Wednesday, January 7, 2009

108 Tower - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingtongxia Dam is located on the steep slopes of the West Tower 108 is built in the Western Xia period of solid-Lama tower. Taki's here, had found the book there are questions in mind the Tangut qianfoensis Bohua map. Pagoda in accordance with the mountain from top to bottom, according to 1,3,3,5,5,7,9,11,13,15,17, 9 of 12 arranged in odd-numbered lines, a total of 108 to form a triangle of the whole plane was a huge tower, the tower named after the number.

  108 tower, built in rows of artificial shovel Xue Cheng was stepped on the cliff. In addition to the tower top for the first line of a square, following the second line are eight single-storey Xu Mizuo shape. In addition to the tower in the first line of a larger, 3.5 meters high outside. The rest were in the height of 2.5 meters or so. Tower body system generally can be divided into four types: the first line of review for a bowl-shaped, east side niches have opened the door; the second line to the fourth-shaped, tapered tip for Bajiao Gu abdomen; fifth to the sixth line of the line for Gourd-shaped Seventh trip to the 12th line, in order to shape Aquarius. All the exterior body tower were painted black. Due to Bajiubainian has been established from which future generations of maintenance on several occasions, the tower wrapped in vitro have as many as the number of black layer. Jiequ future generations to clean and maintain the black Caoni, can be seen in the first layer of black, and there are always Lamaism Kwan's painted patterns.

  "108" is often used in Buddhist figures. Buddhists believe in life there are 108 kinds of trouble and suffering, in order to eliminate these problems and suffering, the provisions of beads are used to be 108, 108 and both sexes are to be all over, ring the bell to sound ... 108 ... Therefore, the tower is 108 donors who made "Lord of the story rather than" to eliminate the worries of life and the construction of a special disaster. Of course, some people think, is "the main merit of" respect for the Yang ", as kumgang top Vairochana 108 bodies of Mutual Covenant and India" and build. No matter what kind of out of ideas, it is evident that the Buddhist and used "108" number-related. So many of the tower, according to the law of combination groups, not to mention in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, is in the country's ancient tower of the existing building, is rare. 108 Tower is published by the State Council, China's major cultural units. Autonomous Region in 2003 was named the Tourism Authority of AA-level scenic spots.

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