Saturday, January 17, 2009

Huang Danzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Seven Wonders of the natural beauty of Zhangjiajie, a world attract millions of visitors. And a "less than Huang Danzhai, to Zhangjiajie in vain," the temptation of words, then all of the tourists brought to the Huangshi Zhai of the "six-Qi Ge," to appreciate that, "Qi Shan, water Qi, Shi Qi, Qi-yun, Qi Qi plants and animals "not only concrete and Miao Huang Danzhai's the charm.


  Huang Danzhai assessment saying: "No, Huang Danzhai, to Zhangjiajie in vain," Huang Danzhai can be seen in the Zhangjiajie scenic position in the. Legend has it that Han Liang-designate to stay walk out from the illusions, not resignation, following the Chi Songzi, conceal the political arena, Zhangjiajie travel far and wide, the officers and soldiers have been besieged After a master Huangshi Gong save named after Huang Danzhai, the beauty of Zhangjiajie is the most concentrated, Zhangjiajie is also the largest air viewing platform. A well-known poet Huang Danzhai this evaluation: "The amazing five-step, seven-step wow, ten steps, stunned." Therefore, I propose that the board today on foot Huang Danzhai, and then take the ropeway Hill, or to take the ropeway up the mountain and then down the mountain in the past mountain, or else, you really can "to Zhangjiajie in vain." Huang Danzhai about the whole 5 hours, about 5 km walk up the mountain.

  Huang Danzhai the best spots to visit Line: Book Po box, Dinghaishenzhen, South Tianyi column, the former Garden, Herbie into the sea, and so on. Huang Danzhai That is another great spectacle. There are two mountain boarding Huangshi Zhai Yu, a former mountain Hill, a hill from behind Hill.


  Well, in order to have good scenery, we mountain on foot, and then watched cableway under it!

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