Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alan Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Second Temple before Alan Bridge, across streams in and outside of the River watershed, is a bridge. Was built in the Song Dynasty before the late Ming and destroyed in the war, Chia-ching rehabilitation of eight years. Stone bridge in order to support wooden raft, with thick bamboo Wankou such as cable Jiang flying plane, on both sides of the bamboo in order to claim for the column, is about 500 meters, the fish head in the Department set up outside the gates Jiang The bridge down more than 100 meters will be replaced by bamboo cable wire, cable took care of the pier changed to wood piles of reinforced concrete piles, the deck is also reduced to 240 meters. From a distance, such as hanging Feihong air, like drying Fisherman's network, in the form of very chic. Walk on the bridge, Seomang Minjiang roar from mountains, looking east China irrigation, the Dujiangyan project profiles Its role is clear.

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