Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Measureless Grottoes - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Measureless Grottoes located in the northwest city of Pengyang 25 km Kawaguchi Tin Rural Village, backed by immeasurable Hill, Shek-oriented River, according to Observatory water, beautiful scenery. Cut halfway up the mountain caves in the old quarry area, there are two caves in the middle separated by about 50 meters south of the North to sit along the East River Shek order. This cave was built in 1032 (Sandy Song ). In 1985, Cave Hill immeasurable listed as heritage unit at the county level. In 1988 and is listed as the autonomous region-level protection units. In 1991, Pengyang County in the grotto of the people around the 400-sik "to commemorate the tree Heritage Monuments."

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