Saturday, January 17, 2009

Royal Channel Dong village culture - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yelang country legend ancient emperor passing here, its rich ethnic customs are obsessed with, it built the "imperialist" city. Royal Dong culture from beginning Walled Village, Chai Mei, Walled new, four-disc Walled Village, has a long history, folk customs people want to complete the most beautiful. Drum Tower, a pavilion, while Feng Yuqiao, always melodious sound, critical voices. Dongzhai to have to have a bridge known as the Cape of Feng Yuqiao, the other side of the river at the foot of the mountain is a unique Zhai Men, followed by 6 formolongi ring, dozens of Dong Jia Lusheng of the man blowing lively music from elegant Dance, a group dressed in festive costumes Dongjia the girl holding a bowl of fragrant overflowing bowl of Dongxiang good wine bar in the central road, which Dong Jia guests to meet one of the most solemn ceremony. Sunflower came to the set pattern of market performance, to watch the Dong culture of the village of Royal Art Troupe will perform, it is another to enjoy a "Song of the toast," "Che Che touch", "step loop", "Wo-bar song "" A tea "," scramble eggs, "" The Love Song of the bench, " Bin Luo 1, 10 to make songs together, "a group of ethnic culture is very strong program brings together tradition of the Dong culture, Qinggemanwu, Huichangdangqi, Hangyunliushui was revealed between a masculine beauty.

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