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I roll bell - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Commonly known as the small hole, located in Yinchuan City, 35 kilometers northwest of the foot of Helan Mountain, once a history of the palace and the Republic of China Li Yuanhao the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region during the warlord Ma Hongkui of the Mountain Resort, for the Helan Mountain is well-known scenic resort.

I roll bell beautiful scenery and forest Cong Long, a total of more than 70 kinds of evergreen and deciduous , Especially in the early spring season the most beautiful scenery, Yan Yamahana, spring water features, shade mountainside Congcong, snowy peaks, and this is the famous "Helan Qingxue." Yuwang ancient scenic spots in Taiwan, Xinglong Temple, the late Qing Dynasty, such as Tsui Court, built temples, the clever layout, Cuoluoyouzhi, a penholder Helan mountain peak is expected on the sea , From the Tingzhong view, the city of Yinchuan plain view glance.

10 minutes I roll down hills, rock Jun Qiao, verdant forests, majestic beauty. In the Western Xia Dynasty, "and famous ancient Western Xia." At that time, Li Yuanhao ravine in the northern part of the construction of a large-scale summer Gong Yuan. Now in this The error down 20 at various construction sites, scattered across the brick, tile and utensils relic pieces, are yours for the asking.

  Ming and Qing Dynasties, here in massive construction projects in the construction of temples, pavilions, built the temple Helan, Laojun Tang, the Great Mercy House, Doumu Gong, Dong Tian small, temple, the temple is booming, the late House Tsui, Kwun Yam Temple, and so on a Department Um Taiwan Pavilion Temple, the mountain building temporary insurance, with the potential of natural, Cuolayouzhi. Yamauchi three peaks above, also has three beautiful shape, size and unique white-Lama tower.

  After 10 minutes I roll history Xiurong construction, it has become a famous scenic tourist attractions. Spring and summer, the area within Mungo Sequoia, a light green. Gap between fruit trees on mountain slopes covered with a crystal want to drop the Red Hill and Red Jujube fruit.

  Ray, trickling streams flowing springs. "Beacon Hill" and "Hai Ting Wang," and "wife", "Wo Hu" and "fairy guide," an air of different stones, eye-openers. Trees in the mountains, red dispute Embraced the green grass, colorful, is the most comfortable quiet place to rest.

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