Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jing rouge source Gap - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Gansu is located in the gorge rouge famous Taoist "Kongtong Mountain" mountain until Jingyuan Xian Yang Heung yellow tank inside the village and rouge Yu Mo Shan mountain, more than 400 meters deep gorge, 45 km long, formed in 8 million years ago, Austria Ji Tao, the territorial structure of the joints. "Rouge" by the one in this behavior evolved over the branch's "behavior support" evolution To come.

Xia Jingyuan Xian rouge area at 8 km north-east county seat, Jingyuan Xian is located in the trough of yellow sheep rural village, 5 km long gorge, with a total area of 4 square kilometers to the sky in the Yellow River fairy Xiafan face, the face of the red rouge Named after a river. Qi Qiao in the river valley in the gurgling singing, and take advantage of change The formation of numerous falls. Scenic areas, everywhere is full of rocks Qi-Song, who spent Yi Cao, the shape of Guanyin music tours, and so on Beit Road singular landscape, rouge Gorge downstream and Gansu Kongtong Mountain are closely linked, reflected on water, cloud around Fei Wu, one in Wonderland Scenery.

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