Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guizhou County site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

County site is located in central Guizhou Yuanling county's two Yaotou West Village. According to archaeological discoveries, ancient city ruins covers an area up to 110,000 square meters, one after another have unearthed a large number of Qin Han brick and tile Ge, bowl, beans, cans and pots Ge copper, copper sword, copper Jiancu weapons, and so on. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences tectonic Changsha in Hunan Archaeological Research Institute and the Institute The composition of the Joint Group of Experts on the use of ground penetrating radar and other international advanced scientific and technological means to identify the initial, in the ancient city site Guizhou County, south-east of the Peak has gathered more than 40 giant blocks to the Warring States tomb of the Han Dynasty, the tomb of each building is a mountain, its More than half of the more than Mawangdui Changsha, the largest tomb of the size of the Mawangdui 5 . In addition, there are large and small around the Warring States period, the Han Dynasty Tomb of the civilian population of 1,000. The scale of Qin Shi Huang era of the ancient city blocks and more than 1,000 tombs, constitute a history of the Da-Qin era.

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