Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yelang Valley - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yelang Valley is located in the western part of Hunan Province Sinko of the Dong Autonomous County of Guizhou Province and the eastern mountains of the Special Administrative Region, which borders the scenic areas, scenic spots in recent years, is found in many different Qi in the water only show to receive the mysterious valley, which from the West China's first Special Administrative Region - HKSAR Hill million high-rise Pingxiang, the West only the "Pearl of western Hunan," the Dong Sinko Zhunxiang Xian Zhu Zhi Fang, Long Valley, 15 km, cutting directly Valley 200-650 meters depth, the bottom show an average of less than 30 meters wide. Look down from above, like in heaven weight, Hon low, narrow Valley, seems to be a giant tear of the unpredictable cracks. Bottom-up, the sky line Baiyun Far, stands Cliffs, Yun-Fei Hill action, it is soul-stirring. Gao Ya and above the hanging hole, spits out more than 20 waterfalls, like the race to throw jade beads scattered. Since ancient times, in this land, our ancestors survive the creation of a number of beautiful legends. Yelang Valley are still many Yelang with the King Said Apes back, Wang Shuang Shi care, Yelang Wang Feng, Wang Kingdom and India, Yelang Temple, the ancient path along the cliff, HANGING COFFIN hole Niangniang broadcast Mei, under the fairy River, the Dong-mei, such as landscape cloth and drift down a large number of Helenahat story, so that the increase in the Yelang Valley Huichangdangqi to make a lot of mystery. Yelang Kingdom of the Valley's cultural heritage and mysterious, thousand Over the years, attracting countless seekers can explore, Li Bai, Wang Changling, Lu, Lin Shen-wen, and so on Yelang County left many lines Qiwen. Yelang located in the Valley of Hunan and Guizhou Railway, 320 National Highway, copper (ren) Yu (Ping) between the highway from the Hunan Huaihua, Zhijiang, Sinko, Tongren in Guizhou, 10,000 , Yu-Ping and other places is a direct route by car, and Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, Hibiscus House, and surrender the city, Guizhou net burning mountain, Lung, and other well-known scenic spots and holes to move together to commemorate, transport and natural conditions for tourism. 128 tickets at the original price, concessions. Two of a small canoe drifting 70 yuan.

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