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Warring States Qin Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin, Han Dynasty and Xiongnu ranked Mongolian grasslands of long-term confrontation, when there is war. Qin Emperor Wen, drawing just 25 town qu; Qinzhao Wang, Yi Gong Mie channels, "Qin then there Longxi, to the north, Shang Jun, Hu refused to build the Great Wall." This is the Warring States Guyuan Qin Great Wall north of the city.

This is like the Great Wall Article dragon, with effect from Lintao County of Gansu Province, Tao River Valley, via Weiyuan, Longxi, Tong Wei, Jingning County, Shun got up by the North River on the east coast from the Gap, Yan entered the temple Xiji County, home bifurcated Huang, Yu Bridge, the son of Zhang Jie, water Kawaguchi, single people, Xinglong Town, Xie Dong-po, Wang Jiawan, South Korea and Taiwan will be to Jiabao, will be in Taiwan to 9 Degree angle turn to the east, Shun Malian Malian River Valley water to enter the temple out of Xiji Guyuan County Rural Zhang Yi, Huangbao to the east and north-east as the turning point in the direction of the Township Government into the red. Chuang Hung-off wall into the groove by bit, a bit after the ditch to Sunjiazhuang Yamaguchi, Chichiawan white, here and turn eastward, after Wu Zhuang, Yan home , The next village to the northwest, it will be divided into two to form a "city" and "City" points.

Inside the city from the next village over the road, then climbed up Guyuan City, 5 km north-west of a small forward on the hills, guozhuang, Shili Pu River after the water had to Shawodi. Outside the city in the northwest to form a more irregular Camponotus By Joe depression over river water, and then break across the river to the east and south Shawodi combined with the city. The inner city and outer city remains extremely sharp contrast to the form. Cheng Cheng Tun wall inside the tall, generous, full, the city designated as straight lines, towering grand momentum. Across the board about 8 kilometers inside the city than the well-preserved ruins, with the exception of modern highways and less Pierced the latter part of gully, across the board basically did not break every 200-230 meters with a city pier. Outside the city have been mutilated state, most of the razed to the ground, the residue of the city pier for more than 2-3 meters high, can not see most of the city wall.

Changcheng way to climb over after Shawodi Mountain, south of the sub-yang Joe Johnston in Formation, on hwangsuwon Temple, Da Nang Wang Yao, Huang Chuang Guyuan County out into the rural Kawaguchi Pengyang County to the north of the Yellow Bay, Jiang's township Pengyang depression, Fengtai, Yang depression, and depression before Yao Da Nang , The son of steep slopes, Li turnout, the city's rural Yang Wan-yiu, white turnout, Joe drainage, the White Horse Temple of the Great Wall, Chuang Qi, Zhang ditch circle, a small village, Shi Ping, Liu A son Pengyang County, Gansu Province, into the former county town of Meng Plateau. Chuang and Qi in the small village between turns, there are more than 1 out of the Great Wall and into the main line of 1 km due south of the village of Zhang ditch lap of the Great Wall. Note in the construction of the Great Wall before, there have been systematic and careful investigation of the location, construction of a unified technical specifications However, due to the construction of the political division of the district, between the two political and complete synchronization at the end due to construction, also here in the north-east of the Great Wall into a 90-degree turn. Guyuan region of the Great Wall in the territory after Xiji, Guyuan, 3 Pengyang County, is about 174 km.

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