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Yougushentan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tourist destination in the suburbs of Beijing - Yougushentan in the territory of Huairou District, 75 km away from Beijing, a leisure area in the air and pleasant weather. Xunyou adventure tourists, an excellent place for leisure. Yougushentan due to its special geographical location, the peculiar structure of the mountain, rich in mineral resources, this constitutes a unique Nature tourism landscape. Canyon in Baiquan convergence, high-gorge rise steeply, not only to appreciate the nature of the Seven Wonders of the pen, but also to watch the Qi Jue the "Fei Bao" and "God Tam", with scenic sky-door, Wo Hu Ling, stone house, Ray Stone split, Tam Chinese Restaurant, Takahashi peak, and Yan Feng Cliff Fei Bao, such as Office, more than 10 landscape. Climb over Qiao's Ladder, God can reach the dam, the water area of about 80 square meters, more than six meters water depth, water clear and transparent, like silver crystal. Nature and its spectacular natural stunning! When away from the noisy urban tourists come here and walk along the line of Shi Jing, or connected with the river on which it can listen to streams of water features humming, Qinglie taste of spring fragrance, but also to enjoy the famous calligraphy, seal carving and ancient rock art; there are 300 m speed skating you can not try to have the adventure. Yougushentan at the same time be able to provide accommodation for 200 people, accommodation standard rooms, Japanese-style rooms, a variety of in-house facilities, access to Conference on holiday; sinomenine another shade, interior cabins of the clean-ya, for your leisure. Mountain restaurant can accommodate 300 people dining at the same time, you're ready for a snack and supporting rural mountain Quanxi, more unique, on-site production of the game barbecue, rainbow trout fishing processing. In the summer with the "flowing water" spa pool Here is an item of Fitness tourists, Kara OK, billiards, a variety of self-Qipai, fitness and entertainment for visitors. As dusk fell, Yougushentan unique "fire show" at this time you will draw out a successful close. This will also be held each year in a variety of activities, such as: writing stone Yougushentan May 1-October 1) Yougushentan "triathlon" competition (from July 1 to October 1) Yougushentan House three day trip (from May 1 to October 30) Admission: 20 yuan

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Shijingshan Amusement Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park in Beijing Xishan Scenic Area south of the south close, "the first China Road" Barry ----- Zhang Jie Chang An Avenue extension of the line, is 16 kilometers east of Tiananmen, however, have access to the East of Beijing, The west by the Yongding River, south of the station's unique geographical location, covers an area of about 30 hectares. Here Qualcomm convenient, beautiful, elegant style. Avon down in the shadow, surrounded by winding paths, in the pine and cypress Congcong, Jessica Grass, Gothic Cinderella's Castle, Arab-style restaurants, European-style blue bridge, the gatehouse of the Russian style, and other peoples around the world Characteristics as well as the construction of atomic block, wheel of the brave, Grand View Vehicles and other large entertainment facilities, the air stands, the extraordinary tolerance, add radiance to each other with breathtaking magic, fairy tales blurred the brilliant colors, is a leader in high technology, knowledge-, interesting, entertaining, participatory as one, into a foreign style buildings, Country Garden Art and various entertainment facilities for a large-scale modernization Leisure entertainment.

Enterprises with more than 50, more than 40 primary and middle school students can purchase a group ticket letter of introduction, according to the charging half-price. Transportation: 1.80 amusement park to the subway stations, bus or 337,327,325,354,385,389,817,959, 58,728,622,965 roads close at hand. Tickets: 5 yuan

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Qinglong Xia Tourism Resort - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qinglong Xia Tourism Resort is located 20 km north Huairou District, 70 km away from Beijing Sanyuan Qiao. Hong Luosi the south, Yanxi Hu, north Zi Yunshan, Yougushentan natural scenic areas. Central in sleeper Qinglongshan Yashang risk of age-old Qi Great Wall, built in Wanli of the Ming dynasty, the Ming Dynasty Great Wall fortress "Guan Shuiyu" It Miyun County, east Simatai, west screen Tian Yu Great Wall, is the Ming and Qing dynasties to the capital and large Pavilion Rehe region, stronghold of traffic, and in its original style and features of the ancient Great Wall tour Gumao become the new place. There Gap Long Lake, Qinglongshan, Hyphalosaurus hole Yixian Tian, such as cliff Shengjing strange. In recent years, scenic spots It also has developed a bungee jumping, downhill, rock climbing, bathing beach, bamboo, bumper boats, boating hand, canoeing, fishing, such as rainbow trout-sports, fitness and entertainment pleasure of the project and built residential-style rooms and the taste of the mountain Tree-lined wooden huts. Is a set of pastoral scenery, mountains and rivers Xiuse, Fei Bao Artesian Bore Baths, the Great Wall as one of the Gumao You sightseeing, holiday resorts and leisure scene. Admission: 20 yuan accommodation: Cottage (capacity 100) 25 /bed, wooden 150-200 /, inter-floor tenant: 75 yuan /bed. Traffic: Xuanwumen, East tour by the bridge 16 (only two rest days, holidays, a car) or Direct East 936 direct access to the area by road.

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Simatai Great Wall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

"Panic and dangerous, extraordinary," said the forward to Simatai Great Wall is located in Beijing's Miyun County in the northern town of Gubeikou territory with a total length of 19 km, a total of 35 Dilou, is the only section of the Ming Dynasty to retain the original appearance of the ancient Great Wall, In this Qi is the Governor created when the building. During the Great Wall has been identified as UNESCO " The beginning of the Great Wall. "

Simatai Great Wall to Simatai reservoir for the sector is divided into two sections of East and West, cross-bridge-like Changhong, the east-west. The western section of the mountain than the gentle, 20 Dilou has well-preserved; the eastern section of the Great Wall winding down, the magnificent, mountain peak in the top 15 over the Dilou. "Fairy House" building The United States, on the white marble arch inscribed with Bingdi Lian Hua relief, "Fairy House" that is not longer than 100 meters on both sides of the steep cliff, but there is only one brick wide of the "bridge" to cross the bridge were to board the city is a true man. "Wangjing floor," Zhi Gaodian Beijing, 986 meters above sea level, Wangjing boarded floor, visitors can look east "Wu Ling plot "Seomang majestic Great Wall, north view of life beyond the Great Wall, Beijing Vision Southern lights.

Simatai is also provided for tourists board the cable invisible city, to visit Canyon Bridge, Yuanyang Lake, boating, swimming, fishing, accommodation, meetings, game cottage, and so on. Simatai Great Wall in June organized by the International Festival gliding, cited in August Cultural Festival, held in September Teng-city competition.

  Simatai Great Wall of the Great Wall set for a variety of characteristics. Take the wall, a single paragraph wall, double-sided walls, trapezoidal stone wall; Di Lou's style, there are two three-storey, flat, round-shaped corner, 2, 3, four Eyes, 6, 20 Eye; and at the top of the style, many of which are unique to the Simatai Great Wall ......

Simatai Great Wall on the Eastern Section of the most amazing is that the "risks", like the Great Wall, Lung Poon macrophage V in Jueya cliff above, along the East and West, 1000 meters, over 14 Dilou. In particular the rise steeply in the side of the mountain, Song Qi 1 day , Ladder 85 degree inclination, under the temporary cliff, Kuan Jin Yong feet, nearly vertical, with no handrails, about 100 meters, a brick Kuan Jin, both sides are about 900 meters into the abyss, only here four limbs The reptiles, daunting!

Simatai Great Wall are two of the most distinctive sub-floor. One is the "Sin House, "is a legend into the antelope, as a result of Lotus home this fairy named after its slender body, in the long white clouds, albeit not very clearly, do not want to go out like the girls, white marble stone archway inscribed with Bing Dilian spent on relief for Only on the Great Wall. The second floor, "Wangjing floor", 986 meters above sea level, the North Heritage highest point, standing on the floor, which can be accessed by hand-day Yuanshanjinshui, panoramic view.

  Simatai Great Wall is the best part of the Great Wall of China, has been identified by UNESCO as "world-class treasures," the special cultural heritage of mankind.

  Simatai Great Wall of China is not only for a modification To retain the original appearance of the Ming Dynasty ruins of the old buildings.

  Before climbing the Great Wall, the first one to cross the Great Lakes. On the west side of the lake, a hot spring, the severe winter season is also around the springs covered with grass, as if in the spring. In the spring all the year round temperature of 37 ?, only steaming hot, roaming groups of fish. The other side of the lake, but cold spring penetrate to the bone. To call for the Lake Yuanyang Lake, which is a dozen meters away from a cold seeps and springs with a form of exchange.

Simatai Great Wall in Miyun is located in the northeastern part of the territory of Gubeikou, the total length of 19 km, the eastern section of the odd-thriller, set in the Great Wall for a variety of characteristics, Take the wall, a single paragraph , Double-sided walls, trapezoidal stone wall; Di Lou's style, there are two three-storey, flat, round-shaped corner, 2, 3, 4, 6, 24; the top Department of styles, many of which are unique to the Simatai Great Wall ... ...

  Simatai Great Wall on the Eastern Section of the most amazing is that the "risks", like the Great Wall, Lung Poon macrophage Jueya on top of the cliff, along the East and West, 1000 meters, over 14 Dilou. In particular the rise steeply in the side of the mountain, a Songqi Ladder, Ladder 85 degree inclination, under the temporary cliff, Kuan Jin Yong feet, nearly vertical, with no handrails, about 100 meters, Kuanjin a brick, about Are 900 meters on both sides of the abyss, Department can only crawl and limbs, daunting!

  Ladder-off, and then climb over the bridge, will be able to board two of the most distinctive sub-floor. One is the "Fairy House", is a legend into the antelope, as a result of Lotus lived a fairy named after its slender body, long white clouds in the middle or if it is hidden, like the non - The girls go out, the white marble stone archway inscribed with Bing Dilian spent on relief for only the Great Wall. The second floor, "Wangjing floor", 986 meters above sea level, Beijing cultural relics is the highest point, standing on the floor, which can be accessed by hand-day Yuanshanjinshui, panoramic view.

  Simatai Great Wall of the Ming dynasty frontier fortress in the military is divided into nine Area. Miyun is a thistle in the town area, east of the area from Shanhaiguan, west of the Pass I Leng Gray, a total length of more than 1200 years. This section of the Great Wall thistle in the town at that time being a serious threat to the tribal Mongolia, Mongolia Altan often tribal customs, to attack outside Beijing, often straight into the Changping, County and other places to snatch property, harassment people Almost Beijing, the Great Wall in the town thistle vital role in defense.

  A total length of the Great Wall in Miyun Section 425, the next town to build a wall thistle Lu, Cao Road, Gubeikou, Tong Road and Shixia Center for the four barracks and an important gateway for every negative way at a number of the Great Wall section of the pass and Dilou . Peacetime training , In time of war to fight, the formation of the combat readiness of the defense system.

  Thistle in the town is famous Ming Liu festive, Tan and Wong Kang Wo's Qi Zong Bing, and so on the design and construction of command. This wall has a high wall, the wall of the characteristics of the generous and important sites in the construction of the wall Tsai, Di Lou, fire-feng of Taiwan-intensive, a variety of shapes, and more Use, set the national characteristics of the Great Wall. Sima Great Wall is Gubeikou, during this period of more than 10 years, have four words risk, that is, risk dangerous Jian, Gu Feng dangerous buildings, dangerous vacant walls, steep cliffs of the Great Wall, Jian-air cliff walk dragon. From a distance, such as dragon clouds of the Great Wall, see the Great Wall near as long Wanting Faso, so called for a Wonderful, "the Great Wall.

  Feng's unique Simatai Great Wall, as one of the clean water have been cut off Wang, the Great Wall From a distance, like two giant dragon, Yidongyixi, down from the hills, blue waves in the probe into the booze. On the west side of the ridge down, leading winding down; on the eastern side of a steep ridge, the dragon body, such as flying Jiuxiao. Dilou board Looking around, the vast expanse of mountains and away, stand like a wall along the ridge Xiong Guan Wei Yi, Gao Feng and Sese, a handful of visitors, might well be described as "not before the ancients, who come to see after."

  Pass Badaling Great Wall tourist carried out early this town has become the thistle of the Great Wall to watch the famous scenic spots. After that, in order to ease the Octopus Full of people suffering from, and Mutian Valley, the Great Wall was opened Jinshanling wall tourists. However, in 1986 began to repair the Simatai Great Wall, has few visitors. The reason is that Simatai Miyun is located in Hebei Province and the northeast corner of the junction from Beijing, Simatai to the required distance, more than a little far to the Badaling some. Its Away from the noise, is indeed a blessing. To Simatai, not only for the hawkers have to worry about the siege and he does not need to avoid trouble and pedestrians. Roads, buildings next to the wall, a rare deserted the king can be as strolling, careful experience, "Yin Ma Cave of the Great Wall, the cold water horse bone injury," the sad and dreary, lamented "the Frontier of the Great Wall from space Xu, long hair in the mirror First spot, "the vicissitudes of life.'s Down from the Great Wall, the Great Wall restaurant at the foot of the residential and spent very little money, eat a typical rice farmers, rural scenery full reward, so tourism, not more Qingzhi?

  Simatai not far away from Gubeikou. Gubeikou come from the Great Wall, the mountain is gentle, to Simatai, the mountain However, in a critical situation, to pass Simatai, is when Kazuo Kwan, Wan Kai-Fu Mo. Due to the mountain, those who can not build Jiangxinduyun. Simatai Great Wall as Mr. Luo Zhewen said: "With the blade-like ridge Benz, the time when the narrow width, from time to time off." The Great Wall of the wall here, not only by the common people, "the type of wall," There is adapt to the cliffs of the mountains built a "half wall types"; both with the gentle slope of the stretch and Ma Road, there are steep slopes on the big ladder into the stack of "Ladder." Taiwan hollow enemy of the situation varied, so that the same architectural historian amazing. Wangting the only enemy on the stage, there is a room, three rooms, three rooms plus before and after gallery, 3 Plus, and so on around the gallery a few, have Xieshan roof, hanging Hill, a hard mountain, and Juan Peng Shan Zhong Yan-hanging variety. In a very short distance, and Dilou wall in the form of the large number of changes, the Great Wall in China are extremely rare. If the spectacle is the Great Wall, Simatai Great Wall is a wonder of wonders. This is a dangerous and magnificent rich Color combination of spectacle, is the unique nature and the ingenuity of the common structure of the wonders of business.

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Shihuadong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as Stone Buddha Cave, located in Hebei Fangshan Town Village car from the city of Beijing Wu Shiqian meters. Master Yuen Kwong Ming Dynasty in the 11-year orthodoxy (1446) found that travel far and wide and named the "unspoken truth holes." And in the old quarry area on the outside of the sculpture "in possession of 13" and holes, engrave inside the cave-made "to possession of three Buddha" big Stone Buddha. Tai-ming 2007 (1456) inside the cave, king of the Buddha carved in marble as 3, renamed the stone holes. Beijing in 1978 hydro-geological engineering firm to conduct exploration of the hole, Shihuadong name. Opening to the outside world in 1987.

  Shihuadong development in the Ordovician Majiagou Carboniferous , As a result of crustal movement and the relatively stable number of uplift of the course, the seabed up to the land. About Qiqianwannian orogeny occurred in North China before the Beijing Xishan on this form. Carbonate rock salt and then gradually dissolution into a series of karst caves, Shihuadong is formed. Shihuadong points up and down-hole Layer, hole-distribution along the east-west direction: the temperature inside the cave, all the year round for 11 ? -13 ?, there are bats and birds habitats floating landing, Discovery's only 1-5 hole layer Road about 5000 meters. Six or seven underground river of underground water and sufficient water tunnel layer. Now the development and utilization of one, two, three holes Road, a total length of 1900 meters, the bottom area 18,000 square meters, there are 12 large and 16 Dongting chamber has been the development and utilization.

  Shihuadong cave sediments of the natural landscape: wonderful, intensive problems, and its full range, there were different types, and cadenza scene in Linglong visible. Inside a large number of stone flowers, sticks of rock, stone wool, Ju, Jing-sheng, grape stone, stone pearls, curling stone, calcium and white film transparent stalagmites, columns, exquisite stalactite and the visible stone, stone lamps, crystal bright, beautiful and elegant stone terrace, cloud base, the magnificent Shiman, and Teng Runs crash rock falls, the wall flashing LED phototherapy stone wall flow, clear water from the overflow Jinji crowd on the stone lotus milk, only to the Chinese. Flying elegant stone wall of the left eyebrow, bright and transparent colorful flag stone for the typical domestic cave deposits, the three-cave sediments must spend even more immense, Qionghua wonderful, traditional costumes and walls, all types of deposits are thousands , Linglong visible, like Mission, silk, flowers , The wonders of different layers, and so-King, brings together the best in the world cave sediments.

  Shihuadong-strong body, arranged, flat bottom, fresh air, good environment. Shihuadong as a result of more deep-hole space on the ground floor and underground river flows through, so they formed a cave environment, climate regulation on its own priorities Conditions of the carbon dioxide exhaled visitors are free to exclude 99.9 percent, to open tourism, protection of the caves is very favorable.

  Shihuadong the following three holes and three-layer, for a closed-dong, youth development is at the third floor about five Bai Yumi, inside a bright flowery, enamel walls filler. Wonderful Shi Ying Chi follow the clear water of the pond, thousands of multi-storey stone flowers, needle-like, college-like, snow-like flowers of goods, Ishige is the growth of small exquisite stone lamps, crystal open with the goose, etc., as a result of Shihuadong There are deep holes in the third tier of a larger mosaic a classic rare beautiful time, Beijing called on the ground floor of the Pearl, white Gallery, China ranks first in 1997 for scientific research and testing in China stalagmite in the cave for the first time found a micro-light stalagmite laminae that age, ancient environmental science, the only Shihuadong high scientific and watch??.

  According to the classification of the cave sediments, Shihuadong of chemical deposition, there were five Type, 33 kinds of patterns, mainly geese control, stalagmite and stalactite, stone columns, stone pagodas, stone curtain, Shiman, stone waterfall, stone terrace, wearing Ishii, while rock-fill, Shilong, rock cakes, green beads , Pearl stone, stone-day flow, the board of calcium, calcium film, curling stone, cloud-box, Shi Hua, Shi-chi, crystal flowers, Ishige, Shek Kuk, the multi-storey stone , Pomegranates, grapes stone, stalactite hanging rock, stone lamps, and so on Shek Lin is the most typical of the many colorful and exotic stone flag and shield domestic cave only on milk Stone Lotus, as well as roof caves and underground water pond , For a variety of karst geology, not only the formation of Shihuadong deep hole, and inside the cave sediments Many cadenza scene of singular beauty and elegant landscape. Shihuadong above to the north of China on behalf of the typical karst caves, through the development and construction of reasonable care and protection and scientific management can become a unique tourist destination in Beijing and karst geology research base.

Developed Shihuadong 1, 2, Road-hole total length of over 1900 meters, open to visitors for one or two two-hole Road, 1362 m long, 12 tall and Dongting chamber composed of 16. There are different patterns of holes the size of the branch 63. Shihuadong secondary chemical inside the cave sediments are many kinds, shapes the United States, there are thousands of stone flowers, stone sticks, Stalactite; elegant beauty of the stone, stone shields, stone lamps, stone terrace; magnificent Shiman, flag stone, rock falls; milk on the dazzling white stone and flashes of light-emitting phototherapy wall, brought together Shihuadong karst cave deposits The essence. Shihuadong not only the type of deposition, the United States and shape, and hole-solid, layered, inside the cave, Fresh air, good environment. As the deep-hole there is more room on the ground floor and underground river, creating a cave environment, climate regulation cycle on its own advantages.

  Shihuadong "remote Shek Lin Chi" has been the growth of more than 32,000 years, the plump white from the large stones on sedimentation level from the world of rare China for the first time found that: "The Yellow River waterfall plunge" by 12 meters, 23 meters wide of the huge stalactite formation, the magnificent, magnificent: "The Dragon King's palace harp," down 10 meters, 18 meters long, from more than 540 Shiman cloth folded into a film, called the cave home in the first mantle: "Man Juan Silver flag" and "flash-wall" and "holes Three columns, "" Sin Temple-off "twelve great wonders of the cave are amazing wow. In order to meet the needs of visitors, Shihuadong in strengthening the development of deep-seated at the same time, exports increased in the hole" cave wonders of the world ", brings together a total of , The world-famous cave on display more than 100 pieces of landscape photographs.

  Shihuadong of natural Linglong visible view, there is water, water and stagnation of water and sediment formed by tall white stalagmite and stone columns, stone terrace, and so on, and the infiltration of water, splashing water, capillary water sedimentary formation of the large number of crystal flowers, Ishige, Shek Kuk, pearl stone, stone Grapes, and so on. And the crystal goose control, Pearl Tower, phototherapy, and so on the wall, a large number of colorful stone flag Beautiful stone shield for the Chinese cave sediments typical of a large number of milk on the stone for Lotus in China for the first time in the cave was found. Shihuadong the elegant environment, fresh air, the inside temperature of 13 degrees year round.

  Shihuadong area of karst caves distribution of high-density, into a hole conditions, the formation of the complex. This The large halls and exquisite landscape, nature is in the long geological time, the sculpture well.

Shihuadong by the multi-layer composition of the cave. This multi-layer structure of the cave is the earliest form of Dong Ding. At that time, a considerable hole on the top floor of the level of surface water table, where there is water erosion, to move , To remove material caves, caves formed after the rise in earth's crust, the cave floor with the rise in earth's crust and the water table is relatively decreased; Since then, local shell stabilized, water and rock in the new site for corrosion removal, they Formed a second cave. In this way, the crust up many times, it formed a multi-storey Point. Can be seen seven different Shihuadong the existence of a high cave, marking the region occurred in at least six intermittent rise. At present, the solution is still the lowest level of underground water cave.

  Beijing Shihuadong National Geopark, with the exception of some of the ground floor of the cave and karst cave landscape of secondary chemical deposition, and There are some of the stratigraphic section and geological structural features, such as geological remains part of the landscape and ancient architecture landscape and human history, and so on.

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Kangxicaoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Yanqing County is located on the west side of Township, Culture and Sport, on the banks of the Guanting reservoir, Beijing is the only natural grassland landscape. With the north-south strip of grassland Lake, meandering water, green grass. Fishing is on the northern outskirts of the district, is a bonfire in the northwest area, the southbound carriageway of the market has run a camel, horse racing games, and then for the South District yurts, tents area. The activities of Very rich: Visitors can stay Yang Bian, nomadic feeling of heroic passion; could rippling in Huguangshanse in rowing; fishing can also play into the water; summer night bonfire party, is a good opportunity. Kangxicaoyuan late in the development of tourism, a number of tourist facilities are perfect, but Can not stop the visitors feel warm and natural. Transport: From the outside Deshengmen by up to 919 bus routes, or from Beijing by Xizhimen envelope to get off the train in Hong Chong after the transfer. Admission: 20 yuan

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Beijing Baiyun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Del located in the path (of the original will be outside the West) Baiyun Street. Beijing's largest Taoist temple, a famous Chinese Taoist one of Beijing's heritage as a unit. Tang Kaiyuan, founded in 29 years (741), said Tian Jin concept Dading 2007 (1167) reconstruction, three years Jinming Chang (1192) renamed the Taiji Gong. Kim Tae-and three - (1203) Taiji Gong destroyed by fire. Gold at the end of a real person Qiu Changchun Department machine (1148-1227) West Feng Zhao, an audience with Genghis Khan, ordered to control the world Taoism, presided over the Taiji Gong, and changed its name Zhangchun Gong, rehabilitation, expansion into the North China Taoist Center. Qiu Department after the death machine, Kim Jong-large for four years (1 27) of its purchase of Changchun Gong followers in Iraq Zhiping Eastern Hospital Road, built homes, "Baiyun." The spring of next year to build the "Department Shun-tang" in the concept, the machine remains buried Qiu Department. Changchun Gong Yuan Mo destroyed in the war, the remnants of Baiyun. 27 Wu Ming-hong (1394) as the main body to the expansion of Baiyun, Ming Zhengtong three to eight years (1438 -- 443) to build a large scale. 45 Qing Emperor Kangxi (1706) once again rebuilt, and now form a pattern. Baiyun in 1984 as a key Taoist temples, opening to the outside world in the same year. China Taoist Association, the China Taoist College are located here, beginning in 1987, organizes the annual Spring Festival Baiyun " Yingchun vulgar ", in 1999 to 13 sessions have been held for the Beijing traditional temple fair is one of the four (see temple). Baiyun blocks south, Fen Sanlu. Yingbi the middle of the main building there, the Star lattice door, the Mountain Gate, Bell-Drum , The palace Ling, Yu Huangdian old Church law, Dian Qiu, Samcheonggak four Gotemba, things were side hall in a palace Palace officials, financial Temple, the Temple Jiuku, Dian drugs, the ancestral hall for the West, the Hall of Yuanjun, Wen Temple, Chen Yuan Temple, the Temple Lvzu, gathered in parks; East Antarctica have Hall, basking fighting Pavilion, Zhenwu Miao, the fire temple , Zhaitang, Luo tower.

Taoist by the progressive layers of the courtyard, large-scale, the extraordinary momentum. Visit In view of clouds can be divided into East and West Road, the main hall in the north-south central axis.

South axis from the beginning there Zhaobi glass, colorful St. Paul, the Mountain Gate, and so on.

Mountain Gate, a stone relief of small white marble stone monkey, very lively, hi cute touch, in order to Qubing Nafu.

Mountain Gate after a single stone bridge - Yu Feng Bridge, the bridge hanging hole one meter in diameter have a large Jinqi "coins", the money linked to a hole in Tong-ling, with visitors to this hi coins into the money hole to Horse Point , Caiyunhengtong, very interesting.

Yu Huangdian

Ling Guan Road in the North Hall, the hall set up Shrine dedicated to the "Supreme Emperor Jinque Haotian." 4 hall of the original plastic Santa and other statues were not kept. The statue is now on both sides of the Wanli out between mid-casting. Red banner hanging hall buildings, embroidered with different shapes of "life", as a result of "Baishou pennant", is the legendary late Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Cixi's 60th birthday birthday thing, after Chici The concept of this cloud hanging.

Old Church Law

Yu Huangdian Road in the north, is within view of priests in religious activities in the main hall. Hall said the original seven really, from within Quanzhen Dao Wang Chongyang founder of the disciples of the seven, seven statues side by side and the truth out, the seat of a real person who that is, Qiu Changchun Department, the other six Department Liu Xuan Hao Tong, Tan Department end of the Wangchu Yi, Ma Yu Sun and his wife, Fujiko, the Bank said "seven cases of true north." When the Qing Dynasty called together the old law. Hanging on the hall Di Yu Qing Emperor Kangxi "Jane Lang Maniwa" Hengbian. Dianqian platform to the right of a copper Casting Kangxi 1958 riding a mule, saddle bridge inscribed with "Kangxi-year-old Wu Zi" in the original object outside the Chaoyang Dongyue , Was removed after the shift.

Qiu Hall

Road law in the old North Church, is within view of one of the main hall, into a self-yard, is to bury the remains of the plane Qiu Department, "Department Shun-tang," Gu Zhi. When the Ming Dynasty "Changchun Temple", said the early Qing Dynasty, "Tang Zhen silence", to the early Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong years, said Qiu Temple, which has been extended. Dian Office machine preservation Qiu statue. Purchase a bowl hall gall stone pedestal, is the legend of the Song Dynasty relics, thanks to the Emperor Qianlong.
Samcheonggak four Royal Palace Road in the northernmost. Before a gallery, divided into two levels, the top three Qing Court, the lower four Royal Palace. Samcheonggak is within view of the collection, possession of the Ming Dynasty orthodox carved by years of "possession of orthodox Road" Volume 5350, thanks in view of the monument, as described in detail "by the gift" after. Four Royal Palace 4 of worship God the Great, followed by the Great North Pole Transit Zi-wei, Chen hook on the Great Emperor Palace, described only follow the example of earth, the Great Antarctic longevity.

Hall of Lvzu

Yuanjun the west side of the hall in the West, was built 13-year-Qing (1808), two hours before and after the Temple, for Qiandian Sin Temple, the hall opposite things have plastic statues of the Eight Immortals of folklore. Hou Dian Dian Lvzu that is specifically Lu Temple, the Temple is the only view of the glazed tile roof construction.

Hall together

That is, the back garden, in the northern end of the Baiyun, Qing Guang Xu in 13 years (1887). Gathered for the Hillside Garden Center, is due south of the North Block, Southern Taiwan, warning that there is on both sides of the winding verandah, after a rockery along, there are things in the mountains and Heting Miaoxiang booths across. Park has retreated to the west floor. After the garden is known as "Little Penglai" reputation.

Stone Tablets

Baiyun save a large amount of tablets, rehabilitation of tablets, donated the middle tablets, tablets per mu, incense tablets, such as the nine-year formal written Baiyun Hu small river rehabilitation in mind that 13 years of formal written Xu Bin grant by the monument; Qing Emperor Qianlong 50 Three years (1788) Royal tablets and repair system Yubishibei, Guangxu 12-year re-Zhao Yin Ching Tak Guillemin Baiyun rehabilitation of the monument, Gu Ming Jiajing in Yishou written Baiyun monument restoration, and so on. Baiyun recorded in the construction, development, change history, in view of preservation famous calligrapher Zhao Mengfu of the Yuan Dynasty Xingshu "Dao De Jing of Laozi," stone, the stone for the best. Another Lao Zuoxiang stone, is the legend of the Tang Dynasty stone works.

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Dazhong Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Health formerly known as Mr. Temple, built 11 years Yongzheng (1733), as a result of a Ming Dynasty Yongle Temple Treasures years of casting bells named after. Dazhong Si emperor of the Qing Dynasty was the rain, sit monastery south, from south to north, followed by the Mountain Gate, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, King Hall, Main Hall, Houdian, Canon House, 10 minutes And the East-West wing, as well as six distribution in both sides of the veranda. Great Clock Tower is unique inside the core of the building, which stands at a huge Qingshi piled on the platform, the whole clock tower on the bottom of the circle, a symbol of "Tianyuandefang" Qingshi build a platform on the octagonal "casual tone" Chi, in its role under the light hit the clock , Can be heard in a radius of more than 100 Chun-hou, the old fashioned bell, the residual sound sustainable for as long as 3 minutes. Hanging with the big clock tower clock Wing-lok, the Yongle, the Ming Chengzu capital after Beijing ordered the casting, have elapsed since the 560-year history. In the large courtyard of the clock tower to the east, according to the historical display during the 40 I The ancient bell-shaped different. Song, Yuan and the times were 10 minutes of the bucket, such as the collection of Tripitaka in the building at the clock is casting Song Xining years ago has been 900 years of history, Dazhong Si is the oldest bell. Early next 10 minutes outside the mouth gradually Zhang, was flared, reflecting China's ancient bell in the history of the development, people's acoustic, mechanical Reasonable understanding of the process. Traffic: 123,361,367,422,425,626,730, special vehicles up to 8 and so on. Admission: 10 yuan opening hours :8:30-16: 30 Tips: The Legend of Emperor Qianlong had a pair of Ji Xiaolan entrance exams, the Alliance are: passenger Natural Habitat, the sky was off. Ji Xiaolan unable to do anything. After Dazhong Si, a Xialian: Dazhong Si-off people, the large temple bell man.

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Tanzhe Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tanzhe Temple is located in the western suburbs of Beijing's Mentougou District in south-eastern foothills Zhe Tan, 41 km away from the Fuchengmen. Tanzhe Temple ride south, Bao Bei Yi Everest, surrounded by tall peaks 9 was horseshoe-shaped retaining ring, which peaks 9 from the eastern side of the back followed by a number of Long Feng, a tiger from the peak, holding on peak, purple Cueifong , Set Yunfeng, Luo Ying-feng, aircraft Feng, and Wang Feng as Lotus Peak, the summit like a 9 9 forward to protect the giant dragon's Bao in the middle of Mount Qomolangma, the large-scale Tanzhe Temple built on the ancient temples in the south of Everest Po. The tall peaks of the block from the North West of the cold spell hit, so Tanzhe Temple where the formation of a warm, humid microclimate, so lush vegetation here To spend the large number of old trees, the King of great natural beauty ring.

  Tanzhe Temple scale of the event, Temple covers an area of 2.5 hectares, Siwai covers an area of 11.2 hectares, along with around Tanzhe Temple from the jurisdiction of the Forest Hill Field and, with a total area of more than 121 hectares. With the level of the mountain temple built, Cuolayouzhi. Beijing's Forbidden City there are 9999 rooms and a half, Tanzhe Temple in the heyday of the Qing Dynasty has 999 rooms and a half, is like a microcosm of the National Palace Museum, said to be the construction of the early Ming Dynasty, the Forbidden City, which is modeled on the Tanzhe Temple built. Liberation in the early part of the old temple demolished and a number of new houses are now a total of Tanzhe Temple 943 buildings, 638 ancient temple, the building has maintained the outlook of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is the largest suburban Beijing an ancient temple complex. The entire complex fully reflects the ancient Chinese aesthetic principles to a north-south axis, left the basic symmetry, so that the whole building appears to be the rule Bearing, discipline, clear priorities, a clear hierarchy. Its construction in the form of Temple, Church, Court, vegetarian, Hennessy, kiosks, buildings, such as the altar, a wide range. Si Wai Tayuan up and down there, things Guanyin Dong, Tong Yan-being, the Longtan and many other buildings and scenic spots, as if holding on the Zhongxing, which spread to form a radius of a few years, many attractions , Diversity, different taste of the scenic tourist attractions. Tanzhe Temple is not only rich in cultural and natural landscape is very beautiful, spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own King, morning afternoon evening night different taste, as early as in the Qing Dynasty, "Tan Zhe Ten" has been on the famous Core Pacific.

  Tanzhe Temple was built in the Western Jin Dynasty, has been nearly 17 0-year history, is in Beijing as early as the construction of a Buddhist temple in Beijing folk "first Zhe Tan, You Zhou after" the proverb. Tanzhe Temple in the Jin Dynasty when Mingjiao Jia-ji, called the Tang Dynasty when the Longquan Temple, the Temple, called on behalf of the Royal Secret Inspector Wan Shousi large, in the Ming Dynasty has also restored the Longquan Temple and the Temple of the formerly Kerry, money Ci Ming Xiu for the Kangxi Emperor Temple Cloud, but because there are Sihou Longtan, Zhe trees in the mountains there, therefore it has been civil, "Tanzhe Temple."

  For thousands of years, Tanzhe Temple has been its long history and magnificent architecture, beautiful scenery, and mysterious legends by successive rulers of all ages. From the Jin Dynasty Emperor Xizong After all dynasty emperor has Tanzhe Temple to burn incense to the ceremony, make a sightseeing tour, and allocated funds, renovation and expansion of the temple. Minister Wang, Princess Concubine also donated their own funding, facilities Gabrielle, the civil and religious men and women have Tanzhe Temple knot

The good is that tens of thousands more, they long to Tanzhe Temple Shi, Zhaiseng, spontaneous and organize the dozens of civil Shannon will raise funds for the purchase of farm land, donated to the temple has become a huge Tanzhe Temple to maintain day-to-day expenses of one of the major source of income. In the Qing Dynasty, the temple Tanzhe Temple in the size of the property, land, religion, political influence, and so on have reached a peak of the times, Emperor Kangxi to do is set Tanzhe Temple, "Chi Jian", making it the largest in Beijing a royal temple. Tanzhe Temple in the Buddhist community played an important role in the Jin Dynasty from the beginning of a very long period of time, the Mahayana Buddhist Rinzai Zen in the cases of leaders, and Mingseng come forth in large numbers, the senior monks in their history, A case study of Buddhism go, in order to carry forward Buddhism, in order to Tanzhe Temple and the expansion of the Xiurong, in order to flourish the temple incense, made a contribution to the hard, and in "Gao Sengchuan" superscript, through the ages-000. Tanzhe Temple due to the politically powerful forces in the economy, with its huge middle Temple, a Buddhist in Chong The status, coupled with the huge size of the temple, therefore enjoy the "First Temple in Kyoto" in the world.

  After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the People's Government to open up Tanzhe Temple for the forest parks and monuments, has become a tourist attraction, Oct. 28, 1957 by Beijing as the first batch of key cultural relics protection Units in 1978 Tanzhe Temple of the Beijing Municipal Government funding for a two-year large-scale renovation in August 1, 1980 re-opening to the outside world, and in early 1997 after the approval of relevant departments, Sengtuan stationed, for the resumption of religious activities Places.

  June 25, 2001, in People's Republic of the State Council for approval, Tanzhe Temple listed as key protection units.

  Tanzhe Temple of today's towering temples, quiet courtyard, Temple, Church, altar, the room has its own characteristics floor, corner booths, vegetarian extraordinary scenery, old and valuable trees, flowers all over the Bamboo temple, Pinnacle rockery, water Qu beginning Matched Fun, green glazed tile walls, cornices Qiaojiao Calocedrus Chung in the shade, neatly Hall, the great solemn. President of the Buddhist Association of China Mr. Zhao Puchu written in conjunction Chan said: "The gas line photo and a half too, to be provided to You Zhou." Tanzhe Temple today is not only the numerous monuments to scenery to attract guests with the world, visitors eight points of the compass, but also to build Modernization of tourism facilities, the implementation of transport, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, entertainment, the one-stop shopping services, on the outskirts of Beijing is a famous tourist destination.

Beijing Tanzhe Temple is the oldest temple, Beijing City 800 years earlier. Tanzhe Temple was built in the Western Jin Dynasty period (265-316 years , Said Kerry Temple, 1,700 years ago, the "first Zhe Tan, after Youzhou" said. After the expansion of the Tang Dynasty Longquan Temple, the renovation work on behalf of large Wanshou Si, the overhaul of the Qing Dynasty when it was renamed Xiu Yun-ji, 17 to the end of the century has been that the scale. Name "Tanzhe Temple" down through the ages. Tanzhe Temple after embracing Jiufeng, then peaks such as the huge front screen, as the saying goes: "as before, after relying on the right and left have a" description of it is location. Potential take the mountain temple, the qualities of tolerance. Hall level up, mixed layers of scattered arrangement, surrounded by high walls around. Temple and outside the towering old trees, Running water before the water features, such as the monk tower forests, shady Xiuzhu. Qing Emperor Kangxi Emperor here praise: "Shengjing no smaller than that of Mount Wutai Mountain." In 1957, Tanzhe Temple is listed as the first city-level protection units.

  Tanzhe Temple covers an area of 6.8 hectares, the temple sat south, can be divided into the main building, , West Road, the main building there is the Mountain Gate Road, King Hall, Main Hall, and Pilu Zhaitang Court. East abbot hospital there, the extension Qing Court, the palace hospital, Wanshou Palace and the Temple too, and so on. West has distracted Tan Yan (no deposit), a warning to Taiwan and Kwun Yam Temple, and so on, with a solemn silence. In addition, Hill is located on the hillside outside the well-being of the Church and on Ta Yuan, as well as under the mountain was built in the small quiet room division, the rest pavilion, Longtan, Yubei, and so on. Tayuan A total of 71 monks buried the Zhuanta or stone.

  Hill is outside the 3rd floor of a 4-column of St. Paul, decorated archway before Gusong 2, branches and leaves up together with each other, like a green ceiling, decorated archway before a pair of stone lions, hung Mighty. St. Paul had stone arch bridge is a single, "Huaiyuan Bridge", is the Mountain Gate Bridge.

  Dian Dian-zhong King for as Maitreya, on the back for as Wei Tuo, on both sides of the plastic about 3 meters of the four statues of kings. King Hall for 10 minutes on both sides of the Drum Tower, is behind the Main Hall. Treasure Palace Miankuo 5, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, yellow glass Green cutting edge, the eaves on the amount of title, "solemn quiet", under the title of the amount of light, "Chu Fu-hai round." Zheng Ji at either end of a giant green glass kiss chi, is the remains of the Yuan Dynasty, on the line to the glittering gold chain length. Middle of the hall dedicated to the huge Buddha statue, a solemn expression, after the backlight, the backlight on carving have Dapeng Garuda, the dragon , Lions, elephants, sheep, and flame patterns, and so on. About the separation of Buddha, "Venerable" and "gamma leaf," as are relics of the Qing Dynasty. Zhaitang to hospital after the Main Hall, who is a monk to eat, after three Temple Church, but these two are Hall dismantle. Only two Shorea ginkgo tree and two trees, tall tree. End of the axis is a House-building, 000 Court Pilu, two-story high, wooden structure. Pilu standing on the Court Zongmu view, panoramic view of mountains and temples.

  East temple courtyard-style building from composed, abbot house, and extended Pavilion Qing emperor of the Qing Dynasty palace hospital, the main building there Wanshou Palace, the palace too, and so on. Elegant homes in quiet, Zhu Lan-watt, water features Artesian Bore Baths, Xiuzhu problems, some quite artistic conception of the southern landscape. Hospital has a flow Cup Pavilion, 000 Xuan Yi-ting.

  Most of West Temple temple-like hall, the main building there Jie Tan, Dian Long and Kwun Yam Temple, and so on, arranged in layers, splendid. Jie Tan was ordained monks, There are, like Buddha, as the former three chairs, a bench on each side, the three divisions of the seven cards sitting; Kuan Yin Temple is the highest temple, there are hand-written Qian Long Lin Chi Hong industry, for Avalokitesvara Buddha, and even co-heads of convergence, Juanxiu dignified.

  Tanzhe Temple large number of monuments and heritage, with gold-plated chi, the stone tablet on behalf of poetry, money Buddha body, the magic stone fish are rare cultural relics treasures.

  Zheng Ji Tanzhe Temple Main Hall at either end of a giant green glass kiss chi, is the remains of the Yuan Dynasty, on the line to the glittering gold chain length. Kiss is the chi-emerged as a town, the legendary dragon is one of nine children, is water, fire grams, and therefore On the roof in order to avoid fire in the town. It is said that Emperor Kangxi in the early to Tanzhe Temple, see chi kiss Jump To move away Po Kong a great trend, the gold chain ordered people to build it locked and sword play, this chi Wenshang "gold-plated Jianguang Kiss belt "is the gift of Emperor Kangxi.

  Temple Road is a square flow Cup Pavilion, " Xuan Ting. "Matrix kiosks and a huge white marble cut and polish on a winding water-Beaulieu, when the spring water flows out of date, with ear into the glass, floating in the water with their rotation, stop somewhere, and get to drink In short, drinking and writing poetry, which is well-known in ancient China, "Qu flow beginning of the" customs.

  There are two Tanzhe Temple : Po-pot, stone fish

  Bao pot: King of Dian Qian Tong Guo has a diameter 1.85 m, 1.1 m deep, is a monk who used cooking. The original pot of East meeting West Kuayuanbeifang, where there is now a bigger pot with a diameter of 4 meters, 2 meters deep, Zhuzhou can put a 10-meter stone, 16 to be small Can be cooked. As the big pot at the end of thick, slow fire slow boil, Therefore, not only boil the soup and incense stick. 2 In this pot, there are "throwing sand does not leak meters," said the original, the bottom of the pot "Let Sand", with the Ao Yu at the time of stirring constantly, the sand will sink into the bottom of the pot depression.

  Stone fish: Tanzhe Temple Kwun Yam Temple on the west side there is Dian, Dianqianlangshang a stone fish, 1.7 meters long and weighing 150 kg, copper appears to be, it was stone, hit the pentameter can be made, the legendary Dragon King's palace in the South China Sea is a treasure, the Jade Emperor, to the Dragon King. Later on earth drought, the Jade Emperor, to the misfortunes Tanzhe Temple. Big night of wind and rain, stone fish appear out of the blue, out of the hospital. It is said that stone fish 3 position on behalf of the 13 provinces, which are drought province, the site of percussion in the province Rainfall can be.

  Furuki its old Tanzhe Temple, the most famous of the Millennium ginkgo tree, the tree Borneo Millennium, Millennium Park, Qiao Yulan II, and so on. Tanzhe Temple surrounded by a number of affiliated Tanzhe Temple of landscape architecture. For example, the Eastern Guanyin Dong Ming Dian West Guanyin Dong, from top to bottom, such as Ta Yuan temple together with a radius of a few, diverse landscape, the taste of different areas, many thousands of years people have been intoxicated by the beauty of Tanzhe Temple. Come forth in large numbers of history Mingseng Zhe Tan Qi also a grand Buddhist activities, will Buddhism bath, Lianchi such as the General Assembly in Beijing is very famous. 19 8 Tanzhe Temple in the restoration of Buddhist activities, every first, the Five-Year Plan, the Millennium temple wind around cigarettes, Zhong Qing Ming. Hanging around in the ancient temple, the temple to listen to light shade to talk about the story of the past, into the ancient bell to let the music wash away the bell-fan chaos of mind to enjoy a long Buddhist music products of the refined realm of extraordinary items.

Lan possession Abdomen, as well peak in the door. Free people worthy of-the-way track, Monk high muddy old trail. Zhe ancient caribou habitat, Han Tan Zhelong hidden. Even where to go, the road was closed cloud field. ----( Ming) Wu Wei-ying Tanzhe Temple

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Marco Polo Bridge - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Marco Polo Bridge is located 15 km southwest of Beijing Fengtai District on the Yongding River, 10 km away from the Guang'An Men, Beijing is the oldest stone arch bridge Alliance, was founded in 29 years Dading Kim (1189), built in Gold Mingchang in 3 years ( 1192). As early as 700 years ago by the Italian traveler Marco wave Introduced to Europe and the world-famous, when Marco Polo is from here to enter Beijing's. 266.5 m long bridge East and West, North and the South 7.3 meters wide, with the entire structure Whitehead, 11 Bridge, the bridge pier 10; River Bridge are two stone tablets: a record 37 years of Qing Emperor Kangxi (1698 AD) After the Marco Polo Bridge repair; another seat is pro-Qing Emperor Qianlong of the title "Lugouxiaoyue" 4. "Lugouxiaoyue" yes "Yanjing Eight", Xiao Yue to look at dawn, standing on the bridge, overlooking lean on a railing, Pinnacle Western Hills, charming moonlight. There are 281 bridges on both sides of the white marble railings, each has carved stigma Sophisticated, varied expression of the lions, or Jingwo, or play, or rear its ugly head, there are many small lion, or lion in the climb back, or cuddle in the below-knee lioness; the size of which a total of 501 stone lions were carved in gold , Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties of the four, if visitors interest, we might as well just tell you what they own. 1937 July 7, the Marco Polo Bridge sounded the banks of the first sound of the anti-Japanese national liberation war in this celebration. In 1987, "the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall," the official opening. On the steps of the memorial is a 4 meters high art of sculpture ----" wake lion, "symbolizing the bravery of the Chinese nation indomitable national spirit. Tickets: 10 yuan transport: Bus route up to 309,339

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Long Qingxia - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Small Three Gorges in the Three Gorges increasingly rising, mountain than the Three Gorges insurance; small surpass Lijiang Lijiang River, water than the Qing Li River

This is the tourists who intend to Long Qingxia of a couplet, perhaps, it is seen that this piece of Lishui in Ky Son of the truth; perhaps, that the manifestation of a deeper sentiment and, with a couplet is difficult to come to an end of. But is Long Qingxia Long Qingxia It is both soft and the southern mountains Subtle, yet the landscape of the North vigorous and masculine, which is set on the Great North-South landscape, out beyond the Great Wall built a bright pearl of water for Lo Green Zone, such as the Bi Yuzan Hill. Long Qingxia travel by boat, as if it is carried out slowly by hand axis of a landscape scroll, Lijiang charm blow against our faces, travel Everywhere in the territory of painting. The mountains, peaks out screen, Saga Weiyi, with the implication shape, according to Maung said, the natural vicissitudes of Heaven, the Seven Wonders of the Creation Nyorai Hill in the town, Zhongshan, Fengguan Island, East Dazhai, such as Moon Bay, 30 more than the landscape, Fu Li The feelings of the people, landscape, there will be a person of character and spirituality. That water, Bristol Qing Liu, hover 9, Yinyun green, the soft fiber loving, expand bird impact on Shan Kwong Wai, satisfied a long day at the Baiyun chest. Hill to return water, water penetration Hill line can be described as "suspect a cliff into a blind alley and other Yunkai day."

Long Qingxia located in Yanqing County, 85 km away from Beijing, also known as "the ancient city of 9" and "beyond the Great Wall of small Jiang. "Taniguchi Long Qingxia the village of the ancient city, Liao Hsiao is a legend, the Queen Mother's palace garden, when the Ming and Qing Dynasties here is a tourist destination, it is the ancient city of reservoirs, the ancient city of Shandong Tuo River originates in the sea side, the two sides along the river are many The spring water supply, water continuously throughout the year. Yaan on both sides of the above, the town of Hill Nyorai, Shi Xiong Rock, not even nine holes, Ji Guanshan, Mountain, Horseshoe Lake, General Rock, King Kong temple rocks feng, and other sites, can be "no one beyond the Great Wall." It established the magnificent Great Wall, both of the Jiangnan beautiful, with the Lijiang River in Guilin, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River match. Beijing is one of the 16 King.

  Long Qingxia located in Yanqing , 85 km away from the urban area. Gu Cheng, "God out Chui Feng", also known as "the ancient city of 9." Ren Ai Li Yuan Yu pulling power of the Octopus was born in Long Qingxia south of the park by the name of perfume. There are ancient village of Long Qingxia Taniguchi. Ming and Qing called at Tuen Garden, is a legend, Liao Hsiao Queen Mother's palace gardens. Dongbei Yu village of a former site of the ancient city Department of home early Han Yi Gu Zhi county Meanwhile, Xi Xiang Yan said here for the ancient city.

  In 1981 the ancient city into the reservoir. Tuo River originated in the ancient city of Shandong side of the sea, along the two sides have a large number of spring water supply, water continuously throughout the year. Yaan on both sides of the above, the town of Hill Nyorai, Shi Xiong-hop, even nine holes, chicken Hill, Mountain, Horseshoe Lake, General Rock, King Kong temple rocks feng, and other sites, the reflection in water, water moving in diameter, is startling! Can be "no one beyond the Great Wall." It established the magnificent Great Wall, both of the Jiangnan beautiful. Kam travelers assessment, that with the Lijiang River in Guilin, the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River rival.

  198 Beijing 16 years, selected King, the 10th UN vote, select the ancient names of the Great Wall and Yu Yi, name, "Long Qingxia." Long Qingxia to the south of Badaling Great Wall, Songshan Forest Park to the northwest, is due west Tuo Shan Hai. July average temperature lower than the County city of 2.9 degrees, 6.4 degrees lower in Beijing. You have been in the open 7 km long reservoir area, a total of 20-30 Landscape Department. Cruise arrived, "Lake 9," a small pier, boat landing can be abandoned, while walking along the valley, a fairy house, fairy chess, Lao Huzui, and other attractions.

Long Qingxia as a result of the Yuan Dynasty emperor Ren was born in the vicinity of Yuen perfume, after accession to the throne Jin Long was named after Gyeongju. There are ancient village of Long Qingxia Taniguchi. Ming and Qing called at Tuen Garden, is a legend, Liao Hsiao Queen Mother's palace gardens. Dongbei Yu village of a former site of the ancient city, a home early Han Yi Gu Zhi county Meanwhile, Xi Xiang Yan said here for the ancient city. The ancient city of Canyon River dam in 1980 was to stop the ancient city into a reservoir - Dark green surface. Dragon visitors take the elevator to enjoy as much as 72 meters down the dam's reservoir and waterfall, a boat trip to Long Qingxia matched the beautiful landscape style.

Long Qingxia the height of summer, cool climate, clean air, the temperature of 6 degrees lower than in Beijing, even more than in Chengde Mountain Resort 0.8 degrees lower. The depth of winter, the ice longer, unusually cold, so, here was born on Ice Art of Flower, Canyon, one of the world's ice-block, a snow and ice in the north of the park.

The footprints of history, mountain temples, ancient temples and for the Ming-li's dream landscape, with a bronze background, it markedly effective Deep well. Fairy house standing on the tube together hills, Gu Feng Zhi-top alone, here again in 1998 in the Ming Dynasty style of the temple, in Piaomiao clouds, trees, Weng Yu, Taiwan Chong-layer, overlapping the mountain block, Church House, temples, row upon row , Tsui Wadan wall, to fly Kim Bi-flow ...... list of small hills Yuhuang Ding, the main Yan Court , Zhong Yan nine ridges. Qing Dynasty to have this in mind, "Qian Feng surface force, Among a Myriad lower back." Pro lean on a railing down, meandering valley, win situation, heading for an overview, such as note-Feng Tao, Chuan-sheng Guishuihe smoke, I want to go a long way returning and bringing a better life, feeling carried away. King Kong Temple in the depths of the canyon, the cover in North and South Mountain, Shen He sen quiet, environment Li, cornices air temple, carved green glazed tile Meng, Yu-dong towering, carved Jue Ying Dan, the Tibetan temple in the mountains, the Valley-bell ......

A Long Qingxia a legend, a step anecdotes, rendering a rich imagination, suspense of the Pushuo blurred. Long Qingxia built with the theme of landscape with Yu Yu-tune the facilities, I Canyon, a 258 m-long dragon, under the end of the first to fly on to thousands of cliff Ren, Jin Lin flashing, to be filled claws, which is called the first Asian dragon-shaped elevator, visitors by In the meantime into unknowingly, that is, up berth. The volley over the speed of Liu Suo, the thrills of bungee Gaoya, Xinchan test, can not but carry on.

Long Qingxia to the south of Badaling Great Wall, Songshan Forest Park to the northwest, is due west Tuo Shan Hai. July average temperature lower than the County city of 2.9 degrees, 6.4 degrees lower in Beijing. In the tour, which has opened the 7-km long reservoir area, a total of 20-30 Landscape Department Cruise arrived, "Lake 9," a small pier, boat landing can be abandoned, while walking along the valley, a fairy house, fairy chess, Lao Huzui, and other attractions.

Profile: mt confrontation between the two here, such as cutting Fupi, Canyon Lake with clear, reflected on Castle Peak, the water mist and lifeless, it is nice and cool climate, scenery Quiet yet forceful in spectacular scenery, Gu Cheng, "God out Chui Feng", also known as "the ancient city of 9", was hailed as a "Lijiang River north of the Great Wall."

Long Qingxia existing tourist attractions in various 30. The boat, Yaan on both sides of the stones, the town of Hill Nyorai, Shi Xiong-hop, even nine holes, Ji Guanshan, Mt Horseshoe Lake, General Rock, King Kong temple rocks feng, and other sites, one after another canyon. Po Valley is like a string of chain, will put together a number of scenic spots, like a picture, called "Beyond the Great Wall a must." Cruises can also be reached "9 Lake" a small pier, abandoned boat landing, and walk along the valley, a fairy house, fairy chess, the old Mouth, and other attractions.

River city by the lake into a stream, the level of like a mirror, the lake Du Xiufeng (Jiguan Shan), Mt (Shuangjian cliff), God peak pen, Dazhai East, West, Central Dazhai Zhu Feng, and so on out, reflected on Into the water, rocks scene unusual. Cijing extension of the state is one of eight "out God Fung Tsui . Diamond Mountain is located halfway up the mountain of the Temple, renovated in recent years, visitors have been received. "Xiajiang ten," Long Qingxia is an important landscape. From the mouth of the dam to three Chahe nearly 7 years-long canyon, on both sides of the mountain are very low risk, the wall is almost vertical river, the river suddenly wide suddenly narrow width of about 50 meters Office, Department narrow less than 1 M, the twists and turns great. Each of the twists and turns, one from the King and accompanied by beautiful myths and legends, such as Horseshoe Lake, 18, made money furnace, three Chahe, Jin Luandian and so on.

A hill next to the reservoir, formerly known as Red slope, Mid-levels and the Department of Hospitals Yu Huangmiao built immortal. Temple are both on behalf of the Ming, Yu Huangmiao damage Only one monument. Immortal in the hospital were destroyed before liberation in May 1992 open repair. Hospitals in front of the old gods have more than a 300-year-old Gusong. Miaohou 4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide, 1 meter deep "God basin," basin of water Qinglie sweet, long drink inexhaustible.

A cable car ride, because I want to Immortal dream, that is the moment to Yu Huangding; through 300 meters long dong flowers on the vast land of China through the southern border of the northern part of the country, the scenery of the seasons; China Mountaineering Association, also named Long Qingxia preparation for the Chinese Mountaineering Association, Long Qingxia rock climbing, Ice Climbing training base, successfully held here, "Long Qingxia Cup," the seventh of the National Pan Championship, so that more Chinese athletes in the extreme challenges of life; Finally, multiplied across Taniguchi pair of Foster's slide, as multiplied by the beautiful rainbow in the wind, on the Magic, in the narrowly, Long Qingxia from the Valley back to reality in Wonderland.

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Shidu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shidu Juma He Fangshan District in Beijing is located in the upper reaches. Shidu thousand from the estuary to the village, along the Juma He would cross the river on Ferry ten, "shidu" got its name. Beijing in 1986 as 16 King King in the eighth. Thousands of the mouth of the Juma He is a Pass from here to Zhoukoudian, about 20 kilometers to bypass the Zhangfang A scenic valley. Juma He has a winding valley area of water, when you enter the valley over the first bridge, even if you go to one of the ferry, with Hill and turn the bridge, even if the second crossing, thus waded across the bridge, Carefree carefree, went shidu. Tian Yang Ke Di Road along the mountain peak bat. On the "look Knutsford" Watanabe, Watanabe nine, shidu panoramic scenery. Shidu in this area north of the village, the village is located in the gorge Shen Jian, unusually quiet. After climbing the mountains and on the road, through temple. "Qi Shan Shui Sau, the United States and stone deep tan," the six cross mountains and rivers, the most good-looking. Six cross Daofuqiaocheng like Hill, a steep Shi Jun, to pull sky, A lot of monuments, Mu Guiying the ancient battlefield of World War Liao-jun, and in odd, dangerous, You said the "three-ching." Junya shidu quiet, cuddle near Castle Peak, the company flood land, unique, is the Spring and Autumn picnic, especially in summer heat of the resort. Tickets :12 - 20 per cent. Accommodation: at Yongsan station opposite the hotel accommodation is a good place. In addition, nine Palestinians crossing an impact on the plains, a camping area. Transport: You take a direct route to the 10 road, bridge in Beijing, Liuliqiao have room to the coach by shidu; the most convenient way is to take a train station in Yongding Men, made only two per day Vehicles a day will be able to make the round trip.

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Imperial College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Beijing, there was a feudal emperor of the times to give lectures, this city of fine architecture, the pool surrounded by a "Pan-Piyong water" realm. Here is not only national leaders and many children, but also to receive Korea, Siam, Russia, Japan, sent the students, this place is called the Imperial College.

  At the Imperial College Andingmen in Beijing on the eastern side, is the Yuan, Ming and Qing, and three generations of the highest academic institution in the capital is now the location of the library, built in the Yuan Dade 10 years (1306), "the left temple right places," the regulation of traditional architecture built in To the right temple.

  Beijing Imperial College is the Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations of the tertiary institutions, but also at that time North Korea Chinese culture in charge of the highest government institution. According to the "division of Zhou's": "to teach the three States and Germany" and the ethics, our country very early on traditional schools. Han called Imperial College, the son of the country of the Jin Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Imperial College, said. The official and president of the division called Jijiu, vice president of the Division of Industry, said Dr. teachers or teaching assistants, etc. In addition to the students studying in Russia, Korea, Siam and other countries of the students, Chinese students Kun-sheng, commissioner of Health and Health Officer of hours. Health is a tribute from the provinces of recommendation from persons with good academic performance, the supervisor of Health and Health Officer is to donate money, goods mixed school. Born stipulated by the different learning and the different number of years, the General Teaching ceremony Music, law, radio, Royal, books, courses, etc., time six months to 3 years. Eight children, but the Health Officer, as a result of the special purpose of teaching, the school system for 10 years. Hostel students, said, "No." and students hostels ", Jiaozhi." When the Ming and Qing Dynasties seek career go on the road map, can be studied at the Imperial College after graduation and if Scholars and in the Palace, Jinbangtiming, will be built at the Confucius Temple, built in his hometown of St. Paul and officials in North Korea, think that this is the greatest honor in life and Guangzongyaozu matter. The Imperial College tour are as follows: the Imperial College was built in the Yuan Dynasty Dade 10 years (1306), to the east and the construction of the temple at the same time, this site Ancient "left-right temple school" building regulations. Imperial College "Piyong" as the central axis layout, three Jinyuan La, an area of more than 20,000 square meters. Wealthy its construction, many teaching buildings, green trees, and elegant environment.

Jixian door to door Imperial College, there are things inside the courtyard Jingting, on the eastern side of Teachers hold the door with the same temple.

Glass of St. Paul for three four-post-Dianding on the seventh floor veranda, the amount of positive "won dry language teaching," nightside "Xue-Hai festival concept," Dynasty China and the United States, Beijing is not only belonging to the monastery of St. Paul's beautiful.

Biyong This is the main building of the Imperial College, in the Qing Qian 49 (1784) to build, is a square block Zhong Yan sharp save gold-plate-ding Hong-li of the building. Each of its surface the Guangzhou-Shenzhen 5 ?? 2 Joe, to open the door on all sides, level 6, weeks around the gallery. Gallery to outer pool, pool surrounded by coast and four water hydrants, Chi weeks and then to white marble stone parapets around, surrounded by the same bridge, Kind of strange shapes painted with the brilliance of the building, known as the "Pan-Piyong water." Bi Yong is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty to give lectures. Emperor to the lecture is "temporary Yong." Since the Kangxi, Emperor of each to have ascended the throne in the first lecture, on the court to show the importance of higher education. Piyong in their own right and left sides of the housing 33, co - 6, is a tribute of Health, Health supervisor's classroom. The north Biyong in the for-Tang Yi Lun, is the supervisor of the collection as a teacher's office. Jing-Yi Lun at the Pavilion Hall, for the third courtyard of the Imperial College, Royal Hospital there are seven-Sheng Yu monument, and Secretary Jijiu industry is located in this room.

Thirteen carved stone 190, an original East and West 6, is in the collection of Confucius Temple and Imperial College in Gadao. These include the stone as "Book of Changes" and "Shang Shu", "The Book of Songs" and "Zhou", "Yili" and "The Book of Rites," "Spring and Autumn Zuo Zhuan", "Spring and Autumn-ram", "Spring and Autumn Gu Liang Chuan "" The Analects of Confucius "," Book of Filial Piety " Mencius "and" Elite "13, including more than 630,000 words, only one of China's most complete Thirteen stone. China's stone by the book began in the Han Dynasty, the Department of stone carved in writing by Jiang Heng Qianlong years, and it is by Stone Qianlong. "

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Xiangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fragrant Hills Park is located in the small northern suburb of Beijing Xishan Mountain West Dong Lu, 20 km from the city, covers an area of 160 hectares, is a famous royal garden with large-scale features of the forest park.

Fragrant Hill Park was built in 26 years Dading Kim (1186), have elapsed since the 00 years ago. Yuan, Ming and Qing Imperial Villa in the construction of other homes, in order to clear streets for the emperor's royal tour Fortunately for the community. Qing Emperor Qianlong in the 10-year construction of the pavilions, temples Gallery Xuan, a total of Mingzao into the capital's King 28, after the construction of the wall and Ciming "Providence Park", named Jingxi "three five-Hill Park." After the British and French troops and by the Eight-Power Allied Forces Sweep. Opened in 1956 as People's Park, after nearly half a century building, has now become a well-known Chinese and foreign Beijing park one of the top 10.

Fragrant Hill Park, rich in precious cultural relics, and stars like pavilions scattered among the mountains. There are eight Yanjing one of the "Western Hills Qingxue"; Ming and Qing dynasties have set the architectural style temple, "Biyun Si"; There are only a wooden home gold, "Ocean's 500-tang"; VI meet here palace of the Panchen Lama "in the temple of Edwin Mirror" ; There are quite characteristic of the classical courtyard Jiangnan "See Shinsaibashi"; There are a great man of the century into the north of the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong Residence and office of the first place?? Shuangqing Villa; There are a great man of the century coffin Dr. Sun Yat-sen temporary resting place - the throne of King Kong Biyun Si tower.

Fragrant Hill Park Jun-lying rise, rise amid Pinnacle, Mr. Quan Mao. Xiang Lufeng main peak (commonly known as a Ghost) 557 m above sea level. Various types of trees in the park 6 million lines, only the old and valuable trees up to more than 5800 trees, accounting for about one-fourth of the Beijing City, the forest coverage rate as high as 98% in recent years, Beijing has been concerned for the determination of negative oxygen ions highest in the world. Park my wife and nature live in harmony, singing Chong Ming, squirrels frolicked in the forest gully. Here spring flowers Jin, nice and cool in summer time and winter makeup to silver-wrapped. Especially in late autumn season, 100,000 sumac in full swing, the magnificent, has been named the "Beijing Sixteen of the new King".

Fragrant Hill Park travel service facilities. Travel, seating around a large-lift cable (length 1400 , Between 431 meters), the beauty of the Western Hills, Beijing wall panoramic view. Eat, the restaurant Pine beautiful environment, wild insects, spring water to cook a meal, a special flavor. Live, Xiangshan Villa full-featured, is the Tourism, to discuss the meeting, the ideal place to vacation and leisure. Live here, leisurely walk to reach the Chinese Academy of Sciences -Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, Wo Fosi. Several kilometers to the east is the famous Summer Palace. Octopus also to the south, park in the world, such as tourist attractions.

Famous attractions:

Bi Yunsi

Biyun Si Xishan Scenic Area is the most beautiful ancient temples of a The temple was founded in 2002 yuan to shun (1331), 600 years have elapsed since the thing of the past. Descendants of the founding fathers of the Yuan Dynasty Chucai B. Le indemnity "mountains, the net trade structure before," Wan said at the time Om. Ching Tak-ming years (1514), by the eunuch in the mountains Sihou in the construction of the tomb of Health changed its name to Pik . Tianqi years, Wei Zhongxian much expanded repair and rebuild their Biyun Si, the scale of the event. Qing Emperor Kangxi 40 years to inspect southern Zhang Yuan that is Biyun Si Ni Chen Wei Zhongxian tomb of Health and leveled. 13 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1748) as a result of Emperor Qianlong Lin He loved beauty, but also the expansion of large increases in Sihou set up an India-style King Kong Tower Block, in Hangzhou Jingci Si Si You like the Department of Ocean's Church built Biyun Si Han together to form the axis of symmetry structure, the size of today laid the Biyun Si. Shinianhaojie Biyun Si was also unfortunate that most of the destroyed statues. In recent years, the garden workers on the popular ancient temples decorated with oil and carry out rectification, re-Bi Yunsi Made a life.
"The wind blowing fluttering far Song, Feng Qing Xia after another remnant of Health, a Western Hills by three Temple, the only way to Bi-fiber Lennon said." The Biyun Si ancient temples, mountains and rivers, "Li Jing best," lying "Dang Dang cheerful, dignified adults." Twilight, the barometer, the Four Seasons in the landscape, a unique form of late spring, Short, as early as autumn and winter seasons of the law, but also formed a unique tour of the summer resort.
Biyun Si mountains are built in accordance with its building up layer by layer, into a pattern of self-six Jinyuan La. Simen Jin, Zhi Li Shishi on both sides, fine cut and polish, Vermeer image that is left of the Ming Dynasty stone lions one of the better. Mountain Gate There are a cornerstone of the flagpole side of the Qing Dynasty, the Mountain Gate there are important details to Portland side, with the Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Tibetan language to write four "Biyun Si," Qianlong for the hand-written.
North Biyun Si axis springs keep the house in order in the name of Stephen Zhuoxi. Since the spring between the rock poured out of the water taste sweet, Tingquan is a good place.
Cloud Temple is the representative of the Ming and Qing Dynasties construction works, it embodies the wisdom of the ages of the working people can be, not only to retain the temple of the Zen Buddhist temple in the Ming Dynasty features, and absorption and development of Buddhism were fans of the style, and have the momentum of the Imperial Palace. In spite of its years of the Cultural Revolution and the damage, but the party and government clearance And garden care workers to protect, repair, re-Bi Yunsi full of glorious past.
Spring in the Biyun Si, is full of lush, Qi-Fang Yamahana, Full, Zhen Feng Die wings, birds calling of birds calling of birds, showing a very lively scene; summer Furuki Biyun Si Blot out the Sun, Stephen streams full of poetic pieces of the King . Bi Yunsi of an ancient and beautiful, it is both beautiful and elegant landscape, the magnificent ancient architecture, the lush plants and rocks were Quan, Chinese and foreign visitors to the capital's tourist must pass through to.

Xiangshan Temple

Xiangshan Temple was built in the Tang period, as a result of Shan Ming Si. After a few The rise and fall, its easy to name a few. Fifth decade Xianfeng September, the beginning of six British and French invaders burned.
"King Sejong the history of discipline" set: "Dading 26 (1186) March, Gui Si, Xiangshan Temple, cheng. Fortunately, the Temple Ciming 'Wing Tai Temple', to the two acres of fields, Li 70 Qian Guan 20,000. " Royal North Korea in April Qingyuan, Ren (Ai-Yu Li Li pulled Octopus) 10,000 amendments to the note-Wing Xiangshan Temple, and changed its name to "Gan Lusi." Ming orthodoxy, the Secretary-Li Fan Hong eunuch, "the city of dollars donated materials, reconstruction of public life, the palace, pavilions, corridors veranda, as such, is brand new, regulation Hong-li, Ju Wei for the brake. Wen thing is the amount of grant Chan Wing . "Later, the eunuch Cheng Wang, Zhi Ji-Xiurong. Tianshun, integrated years, the Mongolian tired Banci classic, decorated by painting like. Wuzi of winter, Ma Yu ZHENG eunuch with Siyu consider in the future, pastoral, or trees Damage caused by invasion, it was, thanks to resume Albrecht cut-care instructions to quit abbot monk Jin Jue just right for the grace of the Lord re-Chong, Cheng time for the event 16 years of Emperor Kangxi (1677), began construction on the northern outskirts of Kyoto West Royal Garden, Xiangshan built palace, the scope of the Temple in the Fragrant Hills area. Nine years of Qianlong (1744), the establishment of the Agency's Xiangshan. 10-year Qianlong (1745), to create the beginning of the Fragrant Hills project. 12 years of Qianlong (1747), Hong Temple is listed as one of the Providence Park View 28. Qianlong Dici "Xiangshan Wing Tai Temple."
11 Qianlong (1746), the Emperor Yu-Hong Li Xiangshan Temple poem read: "Temple was built in Dading King Sejong, according to sink rock frame for the five-storey hall, Jinbi Hui Ying, since under the hope that the level of a few . Yong-old were also Mannan. "Qianlong period, to repair Xiangshan Temple, the Temple of all called NISHIYAMA crown.
Luo Ying Temple in the Fragrant Hills on the rock of the West, the North has Xiangshan Temple Wing On the first of three four-post-up arches. Decorated archway over the road on both sides to know is that the sale of Ho Lok Street. Ho Lok known to the east side of the building into three four-post-decorated archway, the inlay Lung Yu Bi "Xiangyun seats." To a Temple in the Fragrant Hills to the permitted Jieyin, an intermittent three-Hill, Dianqian character is carved on both sides of the wall to see. Dianqian the establishment of the two flagpoles. Qian Yan hanging outside the main hall to the east, "Wing Xiangshan Temple," a plaque, blue and Qianlong He Bao.
Wing to a temple for a Hall of Heavenly Kings 3, Xie Shan - Qianlong put the door Yubi blue powder oil poetic inscription five. Bring up the rear platform built on both sides of the bell tower, drum tower, two-story-Xie Shan, a roadside building on the north side of a four-Beiting, will include: 11 years Qianlong (1746) Suo Yu-Yuan Huang Zu Yun Luo Shugong according to the monument.
Again, the platform on the North and the South has an octagonal monument Zhong Yan And on the road, a four-post-up of a decorated archway. Into the built inner circle on both sides of the soul should now two side hall in a palace hall, 3. South 3 a side hall in a palace, located next to the north between the Altar; 3 a side hall in a palace north, south and set up inter-ming offered on the altar. Zaishangtaijie for 7 Danyanxieshan "Circle of Hope is to" the great hall, the next three Zhaobi located to the east before God . Wai Yan linked to the main hall to the east "should the current round of Hope" on a plaque, blue and Tong Zi, Bao Qian Long. Dianwai located in the middle, green stone blocks for a five bronze, stone buildings a furnace. Pre-screen and then set up a stone, published in the Diamond Sutra, the Heart Sutra left and right by Guanyin, the screen after the Qianlong Emperor Yu Bi Gong Juan Lotus Lantern Buddha, Guanyin, like all Fugen, and System, a decent, respectable man.
Ling-yen should be on both sides of the hall is the door for a shade. Bring up the rear on the high-profile, "wide field of vision," an Office of Plant 3. Wai Yan to the east are inter-linked, "a wide field of vision," while important, oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long. Then a wide field of vision north-south verandah, climbing Yousi Central Gallery, and the twists and turns, and "Qing Xia Yi sent" flat phase .
Qing Xia Yi sent for a two-tier Xieshan Ding, up and down the floor, one of the three. Qian Yan linked to the lower east "Qing Xia Yi sent" an important one, and He Qing, Bao Qian Long. Second, Lou Wai Yan linked to the east, "Jiufeng Chung-yun," while important, and He Qing, Bao Qian Long.
Qing Xia Yi sent downstairs, has Kaobi "Moon Water That "a Hall of the three. Wai Yan in the main hall linked to the east," the moon in the water and air that "while important, green blue, Bao Qian Long.
Water and air-ming has Dianqian "Zhan Bo Xiang Lin," the six-party pavilion of a three-floor. The first tier, Tingwaiqianyan linked to the east, "Zhan Bo Xiang Lin," while important, oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long. The second tier, former Ting Wai Linked to the east "living law" an important aspect of the oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long. The third layer, which put off "Nengrenmiaojue" on a plaque, Bao Qian Long. Tingwaiqianyan linked to the east, "Lin bright community" important aspects of the oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long.

Shuangqing Villa

  Xiangshan Shuangqing Villa is located in the Fragrant Hills Park south of the hillside, elegant environment, with its green bamboo, ginkgo Zhetianbiri, tall and straight pines and cypresses, the ancient architecture to food. But really this place is famous the world is not her beautiful scenery, but because here was a place where Chairman Mao lived, was of the CPC Central Committee Hui, China has happened to reverse the decision of the fate of China's major event in the future. The party's Second Session of the Seventh in the successful conclusion of Xibaipo, encircling the cities from rural areas to the strategic thinking of Mao Zedong, the realization of his long-cherished wish, we need to march forward, to go to Beijing! Chairman Mao Zedong said humorously: "'s gone, we Beijing is the examination! "March 25, 1949 from the CPC Central Committee moved to Xibaipo double the Fragrant Hills-ching. Villa in the two-ching, Chairman Mao Zedong directed a campaign crossing, where preparations for the new People's Political Consultative Conference, to build a new China, wrote in the" People's People's Liberation Army occupied Nanjing, "and other well-known poem immortal. 199 , Shuangqing Villa was named "Youth education base in Beijing." There was Mao Zedong's life have been the work of the original display; Mao Zedong and son have had a cordial conversation where ---- red hexagonal pavilion. There are records of the great generation "of Mao Zedong in the two-clearance activities in the exhibition" ... .... "Mao Zedong in the two-clearance activities of the exhibition "From Beijing to Xibaipo Xiangshan", "Mao Zedong in the two-ching", "living in Xiangshan leader of the" three-part, reflects the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong strategist military victory thousands of miles away in order to reflect the The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of the revolutionary course of hard work.
Villa-ching is the vast number of young people in patriotism and revolutionary traditions of education outside the classroom, the enterprises and institutions, schools, organized on the theme of the party, Mission, teams place a good day. Fragrant Hill Park also take full advantage of this resource, "I stand for a two-Qing Gang," "Love Beijing, the Museum of Love" essay in the form of open A variety of patriotic education activities in the two-ching Villa Park on the establishment of Mao Zedong's books and special items to increase the player, "Mao Zedong in the two-ching," the documentary film and related materials.

Xiu Hua

Yuhua scenic mountain peak, located in the center of the park 10-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1745) in the Yuhua Temple on the basis of continued construction, as one of the 28 King, known as Xiu Hua, the Eight-Power Allied Forces were burned. 99-year restoration of the Fragrant Hills Park Xiu Hua, Yuhua new scenic mountain peak by the Yuhua Temple Mountain Gate, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Xiu-Hua, on the invitation of Sheikh, Wangting Yi, Yi Fang Xuan Veranda, and other construction group It is a garden of the old park. Hospital is part of the palace to restore the original appearance of the Qing Dynasty, opened the exhibition display, immersive, elegant scenery, the rest are tourists teas, the leaves to watch one of the best Department.

See Shinsaibashi

See Shinsaibashi at North Park on the west side of the building Park is in the park. Before Jiajingnianjian Ming (1522-1566) is quite characteristic of the southern garden courtyard, Chia-ching years continued construction. Legend is the emperor of forensic his Secretary of State whether or not loyal, named Shinsaibashi see. Hospital semi-circular pool on three sides by Wai painting gallery, see the main hall is the heart of the vegetarian fish pavilion, after fasting Condensate is together, a fish pond with more than 1,000 red crucian carp last tour, so it's unique small house full of vitality.

Xiang Lufeng

Xiang Lufeng the Fragrant Hills Park is the highest, because of the steep terrain, difficult climb and see ghosts, commonly known as depression. Fragrant Hill Park has set up in the top three characteristics Pavilion. "Chongyang Court" intended to board the Chung Yeung Festival on September 9 of the capital is expected to enjoy "When Ling will be in excellent shape, the list of small hills," the mood. "Yunting Tap," as a result of autumn rain, before the spring Winston continuously through kiosks inside and outside, riding like a cloud named after the general, "Zi Yan-ting," as a result of morning mist in the evening on the occasion of light such as cloud purple Margaret, when the time is now hidden, Rizhao has incense smell and Zi Yan of Health got its name. Bai viewing platform to stand on, as if winding road jade belt waist, beautiful panoramic view of Western Hills, know full well the "truth" feeling. Wang Yan Shu look at the depths of the East like a pot of water Kunming Lake, the Forbidden City Yingyingchuochao, spread all over all kinds of construction, so that visitors to the capital New.

Zhao Temple

Edwin mirror in the temple, also known as the "Chao Temple", was built in 45 years Qianlong (1780) July. It is to meet the Panchen Lama to Beijing VI congratulations to the Emperor Qianlong built 70 life greatly, known as the deceased Panchen palace. Qianlong 40 In Sept. 19, Edwin's case-opening of the temple. VI Panchen Erdeni Qianlong in 45 years on September 20 came to the Fragrant Hills Park, Providence, in its line of tour intra rest. Qianlong 45 days early in November, due to the Panchen Erdeni infected pox disease, a drug-sheng fire too, in the death of Xu Shi Huang Temple in the West. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is located at Biyun Si Xiangshan, since October 1, 1977 officially open to visitors, tens of thousands of different sectors of the community have come to pay respect to the visit, is the revolutionary tradition of education and an important base for patriotic education . Ji There was an halls to the middle of the Chinese Kuomintang Central Committee and Zhongshan schools across the country presented the full-body white marble statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, around walls inlaid with white marble sculpture of Dr. Sun Yat-sen written by "suicide note addressed to the Soviet Union," Xi Beiyu main hall displays in 1925 3 30 people in the Soviet Union sent glass Steel coffin, was also on display halls of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Yi Mo, a left.
On both sides of the main hall of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall exhibition room reflects the revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-sen's life for a better understanding of the life of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary life and achievements provide a valuable wealth of teaching material. The first exhibit is divided into content Parts: study determined that the revolution to overthrow the monarchy and the creation of the Republic of China, Taoyuan law, the great turning point. A summary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the pursuit of truth, and invigorating the Chinese nation, after arduous struggle to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, putting an end to the feudal monarchy, created republican democracy in China and Asia in a new era will be in Revolution to a new stage. The second exhibit is divided into five parts: the north ill, died of illness in Beijing Xiangshan temporary resting place, Ling moved to the south, cherishing the memory of a great man. Dr. Sun Yat-sen introduced to the country's peaceful reunification, the north took ill, the lives of up to the last interest rate.
A great patriot and revolutionary forerunner Sun in President, deeply revered and loved by Chinese people in the world, the 15th Party Congress praised him as "China's first 100 years of great changes." Mao Zedong once said: "He wholeheartedly in order to transform China and spent his life energy, it spared no efforts in making Die. "Dr. Sun Yat-sen for peace and reunification of the motherland, Department running until the last moment of his life. Aimo his illness, regardless of their own safety, exhausted in Beijing, the temporary resting place of Xiangshan focus is the embodiment of the process. In October 1924, Beijing launched a coup Feng Yuxiang, electricity and invited Dr. Sun Yat-sen conspiracy to commit the north country yes. In order to the peaceful reunification of the country, Dr. Sun Yat-sen published Declaration on the north, "the convening of the National Assembly to reiterate opposition to imperialism and feudal warlords, the abolition of the unequal treaties. November 13, Dr. Sun Yat-sen took ill from the north of Guangzhou. As the long-distance tired, he attacks the liver, arrived in Beijing, a sharp deterioration in the condition is in critical condition. Before dying, he made a "National , "" Family "and" caused by the Soviet government, "the three Wills; Lay Dying, he still left struggling to support the spirit of" peaceful struggle ... ... ... ... to save China "last words.
At 9:10 on March 12, 1925, Dr. Sun Yat-sen passed away in Beijing. Dr. Sun Yat-sen's 19-ling Parking in Central Park (now Zhongshan Park), a grand public memorial, on April 2 in the coffin of Hope moved to the throne of King Kong Biyun Si Xiangshan Tap door voucher temporary resting place. In May 1929, Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing completed. May 22, and the relatives of Soong Ching Ling, medical, health, where Dr. Sun Yat-sen for the service convergence, grabbing at the complex The shift from copper coffin will be a replacement of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's clothing and headgear, back Lianzhi Phoebe Guanzhong, enclosed tower Tap the throne of King Kong. Pu-ming in the Biyun Si Miaojue Hall (now Memorial Hall) mourning hall set up, held a solemn ceremony of the shift from soul coffin. May 26 southward shift of Hope, on June 1, the remains of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing Zhongshan Alex Feng-cheng. To mark the remains of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's temporary resting place, "national government" in the Hall of Miaojue Pu-ming Li, "Prime Minister Kai-shek Memorial Hall" in the throne of King Kong Tap Mun voucher legislation stone, "Prime Minister Yi Guanzhong." After the founding of New China, People's rehabilitation after the Biyun Si Fu called "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall" (written Soong Ching Ling) and Dr. Sun Yat-sen Yi Guanzhong, "that people paid their respects.
For the progress of human society to contribute to those who will live forever in people's hearts; against the historical trend and all those who have come to no good end, as Dr. Sun Yat-sen's inscription as "a mighty world, Shun Cheong is the reverse of death was . "We hope that the ancestors Reunification at an early date and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to comfort Dr. Sun Yat-sen's utter devotion!

Cuiwei Pavilion

Cuiwei kiosks located on the south side of Lake static, as one of the Providence Park View 28. Founded in 1745, which is located in the old trees, shade, ravines, rock, And to the Green Villa, toad-feng, kiosks spots adjacent to the voiceless, the "Cuiwei." Old-sen out here, be able to win the 4 o'clock, in particular, to "Chapter thousand summer shade, the sound of birds up and down" for the most is leisure, enjoy the cool air of a great place.


Western Hills is located in the snow-eye South of about 100 meters south of the cable stations in about 450 meters. Of the difficult physical broad, flat, at about 2050 square meters, at South Mountain, Road, North Road junction is Trekking tourism has to go through land. In the rest platform, South visual forest leaves 100,000 sumac spectacular scene, the West may Xianglu Feng Wei Figure, the North's video tour ropeways leisure, as the East can feel the joy of climbing victory in sight. There are simple platform of fitness facilities, shady shelter Gusong. Here, especially fresh air, cool breeze interest rates, so that the climbers unconsciously into the nature, so many visitors linger favorite ... ... Shan Qing Xue

Yanjing is one of eight well-known "Western Hills Qingxue" monument erected in the park Ban Shanting North, despite years of vicissitudes, but on the stone inscription of Qian Long Yu Bi, "the Western Hills Qingxue" shiny. Qianlong 15 years, according to legend, a five-winter snow, spring, no rain. The Emperor and the Minister of anxiety. One day, Emperor Qianlong Xiangshan people to relax hunting. Xizhimen out by the Tsing Lung Bridge, Xiangshan Shanao saw a white like snow. Emperor much surprise, came to scrutinize, is the original vitality of thousands of apricot, Manshanbianye Qinrenxinpi of Heng Fa Chuen. Chujingshengqing Emperor Qianlong, is pleased to pen "Qingxue Western Hills." Also said that the records do Emperor amazed at the Western Hills after the spectacular snow scenes and inscriptions pro title. "Western Hills in the end Qingxue snow from the Western Hills after the makeup of the silver-wrapped the scene of the sublime, or 100,000 vibrant apricot, Manshanbianye Qinrenxinpi of Heng Fa Chuen, was also not known, however, to give people a good reverie.

Qin Zhengdian For the King of Qin Zhengdian 28 in the first, the Orient House is located inside the park, which is Emperor Qianlong Garden to clear streets for the emperor's handling of the provisional government, Wang met with the Minister, Chief of the ground intended to take, ideological and political hard-working. Qin Zhengdian 10 years before Qianlong Dynasty (1745), the area from the main hall, side hall in a palace north-south, North Korea Housing, leave , On River, decorated archway, and other components. 10-year Xianfeng (1860) British and French forces burned. July 2002 Xiangshan Qin Zhengdian rehabilitation works to be completed in July 2003 and formally open to visitors. Qin Zhengdian Xiangshan is with the Royal Garden features landmarks, is the level of reconstruction since the founding of the most , The largest single construction of a palace-building. The main projects are in the main hall, side hall in a palace north-south and the repair of arches and scenic rocks in the road finishing, more than 1000 square meters floor area, covers an area of 8000 square meters area. Qin Zhengdian Danyanxieshan are a group of architecture, the main hall, and Wai Yan-lung is Yuxi Dynasty, As far as the exhibit hall on the basis of "Providence Park Qin Zhengdian display files" in the light of Qing Kangxi and Qianlong of the Royal Palace to restore prosperity. South side hall in a palace held Xiangshan (Providence Park) history exhibition, with Xiangshan (Providence Park) sand table map (scale 1: 600), north side hall in a palace open to the Fragrant Hills Park Visitor Center.

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