Friday, February 6, 2009

Shidu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shidu Juma He Fangshan District in Beijing is located in the upper reaches. Shidu thousand from the estuary to the village, along the Juma He would cross the river on Ferry ten, "shidu" got its name. Beijing in 1986 as 16 King King in the eighth. Thousands of the mouth of the Juma He is a Pass from here to Zhoukoudian, about 20 kilometers to bypass the Zhangfang A scenic valley. Juma He has a winding valley area of water, when you enter the valley over the first bridge, even if you go to one of the ferry, with Hill and turn the bridge, even if the second crossing, thus waded across the bridge, Carefree carefree, went shidu. Tian Yang Ke Di Road along the mountain peak bat. On the "look Knutsford" Watanabe, Watanabe nine, shidu panoramic scenery. Shidu in this area north of the village, the village is located in the gorge Shen Jian, unusually quiet. After climbing the mountains and on the road, through temple. "Qi Shan Shui Sau, the United States and stone deep tan," the six cross mountains and rivers, the most good-looking. Six cross Daofuqiaocheng like Hill, a steep Shi Jun, to pull sky, A lot of monuments, Mu Guiying the ancient battlefield of World War Liao-jun, and in odd, dangerous, You said the "three-ching." Junya shidu quiet, cuddle near Castle Peak, the company flood land, unique, is the Spring and Autumn picnic, especially in summer heat of the resort. Tickets :12 - 20 per cent. Accommodation: at Yongsan station opposite the hotel accommodation is a good place. In addition, nine Palestinians crossing an impact on the plains, a camping area. Transport: You take a direct route to the 10 road, bridge in Beijing, Liuliqiao have room to the coach by shidu; the most convenient way is to take a train station in Yongding Men, made only two per day Vehicles a day will be able to make the round trip.

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