Pavilion, Pavilion, the floor, pavilion, the construction of sophisticated, cornices brackets, Diaolianghuadong, resplendent, Guxiangguse, the great momentum.

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Kwan Sui and Tang dynasties Shihmen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shek Kwan, Kwan Sui Dynasty that is based on this, Tang Guan one of the seven original state. Sumeru foot of the mountain temple is located in the hole, the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road, North Road, must pass through pass. Temple ditch water that is Shihmen water from west to east, cutting off Sumeru Hill for two and a half north-south, as if the Shihmen and the formation of a gorge, Shek Mun Gap said, here's customs clearance Shek said. Shek Tong Guan both Hexi Gallery, and pass this Gannan region. However, Shek Mun customs clearance of the city is not in stone at the entrance, and in Shimen Zhen, that the Song of the Shek Mun Fort, the duo Huang Castello. Ancient pingchuan small repair on an area of 560,000 square meters, the wall 9 meters wide, 6, the north-south symmetry 2 door, the door symmetrical things, the city has expanded around the River. West of the existing walls complete. The inner city area of 43,200 square meters, the local people, commonly known as the Forbidden City. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in 1988 was listed as heritage conservation district units.

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Days Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Days are also known as West Hua Shan Shan, located in the city Haiyuan County, west of Xi'an, 15, from Yamaguchi along approximately 2.5 kilometers into the ditch, a temple can be seen, and that is all-day Grottoes. As a result of folklore in the mountains have been found in Taurus, the Taurus, also known as Temple Cave, Grottoes, because local people have also called the old statue of Buddha Temple. Another In ancient times the "glory of the temple."

In the south ditch on the slopes, according to the mountain to build Taiwan Jiansi, the cutting of waste-lifting Cave. And since Goudi, there may be winding Labyrinth board. Along the "" shape and winding road trip, on the hillside, land and Long Dian Dian. Dragon King, His Royal Highness the spring Yi Hong Gu Cheng Qiushui Guanyin ", this is called Dragon King Pool. From the water poured out of the lead, pure refreshing Gan, Dachaoshan of people will drink this.

All-day cut in the Song Shan caves during the summer, the whole Shan-hole total of 6 grottoes, temples size 13. At that time, the national prevalence of Buddhism, who are all famous mountains where the construction of Siyu. According to Chi excellence , 1046 Western Xia Yuan Hao Wang in the summer palace had been built. The old days are Shan temple in groups, flying Tiaoyan ridge, Diaolianghuadong, Temple brilliant appearance. Junxiu rock, mountains, dense trees Cang, Cui Qi-walled, clear spring flow injection, mixed temples, ancient deep hole.

Cave Hill in the days of the Millennium Vicissitudes of life, repeated disasters, and war have destroyed a number of earthquakes, rebuilt several times. Tongfo the original has been almost completely destroyed, the most severe punishment to the 1958 Great Leap Forward is a copper, felling trees around the Cave Temple in a space, the temple turned into rubble. In recent years, the group of caves again plastic statues of God, Cave of the dissolved group of Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism for the three Body. To commemorate the founder of the measureless Christmas, Chuba April each year have held a grand temple for a period of three days, when men and women have Dachaoshan. County Bureau of Religious Affairs in 1989 was named as the "all-day outlook Road" for the protection of relics in the county-level units.

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North Xiangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lund Junqiao there is a tall and straight north of the city, stands the mountains, because of the shape of an elephant, in the north of the county seat, named North Xiangshan.

Xiangshan north of the northern city of Long Dexian is a natural barrier, the foot of the hill there is a river, road Zealand from the foot of the mountain road open to Hexi folder. In September 1988, the Home County Xiangshan decided to build the park. Now, every time the summer holidays and in the evening, people climbing around in small groups, enjoy the natural scenery and the 10,000 lights of the city of Long Dexian.

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Guyuan mosque - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guyuan is mainly inhabited by the Hui nationality in China and one of the region-wide population 1,900,000 people, accounting for 47.8 percent of the population of Hui Nationality. From the Yuan Dynasty, the Hui people in Xihaigu this loess survive on the ground, hard work, spread all over the mosque show its unique national colors. In the current mosque, the Ming Dynasty There are 6, 428 of the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China has years of 615 and the rest were new after the founding of New China, there are an average of 11.46 square kilometers of each mosque. There are more well-known: Chengguan Pengyang mosque in the north Ng mosque, the mosque River Glass, Haiyuan mosque, the mosque in the village of Nancheng Guyuan area in the history of the mosque, the use of ancient Chinese palaces in the form of construction, the temple ridge uplift, cornices 4, the majestic simplicity, with a solemn silence. Now a new mosque in various forms, but they could not escape the region's geographical and economic conditions, characterized by the most basic simple Paintings carved beams less column, is characterized by an overall thorough, and advocating, and magnificent simple.

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City step - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin and Han period, the county step rule the ancient city ruins, located in Pengyang County, 15 kilometers west of the ancient cities and towns in the territory. Ru River and is located in the office of the Interchange mountains and rivers Ru Hirakawa middle of the triangle to the north bank of the East sub shop near the reservoir, west Qiushui step, according to Luo North Jiashan, the vast expanse of open ground surrounded by peaks, the only form Longtenghuyue. Leung Tin City hectares, is the River Reservoir The main channel through the city, gurgling Qushui, shady trees, butterflies flying bee dance, beautiful picture.

City step, the military vital importance for the history, the Qin and Han Chang'an leading to the strategic, this focus on heritage conservation unit. Today, throughout the city, Yang Chun Liulv pink, such as sea-Sheng Xia Bibo, Ye Jin Qiuhong Head, the depth of winter green Ching Chung. The ancient city of rubble as a reminder Canqiang step, the immense ancient; new business building and courtyard houses Xiangyingchengqu; wide asphalt roads and trails co-exist Pixiang; thriving market for farm structures and a tranquil unique; Dongshan quiet inside the mosque and the sound sound of loud reading books The ancient city of primary and secondary schools in the pines shade Tsui , Constitute an elegant simplicity of the picture.

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Warring States Qin Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin, Han Dynasty and Xiongnu ranked Mongolian grasslands of long-term confrontation, when there is war. Qin Emperor Wen, drawing just 25 town qu; Qinzhao Wang, Yi Gong Mie channels, "Qin then there Longxi, to the north, Shang Jun, Hu refused to build the Great Wall." This is the Warring States Guyuan Qin Great Wall north of the city.

This is like the Great Wall Article dragon, with effect from Lintao County of Gansu Province, Tao River Valley, via Weiyuan, Longxi, Tong Wei, Jingning County, Shun got up by the North River on the east coast from the Gap, Yan entered the temple Xiji County, home bifurcated Huang, Yu Bridge, the son of Zhang Jie, water Kawaguchi, single people, Xinglong Town, Xie Dong-po, Wang Jiawan, South Korea and Taiwan will be to Jiabao, will be in Taiwan to 9 Degree angle turn to the east, Shun Malian Malian River Valley water to enter the temple out of Xiji Guyuan County Rural Zhang Yi, Huangbao to the east and north-east as the turning point in the direction of the Township Government into the red. Chuang Hung-off wall into the groove by bit, a bit after the ditch to Sunjiazhuang Yamaguchi, Chichiawan white, here and turn eastward, after Wu Zhuang, Yan home , The next village to the northwest, it will be divided into two to form a "city" and "City" points.

Inside the city from the next village over the road, then climbed up Guyuan City, 5 km north-west of a small forward on the hills, guozhuang, Shili Pu River after the water had to Shawodi. Outside the city in the northwest to form a more irregular Camponotus By Joe depression over river water, and then break across the river to the east and south Shawodi combined with the city. The inner city and outer city remains extremely sharp contrast to the form. Cheng Cheng Tun wall inside the tall, generous, full, the city designated as straight lines, towering grand momentum. Across the board about 8 kilometers inside the city than the well-preserved ruins, with the exception of modern highways and less Pierced the latter part of gully, across the board basically did not break every 200-230 meters with a city pier. Outside the city have been mutilated state, most of the razed to the ground, the residue of the city pier for more than 2-3 meters high, can not see most of the city wall.

Changcheng way to climb over after Shawodi Mountain, south of the sub-yang Joe Johnston in Formation, on hwangsuwon Temple, Da Nang Wang Yao, Huang Chuang Guyuan County out into the rural Kawaguchi Pengyang County to the north of the Yellow Bay, Jiang's township Pengyang depression, Fengtai, Yang depression, and depression before Yao Da Nang , The son of steep slopes, Li turnout, the city's rural Yang Wan-yiu, white turnout, Joe drainage, the White Horse Temple of the Great Wall, Chuang Qi, Zhang ditch circle, a small village, Shi Ping, Liu A son Pengyang County, Gansu Province, into the former county town of Meng Plateau. Chuang and Qi in the small village between turns, there are more than 1 out of the Great Wall and into the main line of 1 km due south of the village of Zhang ditch lap of the Great Wall. Note in the construction of the Great Wall before, there have been systematic and careful investigation of the location, construction of a unified technical specifications However, due to the construction of the political division of the district, between the two political and complete synchronization at the end due to construction, also here in the north-east of the Great Wall into a 90-degree turn. Guyuan region of the Great Wall in the territory after Xiji, Guyuan, 3 Pengyang County, is about 174 km.

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Salt Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haiyuan county in the north west, surrounded by mountains on all sides for, Haiyuan - Jingyuan across the East-West Highway. Salt Lake is one of the Tang Dynasty in Yanchi 18 - River, known as the Western Xia people Okuma base in Sichuan, south-east edge of a salt lake set to quit the Northern Song Dynasty fort (this Baoziwan East) and the salt pond in the city of the Ming Dynasty (now the Old City name), who is a Haiyuan Yanchi County, the rural village of salt pond Salt pond located in the Salt Lake Basin, 1980 meters above sea level, with a total land area of 950 transfer. Huashan around the West and Jingyuan County, Gansu Province, Huang Shan Jia Wa surrounded by mountains in Jian Quan, streams into the lake to make, heavy rain and snow Yanchi pool of water, although not exhausted by the EMI. Salt Lake around the earth Contains a wealth of Glauber's salt, sodium chloride, and other minerals, easily soluble in water, and low-lying land transport center-rich product. Its drainage area 52 square kilometers, the water surface in the Department of schedule, the formation of inland lakes - Salt Lake.

Winter 1920, Haiyuan area rare in the history of the earthquake, Tang west of Salt Lake to make the slope in the vicinity of the stone pine ridge serious dislocation, there are 1.5 meters away from the wrong direction for the North West, 50 degrees; salt pond dry salt lake and also as a result of the earthquake was lying up and moved north more than 1000 meters.

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Guyuan City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"City", is in the process of the history of Chinese civilization is an important symbol. Guyuan City (Gaoping City) to build the same geographical Guyuan shows the process of civilization and a long history.

Guyuan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the southern mountainous areas extraterrestrial, is a historical and cultural city. Guyuan City in the territory of origin has been Two thousand years, the first is intrinsic to the city, and to follow up and development of the city is now the Guyuan city, and left a large number of historical sites, such as the Drum Tower 10 minutes, the Temple Tower Yu, Wen Lan Ge, and so on.

Inner City: around one-third of nine years, high-foot San Zhang, Duokou 1046 Fort 28.

Outside the city: around 13, seven, six-foot-high San Zhang, Duokou 1573; Fort 31.

East Gate 3, which lasted million to build, naming two persons, one-day side door security, security Ning day the door.

South Shing Mun 4, is also During construction, two well-known person, on the town razed.

West Gate 2, which lasted million to build, a well-known person, Weiyuan day.

North, along Shing Mun, Wan Jian-long, the New Moon on Yasukuni.

This is the development and evolution of the Guyuan City in 2000 after the pattern on the final shape. Solid Museum recovery of the Qing Dynasty Guyuan City model is a microcosm of the history of Guyuan City. The large-scale brick package of the original state ranked city, known in the north, north-west region since the Ming and Qing Dynasties into the city.

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Measureless Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Measureless Grottoes located in the northwest city of Pengyang 25 km Kawaguchi Tin Rural Village, backed by immeasurable Hill, Shek-oriented River, according to Observatory water, beautiful scenery. Cut halfway up the mountain caves in the old quarry area, there are two caves in the middle separated by about 50 meters south of the North to sit along the East River Shek order. This cave was built in 1032 (Sandy Song ). In 1985, Cave Hill immeasurable listed as heritage unit at the county level. In 1988 and is listed as the autonomous region-level protection units. In 1991, Pengyang County in the grotto of the people around the 400-sik "to commemorate the tree Heritage Monuments."

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Xiao Qin and Han Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xiao Guan, in order to pass the famous ancient north-west border district. Qin and Han imperial inspection tours, scholars of the Han and Tang stayed with Xiao Guan coming. Hsiao Kuan position where, to the controversial, but Guyuan County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the south-east Western orientation is not controversial.

Xiao Qin and Han Guan, should be referring to the three points to the risk-watt Pavilion Gap The area here is not steep, but magnificent in a critical situation. In the zone defense on the W Pavilion, located in Dong Lu Liupanshan edge, in essence, Hsiao Kuan an important barrier. Xiong Feng arch ring not only here, deep valley of dangers, easily defensible, has a unique geographical advantage, but there is a bomb south water Jing Cheng Xia three points, is from South Xiao Guan North formed a natural defense system. Now, the four seasons here Jing surging water, traditional costumes and gurgling. Spring field everywhere Taohua mountain is covered, summer and fall scenery Dicui, Dai Ying-Yuan Mo, accompanied by Han viaduct, the train out, Tian Qian thoroughfare, is also a place for visitors to view the visit.

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Qiushui step-yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin and Han dynasties when the lake, or son of the East China Sea, the West Lake. Son of the East China Sea in the north-western city of Pengyang Kawaguchi stem rural village of the sea, this water drains away, locals referred to as "dry Hai Zi"; West Lake in Guyuan county, 20 kilometers south-west of Hai Zi Gap.

West Lake unique beautiful scenery, surrounded by mountains, palm-shaped, such as Li Guyuan area has now turned into tourist areas. Shan Xi Jian Hai Zi water from spewing out of two holes, that's what the local people Longkou. Baptist for a long time and drop into a dam, into the sea, in the depths of the mountains Rejuvelac over on a tan. In the Qing Dynasty, West Lake is listed as one of the Guyuan Eight named as the "West Sea Chun-bo." After the founding of the PRC, in order to solve the irrigation of farmland and Former county water, the two reservoirs have been built here. The water in the reservoir area of about a thousand Section. Jessica Hai Zi shore grass, like brocade, West Ramp sunset, Qiushui Yuan Yuan Wang, the water ripples in the wind, Lin Fan Chu little bit of light colors; the northern gentle, pastoral hillside in the expulsion of cattle and sheep, as if blinking Keke pearls. Looking from west to east Zuozuo connected to a mountain peak, forming a natural barrier. Overlooking the lake, and some green, some dark blue, Huguangshanse, blue sky and white clouds, impressive, it is refreshing; Nanshan rise steeply towering peaks, lush vegetation, summer tourism is a good place for the rest.

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