Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Days Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Days are also known as West Hua Shan Shan, located in the city Haiyuan County, west of Xi'an, 15, from Yamaguchi along approximately 2.5 kilometers into the ditch, a temple can be seen, and that is all-day Grottoes. As a result of folklore in the mountains have been found in Taurus, the Taurus, also known as Temple Cave, Grottoes, because local people have also called the old statue of Buddha Temple. Another In ancient times the "glory of the temple."

In the south ditch on the slopes, according to the mountain to build Taiwan Jiansi, the cutting of waste-lifting Cave. And since Goudi, there may be winding Labyrinth board. Along the "" shape and winding road trip, on the hillside, land and Long Dian Dian. Dragon King, His Royal Highness the spring Yi Hong Gu Cheng Qiushui Guanyin ", this is called Dragon King Pool. From the water poured out of the lead, pure refreshing Gan, Dachaoshan of people will drink this.

All-day cut in the Song Shan caves during the summer, the whole Shan-hole total of 6 grottoes, temples size 13. At that time, the national prevalence of Buddhism, who are all famous mountains where the construction of Siyu. According to Chi excellence , 1046 Western Xia Yuan Hao Wang in the summer palace had been built. The old days are Shan temple in groups, flying Tiaoyan ridge, Diaolianghuadong, Temple brilliant appearance. Junxiu rock, mountains, dense trees Cang, Cui Qi-walled, clear spring flow injection, mixed temples, ancient deep hole.

Cave Hill in the days of the Millennium Vicissitudes of life, repeated disasters, and war have destroyed a number of earthquakes, rebuilt several times. Tongfo the original has been almost completely destroyed, the most severe punishment to the 1958 Great Leap Forward is a copper, felling trees around the Cave Temple in a space, the temple turned into rubble. In recent years, the group of caves again plastic statues of God, Cave of the dissolved group of Buddhism and Taoism, Confucianism for the three Body. To commemorate the founder of the measureless Christmas, Chuba April each year have held a grand temple for a period of three days, when men and women have Dachaoshan. County Bureau of Religious Affairs in 1989 was named as the "all-day outlook Road" for the protection of relics in the county-level units.

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