Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Qiushui step-yuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin and Han dynasties when the lake, or son of the East China Sea, the West Lake. Son of the East China Sea in the north-western city of Pengyang Kawaguchi stem rural village of the sea, this water drains away, locals referred to as "dry Hai Zi"; West Lake in Guyuan county, 20 kilometers south-west of Hai Zi Gap.

West Lake unique beautiful scenery, surrounded by mountains, palm-shaped, such as Li Guyuan area has now turned into tourist areas. Shan Xi Jian Hai Zi water from spewing out of two holes, that's what the local people Longkou. Baptist for a long time and drop into a dam, into the sea, in the depths of the mountains Rejuvelac over on a tan. In the Qing Dynasty, West Lake is listed as one of the Guyuan Eight named as the "West Sea Chun-bo." After the founding of the PRC, in order to solve the irrigation of farmland and Former county water, the two reservoirs have been built here. The water in the reservoir area of about a thousand Section. Jessica Hai Zi shore grass, like brocade, West Ramp sunset, Qiushui Yuan Yuan Wang, the water ripples in the wind, Lin Fan Chu little bit of light colors; the northern gentle, pastoral hillside in the expulsion of cattle and sheep, as if blinking Keke pearls. Looking from west to east Zuozuo connected to a mountain peak, forming a natural barrier. Overlooking the lake, and some green, some dark blue, Huguangshanse, blue sky and white clouds, impressive, it is refreshing; Nanshan rise steeply towering peaks, lush vegetation, summer tourism is a good place for the rest.

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