Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kwan Sui and Tang dynasties Shihmen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shek Kwan, Kwan Sui Dynasty that is based on this, Tang Guan one of the seven original state. Sumeru foot of the mountain temple is located in the hole, the eastern section of the ancient Silk Road, North Road, must pass through pass. Temple ditch water that is Shihmen water from west to east, cutting off Sumeru Hill for two and a half north-south, as if the Shihmen and the formation of a gorge, Shek Mun Gap said, here's customs clearance Shek said. Shek Tong Guan both Hexi Gallery, and pass this Gannan region. However, Shek Mun customs clearance of the city is not in stone at the entrance, and in Shimen Zhen, that the Song of the Shek Mun Fort, the duo Huang Castello. Ancient pingchuan small repair on an area of 560,000 square meters, the wall 9 meters wide, 6, the north-south symmetry 2 door, the door symmetrical things, the city has expanded around the River. West of the existing walls complete. The inner city area of 43,200 square meters, the local people, commonly known as the Forbidden City. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in 1988 was listed as heritage conservation district units.

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