Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Salt Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Haiyuan county in the north west, surrounded by mountains on all sides for, Haiyuan - Jingyuan across the East-West Highway. Salt Lake is one of the Tang Dynasty in Yanchi 18 - River, known as the Western Xia people Okuma base in Sichuan, south-east edge of a salt lake set to quit the Northern Song Dynasty fort (this Baoziwan East) and the salt pond in the city of the Ming Dynasty (now the Old City name), who is a Haiyuan Yanchi County, the rural village of salt pond Salt pond located in the Salt Lake Basin, 1980 meters above sea level, with a total land area of 950 transfer. Huashan around the West and Jingyuan County, Gansu Province, Huang Shan Jia Wa surrounded by mountains in Jian Quan, streams into the lake to make, heavy rain and snow Yanchi pool of water, although not exhausted by the EMI. Salt Lake around the earth Contains a wealth of Glauber's salt, sodium chloride, and other minerals, easily soluble in water, and low-lying land transport center-rich product. Its drainage area 52 square kilometers, the water surface in the Department of schedule, the formation of inland lakes - Salt Lake.

Winter 1920, Haiyuan area rare in the history of the earthquake, Tang west of Salt Lake to make the slope in the vicinity of the stone pine ridge serious dislocation, there are 1.5 meters away from the wrong direction for the North West, 50 degrees; salt pond dry salt lake and also as a result of the earthquake was lying up and moved north more than 1000 meters.

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