Saturday, January 17, 2009

Circular Longqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Feng Yuqiao, Huaqiao. Passage of the Dong Autonomous County is located in rural Tanzania Ping Ping River on a small Japanese village. Was built in the Qing Dynasty, was twice destroyed by water. This bridge for reconstruction in 1931, is the provincial-level key cultural unit. Mu Liang is a stone bridge, 62.4 meters long, 3.75 meters wide bridge, 4 meters high. Gallery on both sides of the bridge Railings and wooden bench. Zhong Yan covered the roof. Both ends of the bridge and rehabilitation in the central pavilion made a total of 3, for Wenchang Pavilion, the pavilion on both sides of the amount of title "Circular Longqiao" words. Court to three canopies, the East Gallery in the north attic room and board are cursory and wrote an inscription for landscape painting flowers and birds and so on. In addition to full-bridge piers for the stone structure, with all the splicing and Cunninghamia lanceolata No one nails and other iron, reflects the architecture of the Dong ethnic style. Tickets: Martin and Drum Tower are located in a circuitous Longqiao Rock Park alone, 20 yuan /person.

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