Saturday, January 17, 2009

Zhangjiajie Tujia customs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tujia customs Zhangjiajie scenic park located in Pearl City in Zhangjiajie. Traffic is very convenient from the airport, railway station only 10 minutes by car. Park covers an area of more than 809 acres with a total investment of 75,000,000 yuan, is a cultural fusion with the landscape and nature, travel-tourism, cultural performances, exhibitions rare, accommodation, meals , Entertainment, shopping equivalent of one large-scale integrated travel services business.

Building the park for more than wood and stone structure, Diaolianghuadong, the brilliant wall, Qiaojiao cornices, exquisite taste. There are representative Tusi Castle, the Church Baishou, Tujia cottage, the royal palace, and so thick. In particular the towering buildings, mountains Court building Momentum, the height of 48 meters, Kokonoe-12, back to Labyrinth, and originality.


There are folk customs show Tujia customs, dress head-dress, batik, tapestry, silversmith, stone mason, as well as root, the precious cultural relics exhibition, as well as the whole of the original Tujia performances, such as Tujia is the original work and life of Mao Goose dance, dance Tong-ling, Baishou dance, beat Liu Zi, and other performances.


Park has three-star hotel, luxury facilities, full-featured, high-affordable than 100 rooms, 250 beds, three multi-purpose conference room, the sauna is also equipped with massage Beauty salons, Internet cafes, swimming pools and so on. Tujia Diaojiao Lou cottage-style rooms quiet elegance, do not have the emotional appeal. The main restaurant and banquet hall by the Tujia-floor corner cursory box the size of the structure, all wood structure, style, operating Wabo series, such as bamboo tube series Tujia dishes, La-dry acid wild, Tuse Hong soil. Can be When dining to accommodate 300 people. There are also tea and leisure services.

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