Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wolong Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wolong Nature Reserve - the hometown of giant pandas, located in the groove Siguniang Mountain Donglu Browne of the two sides. Browne also known as trench Wolong ditch, trench river Browne said he, fast-flowing, Yixieqianli, cotton import by the Minjiang River, after flowing into the Yangtze River. The two sides of rivers, Feng Xia confrontation. River rock as high as 34 meters, the river standing by caving in of the Impact of water stirred up waves after another, as if Suiyufeiqiong, the scenery is magnificent. Wolong Nature Reserve Tickets: Jin Shan costs 15 yuan, 30 yuan Giant Panda Museum, a small Xiong Maoguan 5 yuan, 25 yuan ditch hero. Traffic: Simon station in Chengdu to take Xiaojin Xian's coach (6:40 morning hair ), The half-way off in Wolong. Dujiangyan has to Wolong car. To remind: Wolong Panda Bao Bao is the big panda's 100 yuan, 200 yuan Panda small, can take a group photo with pandas, there will be next to the breeder in the guide.

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