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Circular Longqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Feng Yuqiao, Huaqiao. Passage of the Dong Autonomous County is located in rural Tanzania Ping Ping River on a small Japanese village. Was built in the Qing Dynasty, was twice destroyed by water. This bridge for reconstruction in 1931, is the provincial-level key cultural unit. Mu Liang is a stone bridge, 62.4 meters long, 3.75 meters wide bridge, 4 meters high. Gallery on both sides of the bridge Railings and wooden bench. Zhong Yan covered the roof. Both ends of the bridge and rehabilitation in the central pavilion made a total of 3, for Wenchang Pavilion, the pavilion on both sides of the amount of title "Circular Longqiao" words. Court to three canopies, the East Gallery in the north attic room and board are cursory and wrote an inscription for landscape painting flowers and birds and so on. In addition to full-bridge piers for the stone structure, with all the splicing and Cunninghamia lanceolata No one nails and other iron, reflects the architecture of the Dong ethnic style. Tickets: Martin and Drum Tower are located in a circuitous Longqiao Rock Park alone, 20 yuan /person.

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At the end of Long River - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Long River at the end of drift referred to as "the first southern drift," Long Corridor at the end of ecological drift-foot channel is located in scenic rural territory, due to the unique geographical position at the end of Long River has maintained a simple, primitive, mysterious feature of ecological resources. Long drift at the end of a unique natural conditions: full floating gap of more than 150 meters, river rafting 10 km, drifting time 3-4 hours, a total of 48 beach the size of urgency. Rapid cross-cutting bill; the two sides towering old trees, river video screen; Bixi the clean and upright, anxious and sometimes rough, he could feel the waves, such as the flat mirror from time to time. Visitors ride down and rubber boats, play any bank, the torrent sprint, narrowly, Shen Yi Kuang. Tickets: 100 yuan /person.

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Kai-hung Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hongjiang hung Creek Park is located in the outskirts of the city, the shady trees in the park, Kai-hung, there are three five-Quan Quan in the park. Hongjiang removed the old residence to many of the plaque is placed here. Kai-hung Park Labyrinth a white stone road called Ping Road, more than 300 meters in length, little attention will find that this road all the ancient Qing Shiban Paved. Bricks of these are grave monument of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Qianlong years, Xianfeng years, Tongzhi years, Jiaqing years, and so on Daoguangnianjian. It should be said that every stone is an ancient sign of the dead, hundreds of thousands of graves now become a monument to walk up the hill and down the mountain to the convenience of the stone.

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Guizhou County site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

County site is located in central Guizhou Yuanling county's two Yaotou West Village. According to archaeological discoveries, ancient city ruins covers an area up to 110,000 square meters, one after another have unearthed a large number of Qin Han brick and tile Ge, bowl, beans, cans and pots Ge copper, copper sword, copper Jiancu weapons, and so on. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences tectonic Changsha in Hunan Archaeological Research Institute and the Institute The composition of the Joint Group of Experts on the use of ground penetrating radar and other international advanced scientific and technological means to identify the initial, in the ancient city site Guizhou County, south-east of the Peak has gathered more than 40 giant blocks to the Warring States tomb of the Han Dynasty, the tomb of each building is a mountain, its More than half of the more than Mawangdui Changsha, the largest tomb of the size of the Mawangdui 5 . In addition, there are large and small around the Warring States period, the Han Dynasty Tomb of the civilian population of 1,000. The scale of Qin Shi Huang era of the ancient city blocks and more than 1,000 tombs, constitute a history of the Da-Qin era.

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Tai Hing Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Mountain is located, when the late Ming and early Qing construction of the first song called Om cloud. 17 years of Qing dynasty (1837) are early days, Om burned away. After ten Hongjiang Museum and Buddhists Juan Zijian Sung Yun Tai Hing Temple. Siyu momentum of the grand, golden color over a total of three: one for Jin Wei Tuo Temple, dedicated to Guan Sheng Di; as a binary Treasure Palace, worship Buddha; for three Hall of the Ancestors, having no intention of worship. Piandian to the right side of the Kuan Yin Tong, Kwun Yam Qianshouqianyan worship. Legend has it that Hall of the Ancestors for the Department of body like Buddha, incense inside a large, multi-session has been ordained a high priest in the only satisfied, saying preaching. "Great Cultural Revolution", Siyu has been severely damaged. After restoration, the city is now the focus of heritage conservation unit.

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Yelang Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yelang Valley is located in the western part of Hunan Province Sinko of the Dong Autonomous County of Guizhou Province and the eastern mountains of the Special Administrative Region, which borders the scenic areas, scenic spots in recent years, is found in many different Qi in the water only show to receive the mysterious valley, which from the West China's first Special Administrative Region - HKSAR Hill million high-rise Pingxiang, the West only the "Pearl of western Hunan," the Dong Sinko Zhunxiang Xian Zhu Zhi Fang, Long Valley, 15 km, cutting directly Valley 200-650 meters depth, the bottom show an average of less than 30 meters wide. Look down from above, like in heaven weight, Hon low, narrow Valley, seems to be a giant tear of the unpredictable cracks. Bottom-up, the sky line Baiyun Far, stands Cliffs, Yun-Fei Hill action, it is soul-stirring. Gao Ya and above the hanging hole, spits out more than 20 waterfalls, like the race to throw jade beads scattered. Since ancient times, in this land, our ancestors survive the creation of a number of beautiful legends. Yelang Valley are still many Yelang with the King Said Apes back, Wang Shuang Shi care, Yelang Wang Feng, Wang Kingdom and India, Yelang Temple, the ancient path along the cliff, HANGING COFFIN hole Niangniang broadcast Mei, under the fairy River, the Dong-mei, such as landscape cloth and drift down a large number of Helenahat story, so that the increase in the Yelang Valley Huichangdangqi to make a lot of mystery. Yelang Kingdom of the Valley's cultural heritage and mysterious, thousand Over the years, attracting countless seekers can explore, Li Bai, Wang Changling, Lu, Lin Shen-wen, and so on Yelang County left many lines Qiwen. Yelang located in the Valley of Hunan and Guizhou Railway, 320 National Highway, copper (ren) Yu (Ping) between the highway from the Hunan Huaihua, Zhijiang, Sinko, Tongren in Guizhou, 10,000 , Yu-Ping and other places is a direct route by car, and Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, Hibiscus House, and surrender the city, Guizhou net burning mountain, Lung, and other well-known scenic spots and holes to move together to commemorate, transport and natural conditions for tourism. 128 tickets at the original price, concessions. Two of a small canoe drifting 70 yuan.

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Royal Channel Dong village culture - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yelang country legend ancient emperor passing here, its rich ethnic customs are obsessed with, it built the "imperialist" city. Royal Dong culture from beginning Walled Village, Chai Mei, Walled new, four-disc Walled Village, has a long history, folk customs people want to complete the most beautiful. Drum Tower, a pavilion, while Feng Yuqiao, always melodious sound, critical voices. Dongzhai to have to have a bridge known as the Cape of Feng Yuqiao, the other side of the river at the foot of the mountain is a unique Zhai Men, followed by 6 formolongi ring, dozens of Dong Jia Lusheng of the man blowing lively music from elegant Dance, a group dressed in festive costumes Dongjia the girl holding a bowl of fragrant overflowing bowl of Dongxiang good wine bar in the central road, which Dong Jia guests to meet one of the most solemn ceremony. Sunflower came to the set pattern of market performance, to watch the Dong culture of the village of Royal Art Troupe will perform, it is another to enjoy a "Song of the toast," "Che Che touch", "step loop", "Wo-bar song "" A tea "," scramble eggs, "" The Love Song of the bench, " Bin Luo 1, 10 to make songs together, "a group of ethnic culture is very strong program brings together tradition of the Dong culture, Qinggemanwu, Huichangdangqi, Hangyunliushui was revealed between a masculine beauty.

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Tourism Huaihua - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaihua City, Hunan Province, located in southwestern China, is Gordon, noise, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi five provinces (autonomous regions) of the junction. Land area of about 27,600 square kilometers, the population of 4,710,000 of which 1.56 million population of ethnic minorities accounted for 33% of the total population. In 1998, the Hunan provincial government identified as the "mountain open Experimental Zone. "In 1990 after the State Council as a" pilot reform of rural areas: the National Forestry Development Experimental Zone and comprehensive agricultural development zone. "1997, the State Department letter to the country [1997] No. 105 approved the text, Huaihua rescind the region, to set up Huaihua city level. Dominates the Chinese side, Yuanling, xupu, Chen Will be the same county, Sinko, access roads, Zhijiang, Jing Zhou, Mayang Autonomous County, as well as five national of Hongjiang City and Cape City.

  Huaihua known as "Dian-Qian-door, full-Chu throat," said the Hunan for the "door of the West", and the potential development of the obvious advantages. Location independence . China's economic and technological located in the eastern and southwestern regions rich in resources and economic and technological underdevelopment of the region combined with the transition zone, in east China's implementation of follow-up developed by the westward movement of the overall strategy to become economic and technological areas in the eastern and western regions to the west of radiation Material flow to the east of the necessary land. At the same time, the city of Huaihua While no less than 400 kilometers and medium-sized cities, its economy may be radiating Daxiang, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi Province, five of the 44 border counties and cities, about 90,000 square kilometers, the population of 15,000,000 huge area for the region Flow of business logistics center. To this end, the Hunan provincial government decided to Huaihua into western Hunan City Center.

  Xiangqian, Liu Chi railway was "ten" in the line of convergence of Huaihua City, the territory of 524 km long, runs through 12 counties in the urban areas. 320,209 of the two national highway access throughout the city highway traffic mileage for the 6136 km, with a total length all over the city of Hunan Province, home of the first. Yun-year milestone in navigation for the 1131 km. By train from Huaihua, a direct route to the east of Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou is a direct route to the North, Beijing, leading to the south of Zhanjiang, Guangzhou, the West could be up to Chengdu, Kunming. "Ninth Five-Year Plan" in the Chongqing-Huaihua railway intersection in the city of Huaihua, is about to start construction; in the region of Zhijiang Airport resume service On a positive note in the pipeline. Huaihua has become China's East-West connection, an important north-south cross traffic.

  Rich in natural resources. Huaihua has been called the "eight-Yamaichi water a field," said a vast mountain, mild climate, rich in fruit, pasture, water, energy, mineral resources, and so on. The city has ?3000????????4500?????????????? 65 million mu of bamboo area, volume 63,020,000, ranking third in Hunan Province. Citrus, Xiangyou, Yangmei, dates of the city is the specialty, all types of fruit production 10,000,000 Tam, "Shuiguozhixiang" in the world. The whole There are 1785 kinds of medicinal plants; Fuling output of which accounts for half of the country, Gastrodia output in the first home in Hunan Province. The region is also rich in hydropower resources, has proven reserves of water 3,460,000 kilowatts, accounting for one-fourth of the province. At present, in addition to the building of the country is 1,200,000 kilowatts of Wuqiangxi Hydroelectric Power Station, has been Into 499 small hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 280,000 kilowatts, ranking first across the province. The region has 45 kinds of proven mineral deposits, barite out of the National Society of Accountants before the spear, gold, copper and phosphorus in Hunan Province ranked first, third and fourth. In addition, the swimming resource development prospects, was built in the Tang Zhen 2002 Yuanling say Longxing , Referred to as "the upper reaches of the first sites Chor-nam," Hibiscus House, the largest inland temples - Tien Hou Temple, famous for the victory of the anti-Japanese surrender Zhijiang Square, and others to the landscape, Xuefeng Mountain, flying mountain, Huang Shan , Huaihua, and other natural cave, and Song of the Day rush, Lusheng dance, fighting cocks and cotton weaving, dyeing, such as La-strong ethnic characteristics Turkey favors.

  In Hunan Province to speed up the implementation of the strategy of developing western China, Huaihua will actively develop agriculture, energy, transportation, communications, and other basic industries, speed up the development of light industry, textiles, chemicals, forestry, building materials and so on 5 out there looking for jobs and medical advantages, the two food Pillar industries, to develop And tertiary industries; to further improve the investment and business environment, in line with the implementation of the strategic direction of industrial policies to enhance regional advantages and key industries, key sectors of comparative advantage and the unemployed, so that foreign investment profitable. Huaihua will open the Mountain Gate, welcome customers at home and abroad come to invest.

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Suo Xiyu Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suo Xiyu, Tujia language as a "fog of the great mountain fastness", covering an area of 147 square kilometers, Suoxi Yu exotic scenery, a full, Lake waterfall, cave, forest, the sea of clouds, valleys, religion, folk customs, rare birds, animals and so on, into One exchange, the famous. The main landscape Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Hu, in the West Sea, Shilihualang, Sok River And so on.

Huanglong hole: Huanglong a total of four holes, covering an area of 20 hectares, up to 100 vertical meters, the hole has a library, 2 River Falls 3, 4, Tam, 13 rooms, 46 galleries, as well as the stalagmite can not count, columns, stone Mantle, stone flowers, stone waterfall. All stalactites, on Dinghaishenzhen Dragon King throne of the most magical, Dinghaishenzhen as high as 19.2 meters, 10 centimeters in diameter, transparent species, leading to the top palace. In 1998, the pillars were insured 100,000,000 yuan, to create a world natural heritage of a local insurance landscape of precedent.

Baofeng Hu: Baofeng Hu Chang-2. Km, the cable is located in Town, 2 kilometers due south. Here deep canyons, clear lakes reflected on the great mountains, water and more as a result of Green Hill, mountain and water was clearer. Baofeng Hu Bao-Li Industrial Co., Ltd. has been leasing management, has been developed to Gaoxiapinghu spots, eagles nest Guzhai, Fei Bao cliffs, gorges and so on the most Yixian Tian wow.

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Zhangjiajie Tujia customs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tujia customs Zhangjiajie scenic park located in Pearl City in Zhangjiajie. Traffic is very convenient from the airport, railway station only 10 minutes by car. Park covers an area of more than 809 acres with a total investment of 75,000,000 yuan, is a cultural fusion with the landscape and nature, travel-tourism, cultural performances, exhibitions rare, accommodation, meals , Entertainment, shopping equivalent of one large-scale integrated travel services business.

Building the park for more than wood and stone structure, Diaolianghuadong, the brilliant wall, Qiaojiao cornices, exquisite taste. There are representative Tusi Castle, the Church Baishou, Tujia cottage, the royal palace, and so thick. In particular the towering buildings, mountains Court building Momentum, the height of 48 meters, Kokonoe-12, back to Labyrinth, and originality.


There are folk customs show Tujia customs, dress head-dress, batik, tapestry, silversmith, stone mason, as well as root, the precious cultural relics exhibition, as well as the whole of the original Tujia performances, such as Tujia is the original work and life of Mao Goose dance, dance Tong-ling, Baishou dance, beat Liu Zi, and other performances.


Park has three-star hotel, luxury facilities, full-featured, high-affordable than 100 rooms, 250 beds, three multi-purpose conference room, the sauna is also equipped with massage Beauty salons, Internet cafes, swimming pools and so on. Tujia Diaojiao Lou cottage-style rooms quiet elegance, do not have the emotional appeal. The main restaurant and banquet hall by the Tujia-floor corner cursory box the size of the structure, all wood structure, style, operating Wabo series, such as bamboo tube series Tujia dishes, La-dry acid wild, Tuse Hong soil. Can be When dining to accommodate 300 people. There are also tea and leisure services.

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Eight public Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, located in the area, covering an area of 20,000 hectares, in 1986 the establishment of the State Council's approval, mainly for the protection of sub-tropical forest vegetation and rare plants and animals.

Eight Mt terrain, mountains and rivers crisscrossing mild climate, abundant rainfall. Because of the Quaternary glaciers and less impact on the calendar There are few human destruction in the region distributed in a typical subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, preservation of a wide variety of plants, there are more than 3000 kinds of plant species, is Liriodendron, paliurus, water, and other ancient plant sinense Preservation, especially Davidia-based film into a mixed forest, a rare form of flora . There are more than 150 kinds of vertebrates in the region, sambar, Su Ling, White-crowned Syrmaticus, Temminck's pheasant, and other countries for the protection of animals. The protected areas of sub-tropical forest research and development and protection of the law of rare and endangered animals and plants with important scientific value.

  Eight public Nature Reserve is located in western Hunan The Sangzhi County, 85 km away from Sangzhi county, from an elevation of 346-2003 meters from the mantle Hill, fir community, the three major forest areas Tin Ping Shan, Hunan and Hubei provinces County, four of the seven Five-Year Plan township Adjacent villages. With a total area of 23,200 hectares of forest reserves 1,064,000 cubic meters. 984 years by the provincial people's government for the province to establish nature reserves, one of the first 23, 1986 by the State Council of China's first batch of 20 national monument, one of the types of wild plants and forest nature reserve. 4 period in 1990 in Zhangjiajie city government approved the establishment of the "Group of Eight Hunan Mt House Nature Reserve Management Office. "In July 1993 as part of China and the Network of Biosphere Reserves.

  First, plant resources

  Unique geography and climate conditions, gave birth to a large number of plant species resources, according to a preliminary study showed that: there is an area of national importance to the protection of rare and endangered plants 8, such as Davidia, such as Ginkgo biloba; experts in the area was known as the oldest son of China's efforts to preserve the species, a "living fossil" of the specimen garden. There are more than 1,000 species of medicinal plants for cancer have a higher efficacy unicum Lin, yew, sub-grate Cephalotaxus; antidote there is swelling on the Qi Xiao Dysosma, bitter gourd Hill have large Produced.

  Second, the animal resources

  Due to difficult terrain, humid climate, vegetation cover, wildlife survive the conditions are very favorable. The region has to check the 146 vertebrate species are under special state protection of rare and endangered animals, 17. If Jinqian Bao, the clouded leopard, macaque , Tufted deer, musk deer Lin, Su Ling, sambar, the White Syrmaticus, giant salamander, Temminck such as pheasants. In 1991 the United Nations Wildlife Fund experts from the feces, footprints on the judge that the South China Tiger in the mountains there. Insects in the area is also rich in resources, has now collected 22 heads of insects, Section 177, 2482 , Which found 34 new species.

  Third, resources, climate

  North belonged to the sub-tropical moist monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 11.5 ?, the hottest month (July) to 22.8 ?, extreme minimum temperature of -15 ?, annual rainfall 2105.4 mm, for the three major storm in our province One. In the summer, this is a rare meeting, on vacation, tourism, summer resort.

  Fourth, tourism resources

  Is rich in tourism resources, "You wild, extraordinary and dangerous, God," as its point of the main features of the forest landscape would if drunk people floating in the air, seven sisters and 16 brothers, drunk Lin, Chi immortal Rock board, the four-door, the husband and wife trees, Valentine's house, Tam made a mistake, Qianlong Bandits lock hole, He Long, "two Naoge Ming kitchen knife" to commemorate the 121, and other natural and human landscape, to stimulate people's endless Xia Xiang, the protection of the region Now access, electricity, water, and can be built to receive nearly 100 mid-range hotels, will Sticking to the favorite. "Forest tree" of the clear-Tung Liang Ye.

  Fifth, water resources

  Eight Mt protected areas of our province is one of three major storm, up to 2105 mm annual rainfall and thus adequate water. According to experts, visit these areas can be built on a Tin Ping Shan 38 meters of the first high-head storage power station can be installed capacity of 18,000 kilowatts and an annual generation capacity of close to 100,000,000, He Long is far greater than power generation, but only a total investment of more than 8800 yuan per kilowatt installed capacity of 4931 Yuan per unit with an investment of only 9 cents, and less immigration, less flood damage. Protected areas can be seen Is the best investment to build power plants.

  Six, eco-efficiency

  Eight public Nature Reserve, there are 352 Xigou, is the authentic birthplace of the Lishui River. According to water experts, the budget: the annual amount of silt flowing into Dongting Lake from 300,000 tons in traffic is now reduced to less than 20,000 tons, Flood disasters occurred in the number of times a year from now reduced to 1-3 times a year. If protected areas, the destruction of the ecological environment, will inevitably lead to an imbalance of the ecosystem, serious soil erosion will lead to disastrous consequences. According to experts and scholars study findings, the entire ecology of the protected areas can be cost-effective value of more than 1.3 billion; The source also enough to meet the lower reaches of Lishui County, 20 of the population 15,000,000, as well as 1,200 hectares of rice fields of water supply, this shows the importance of the ecological role of social benefits, can also be invaluable.

  Eight public Sangzhi Hill National Nature Reserve is also in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province is, Belongs to the people belonging to all mankind, the whole of society must protect her, she was concerned about. Eight public Nature Reserve welcome domestic and foreign tourists to visit, invest in the development of scientific research study.

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Yang Zhong Jiang - Chinese tourism scenic spots

There are eight Shi Feng arranged on three sides, magnificent, spectacular Wei. Legend Yangjia Jiang Yang Jiajie troops, the military only had one meeting since then Gebendongxi operations. Shi Feng into the death of their eight stand here to commemorate the military that meeting.

  Shi Feng Shi Yuzuo arranged on three sides, magnificent. Legend Yang Jiaqiang "who had stationed here, only held a meeting of the military, after Gebendongxi operations. They died on the battlefield, Shi Feng row into the stand.

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Huang Danzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven Wonders of the natural beauty of Zhangjiajie, a world attract millions of visitors. And a "less than Huang Danzhai, to Zhangjiajie in vain," the temptation of words, then all of the tourists brought to the Huangshi Zhai of the "six-Qi Ge," to appreciate that, "Qi Shan, water Qi, Shi Qi, Qi-yun, Qi Qi plants and animals "not only concrete and Miao Huang Danzhai's the charm.


  Huang Danzhai assessment saying: "No, Huang Danzhai, to Zhangjiajie in vain," Huang Danzhai can be seen in the Zhangjiajie scenic position in the. Legend has it that Han Liang-designate to stay walk out from the illusions, not resignation, following the Chi Songzi, conceal the political arena, Zhangjiajie travel far and wide, the officers and soldiers have been besieged After a master Huangshi Gong save named after Huang Danzhai, the beauty of Zhangjiajie is the most concentrated, Zhangjiajie is also the largest air viewing platform. A well-known poet Huang Danzhai this evaluation: "The amazing five-step, seven-step wow, ten steps, stunned." Therefore, I propose that the board today on foot Huang Danzhai, and then take the ropeway Hill, or to take the ropeway up the mountain and then down the mountain in the past mountain, or else, you really can "to Zhangjiajie in vain." Huang Danzhai about the whole 5 hours, about 5 km walk up the mountain.

  Huang Danzhai the best spots to visit Line: Book Po box, Dinghaishenzhen, South Tianyi column, the former Garden, Herbie into the sea, and so on. Huang Danzhai That is another great spectacle. There are two mountain boarding Huangshi Zhai Yu, a former mountain Hill, a hill from behind Hill.


  Well, in order to have good scenery, we mountain on foot, and then watched cableway under it!

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