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Tourism Huaihua - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huaihua City, Hunan Province, located in southwestern China, is Gordon, noise, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi five provinces (autonomous regions) of the junction. Land area of about 27,600 square kilometers, the population of 4,710,000 of which 1.56 million population of ethnic minorities accounted for 33% of the total population. In 1998, the Hunan provincial government identified as the "mountain open Experimental Zone. "In 1990 after the State Council as a" pilot reform of rural areas: the National Forestry Development Experimental Zone and comprehensive agricultural development zone. "1997, the State Department letter to the country [1997] No. 105 approved the text, Huaihua rescind the region, to set up Huaihua city level. Dominates the Chinese side, Yuanling, xupu, Chen Will be the same county, Sinko, access roads, Zhijiang, Jing Zhou, Mayang Autonomous County, as well as five national of Hongjiang City and Cape City.

  Huaihua known as "Dian-Qian-door, full-Chu throat," said the Hunan for the "door of the West", and the potential development of the obvious advantages. Location independence . China's economic and technological located in the eastern and southwestern regions rich in resources and economic and technological underdevelopment of the region combined with the transition zone, in east China's implementation of follow-up developed by the westward movement of the overall strategy to become economic and technological areas in the eastern and western regions to the west of radiation Material flow to the east of the necessary land. At the same time, the city of Huaihua While no less than 400 kilometers and medium-sized cities, its economy may be radiating Daxiang, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, Guangxi Province, five of the 44 border counties and cities, about 90,000 square kilometers, the population of 15,000,000 huge area for the region Flow of business logistics center. To this end, the Hunan provincial government decided to Huaihua into western Hunan City Center.

  Xiangqian, Liu Chi railway was "ten" in the line of convergence of Huaihua City, the territory of 524 km long, runs through 12 counties in the urban areas. 320,209 of the two national highway access throughout the city highway traffic mileage for the 6136 km, with a total length all over the city of Hunan Province, home of the first. Yun-year milestone in navigation for the 1131 km. By train from Huaihua, a direct route to the east of Hangzhou, Shanghai, Zhengzhou is a direct route to the North, Beijing, leading to the south of Zhanjiang, Guangzhou, the West could be up to Chengdu, Kunming. "Ninth Five-Year Plan" in the Chongqing-Huaihua railway intersection in the city of Huaihua, is about to start construction; in the region of Zhijiang Airport resume service On a positive note in the pipeline. Huaihua has become China's East-West connection, an important north-south cross traffic.

  Rich in natural resources. Huaihua has been called the "eight-Yamaichi water a field," said a vast mountain, mild climate, rich in fruit, pasture, water, energy, mineral resources, and so on. The city has ?3000????????4500?????????????? 65 million mu of bamboo area, volume 63,020,000, ranking third in Hunan Province. Citrus, Xiangyou, Yangmei, dates of the city is the specialty, all types of fruit production 10,000,000 Tam, "Shuiguozhixiang" in the world. The whole There are 1785 kinds of medicinal plants; Fuling output of which accounts for half of the country, Gastrodia output in the first home in Hunan Province. The region is also rich in hydropower resources, has proven reserves of water 3,460,000 kilowatts, accounting for one-fourth of the province. At present, in addition to the building of the country is 1,200,000 kilowatts of Wuqiangxi Hydroelectric Power Station, has been Into 499 small hydropower stations with a total installed capacity of 280,000 kilowatts, ranking first across the province. The region has 45 kinds of proven mineral deposits, barite out of the National Society of Accountants before the spear, gold, copper and phosphorus in Hunan Province ranked first, third and fourth. In addition, the swimming resource development prospects, was built in the Tang Zhen 2002 Yuanling say Longxing , Referred to as "the upper reaches of the first sites Chor-nam," Hibiscus House, the largest inland temples - Tien Hou Temple, famous for the victory of the anti-Japanese surrender Zhijiang Square, and others to the landscape, Xuefeng Mountain, flying mountain, Huang Shan , Huaihua, and other natural cave, and Song of the Day rush, Lusheng dance, fighting cocks and cotton weaving, dyeing, such as La-strong ethnic characteristics Turkey favors.

  In Hunan Province to speed up the implementation of the strategy of developing western China, Huaihua will actively develop agriculture, energy, transportation, communications, and other basic industries, speed up the development of light industry, textiles, chemicals, forestry, building materials and so on 5 out there looking for jobs and medical advantages, the two food Pillar industries, to develop And tertiary industries; to further improve the investment and business environment, in line with the implementation of the strategic direction of industrial policies to enhance regional advantages and key industries, key sectors of comparative advantage and the unemployed, so that foreign investment profitable. Huaihua will open the Mountain Gate, welcome customers at home and abroad come to invest.

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