Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tai Hing Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Mountain is located, when the late Ming and early Qing construction of the first song called Om cloud. 17 years of Qing dynasty (1837) are early days, Om burned away. After ten Hongjiang Museum and Buddhists Juan Zijian Sung Yun Tai Hing Temple. Siyu momentum of the grand, golden color over a total of three: one for Jin Wei Tuo Temple, dedicated to Guan Sheng Di; as a binary Treasure Palace, worship Buddha; for three Hall of the Ancestors, having no intention of worship. Piandian to the right side of the Kuan Yin Tong, Kwun Yam Qianshouqianyan worship. Legend has it that Hall of the Ancestors for the Department of body like Buddha, incense inside a large, multi-session has been ordained a high priest in the only satisfied, saying preaching. "Great Cultural Revolution", Siyu has been severely damaged. After restoration, the city is now the focus of heritage conservation unit.

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