Wednesday, January 7, 2009

City step - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qin and Han period, the county step rule the ancient city ruins, located in Pengyang County, 15 kilometers west of the ancient cities and towns in the territory. Ru River and is located in the office of the Interchange mountains and rivers Ru Hirakawa middle of the triangle to the north bank of the East sub shop near the reservoir, west Qiushui step, according to Luo North Jiashan, the vast expanse of open ground surrounded by peaks, the only form Longtenghuyue. Leung Tin City hectares, is the River Reservoir The main channel through the city, gurgling Qushui, shady trees, butterflies flying bee dance, beautiful picture.

City step, the military vital importance for the history, the Qin and Han Chang'an leading to the strategic, this focus on heritage conservation unit. Today, throughout the city, Yang Chun Liulv pink, such as sea-Sheng Xia Bibo, Ye Jin Qiuhong Head, the depth of winter green Ching Chung. The ancient city of rubble as a reminder Canqiang step, the immense ancient; new business building and courtyard houses Xiangyingchengqu; wide asphalt roads and trails co-exist Pixiang; thriving market for farm structures and a tranquil unique; Dongshan quiet inside the mosque and the sound sound of loud reading books The ancient city of primary and secondary schools in the pines shade Tsui , Constitute an elegant simplicity of the picture.

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