Saturday, January 17, 2009

Suo Xiyu Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Suo Xiyu, Tujia language as a "fog of the great mountain fastness", covering an area of 147 square kilometers, Suoxi Yu exotic scenery, a full, Lake waterfall, cave, forest, the sea of clouds, valleys, religion, folk customs, rare birds, animals and so on, into One exchange, the famous. The main landscape Huanglong Cave, Baofeng Hu, in the West Sea, Shilihualang, Sok River And so on.

Huanglong hole: Huanglong a total of four holes, covering an area of 20 hectares, up to 100 vertical meters, the hole has a library, 2 River Falls 3, 4, Tam, 13 rooms, 46 galleries, as well as the stalagmite can not count, columns, stone Mantle, stone flowers, stone waterfall. All stalactites, on Dinghaishenzhen Dragon King throne of the most magical, Dinghaishenzhen as high as 19.2 meters, 10 centimeters in diameter, transparent species, leading to the top palace. In 1998, the pillars were insured 100,000,000 yuan, to create a world natural heritage of a local insurance landscape of precedent.

Baofeng Hu: Baofeng Hu Chang-2. Km, the cable is located in Town, 2 kilometers due south. Here deep canyons, clear lakes reflected on the great mountains, water and more as a result of Green Hill, mountain and water was clearer. Baofeng Hu Bao-Li Industrial Co., Ltd. has been leasing management, has been developed to Gaoxiapinghu spots, eagles nest Guzhai, Fei Bao cliffs, gorges and so on the most Yixian Tian wow.

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