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Qingyang Gong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qingyang Gong is located in the beautiful scenery, numerous cultural relics of the West in the southern suburbs of Chengdu, the side of the Jinjiang reliance is well-known Chinese Taoist temples.


Hyun in view of the Tang Dynasty. In the year 880 Huang Chao Chang-Jun Gongpo uprising, fled in panic Tang Xizong Chengdu, has in view inside. That is, later known as the Xia Zhao change Qingyang . Legend has it that when the Tang emperor had two, your visit to the palace.

The original is located in Qingyang Qingyang Gong in the market, Legend of Lao Tzu riding NIU Green had Hangu Guan, Guan Yin Xi today by the ethical, said half of the Lao something to go on Yinxi said: "The sub-way street in the market 000 days after the Chengdu Qingyang My search. " 1000 days later, but some, such as Lao Zi , Where continued preaching Yinxi said.

The existing building is being built in the Qing Dynasty. There are significant construction hall Zu Ling, the Hall of the course of events, the Eight Diagrams Pavilion, San Qingdian, basking Hall of fighting, Dian-Tang, there are on both sides of the Taiwan-born Lao Zi and Taiwan claim.

  Eight Diagrams Pavilion is the Qingyang Gong Body building one of the grand momentum, superb cut out. Square-ting, who was a circular pavilion, a symbol of Tianyuandefang. Two-for-ting-ting Chongyanqiaojiao, pavilion roof with yellow glazed tile, the booths are from 8 engraved dragon pillars of support. One pillar of a dragon fist and India have traces of the legendary Dragon would like to take one evening to escape Qingyang , Just by patrolling the moon and found a real person, blow it to play in the post, which left fist and India.

San Qingdian spacious and majestic, three-ching for the statue, about 6 each equipped with a real person. Dianqian a pair of Qing Dynasty Yongzhengnianjian transported from Beijing to the copper sheep, sheep, a single angle of copper, the characteristics of the Chinese zodiac will be brought together Who, strange shapes out of the ordinary, as part of the mouse ears, bovine, Hu Zhao, rabbit mouth, c., brittle, Malian, to be sheep, monkey neck, corns, abdominal dogs, pigs and buttocks.

February 15 Lunar New year, new developments have been held here should be, according to legend this day is the birthday of Lao Zi. Qingyang Gong and separated by a wall of text Park has become an annual Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival to the Fair venue.

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