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Eight public Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wulingyuan in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province, located in the area, covering an area of 20,000 hectares, in 1986 the establishment of the State Council's approval, mainly for the protection of sub-tropical forest vegetation and rare plants and animals.

Eight Mt terrain, mountains and rivers crisscrossing mild climate, abundant rainfall. Because of the Quaternary glaciers and less impact on the calendar There are few human destruction in the region distributed in a typical subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, preservation of a wide variety of plants, there are more than 3000 kinds of plant species, is Liriodendron, paliurus, water, and other ancient plant sinense Preservation, especially Davidia-based film into a mixed forest, a rare form of flora . There are more than 150 kinds of vertebrates in the region, sambar, Su Ling, White-crowned Syrmaticus, Temminck's pheasant, and other countries for the protection of animals. The protected areas of sub-tropical forest research and development and protection of the law of rare and endangered animals and plants with important scientific value.

  Eight public Nature Reserve is located in western Hunan The Sangzhi County, 85 km away from Sangzhi county, from an elevation of 346-2003 meters from the mantle Hill, fir community, the three major forest areas Tin Ping Shan, Hunan and Hubei provinces County, four of the seven Five-Year Plan township Adjacent villages. With a total area of 23,200 hectares of forest reserves 1,064,000 cubic meters. 984 years by the provincial people's government for the province to establish nature reserves, one of the first 23, 1986 by the State Council of China's first batch of 20 national monument, one of the types of wild plants and forest nature reserve. 4 period in 1990 in Zhangjiajie city government approved the establishment of the "Group of Eight Hunan Mt House Nature Reserve Management Office. "In July 1993 as part of China and the Network of Biosphere Reserves.

  First, plant resources

  Unique geography and climate conditions, gave birth to a large number of plant species resources, according to a preliminary study showed that: there is an area of national importance to the protection of rare and endangered plants 8, such as Davidia, such as Ginkgo biloba; experts in the area was known as the oldest son of China's efforts to preserve the species, a "living fossil" of the specimen garden. There are more than 1,000 species of medicinal plants for cancer have a higher efficacy unicum Lin, yew, sub-grate Cephalotaxus; antidote there is swelling on the Qi Xiao Dysosma, bitter gourd Hill have large Produced.

  Second, the animal resources

  Due to difficult terrain, humid climate, vegetation cover, wildlife survive the conditions are very favorable. The region has to check the 146 vertebrate species are under special state protection of rare and endangered animals, 17. If Jinqian Bao, the clouded leopard, macaque , Tufted deer, musk deer Lin, Su Ling, sambar, the White Syrmaticus, giant salamander, Temminck such as pheasants. In 1991 the United Nations Wildlife Fund experts from the feces, footprints on the judge that the South China Tiger in the mountains there. Insects in the area is also rich in resources, has now collected 22 heads of insects, Section 177, 2482 , Which found 34 new species.

  Third, resources, climate

  North belonged to the sub-tropical moist monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 11.5 ?, the hottest month (July) to 22.8 ?, extreme minimum temperature of -15 ?, annual rainfall 2105.4 mm, for the three major storm in our province One. In the summer, this is a rare meeting, on vacation, tourism, summer resort.

  Fourth, tourism resources

  Is rich in tourism resources, "You wild, extraordinary and dangerous, God," as its point of the main features of the forest landscape would if drunk people floating in the air, seven sisters and 16 brothers, drunk Lin, Chi immortal Rock board, the four-door, the husband and wife trees, Valentine's house, Tam made a mistake, Qianlong Bandits lock hole, He Long, "two Naoge Ming kitchen knife" to commemorate the 121, and other natural and human landscape, to stimulate people's endless Xia Xiang, the protection of the region Now access, electricity, water, and can be built to receive nearly 100 mid-range hotels, will Sticking to the favorite. "Forest tree" of the clear-Tung Liang Ye.

  Fifth, water resources

  Eight Mt protected areas of our province is one of three major storm, up to 2105 mm annual rainfall and thus adequate water. According to experts, visit these areas can be built on a Tin Ping Shan 38 meters of the first high-head storage power station can be installed capacity of 18,000 kilowatts and an annual generation capacity of close to 100,000,000, He Long is far greater than power generation, but only a total investment of more than 8800 yuan per kilowatt installed capacity of 4931 Yuan per unit with an investment of only 9 cents, and less immigration, less flood damage. Protected areas can be seen Is the best investment to build power plants.

  Six, eco-efficiency

  Eight public Nature Reserve, there are 352 Xigou, is the authentic birthplace of the Lishui River. According to water experts, the budget: the annual amount of silt flowing into Dongting Lake from 300,000 tons in traffic is now reduced to less than 20,000 tons, Flood disasters occurred in the number of times a year from now reduced to 1-3 times a year. If protected areas, the destruction of the ecological environment, will inevitably lead to an imbalance of the ecosystem, serious soil erosion will lead to disastrous consequences. According to experts and scholars study findings, the entire ecology of the protected areas can be cost-effective value of more than 1.3 billion; The source also enough to meet the lower reaches of Lishui County, 20 of the population 15,000,000, as well as 1,200 hectares of rice fields of water supply, this shows the importance of the ecological role of social benefits, can also be invaluable.

  Eight public Sangzhi Hill National Nature Reserve is also in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province is, Belongs to the people belonging to all mankind, the whole of society must protect her, she was concerned about. Eight public Nature Reserve welcome domestic and foreign tourists to visit, invest in the development of scientific research study.

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