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Imperial College - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Beijing, there was a feudal emperor of the times to give lectures, this city of fine architecture, the pool surrounded by a "Pan-Piyong water" realm. Here is not only national leaders and many children, but also to receive Korea, Siam, Russia, Japan, sent the students, this place is called the Imperial College.

  At the Imperial College Andingmen in Beijing on the eastern side, is the Yuan, Ming and Qing, and three generations of the highest academic institution in the capital is now the location of the library, built in the Yuan Dade 10 years (1306), "the left temple right places," the regulation of traditional architecture built in To the right temple.

  Beijing Imperial College is the Yuan, Ming and Qing three generations of the tertiary institutions, but also at that time North Korea Chinese culture in charge of the highest government institution. According to the "division of Zhou's": "to teach the three States and Germany" and the ethics, our country very early on traditional schools. Han called Imperial College, the son of the country of the Jin Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty Imperial College, said. The official and president of the division called Jijiu, vice president of the Division of Industry, said Dr. teachers or teaching assistants, etc. In addition to the students studying in Russia, Korea, Siam and other countries of the students, Chinese students Kun-sheng, commissioner of Health and Health Officer of hours. Health is a tribute from the provinces of recommendation from persons with good academic performance, the supervisor of Health and Health Officer is to donate money, goods mixed school. Born stipulated by the different learning and the different number of years, the General Teaching ceremony Music, law, radio, Royal, books, courses, etc., time six months to 3 years. Eight children, but the Health Officer, as a result of the special purpose of teaching, the school system for 10 years. Hostel students, said, "No." and students hostels ", Jiaozhi." When the Ming and Qing Dynasties seek career go on the road map, can be studied at the Imperial College after graduation and if Scholars and in the Palace, Jinbangtiming, will be built at the Confucius Temple, built in his hometown of St. Paul and officials in North Korea, think that this is the greatest honor in life and Guangzongyaozu matter. The Imperial College tour are as follows: the Imperial College was built in the Yuan Dynasty Dade 10 years (1306), to the east and the construction of the temple at the same time, this site Ancient "left-right temple school" building regulations. Imperial College "Piyong" as the central axis layout, three Jinyuan La, an area of more than 20,000 square meters. Wealthy its construction, many teaching buildings, green trees, and elegant environment.

Jixian door to door Imperial College, there are things inside the courtyard Jingting, on the eastern side of Teachers hold the door with the same temple.

Glass of St. Paul for three four-post-Dianding on the seventh floor veranda, the amount of positive "won dry language teaching," nightside "Xue-Hai festival concept," Dynasty China and the United States, Beijing is not only belonging to the monastery of St. Paul's beautiful.

Biyong This is the main building of the Imperial College, in the Qing Qian 49 (1784) to build, is a square block Zhong Yan sharp save gold-plate-ding Hong-li of the building. Each of its surface the Guangzhou-Shenzhen 5 ?? 2 Joe, to open the door on all sides, level 6, weeks around the gallery. Gallery to outer pool, pool surrounded by coast and four water hydrants, Chi weeks and then to white marble stone parapets around, surrounded by the same bridge, Kind of strange shapes painted with the brilliance of the building, known as the "Pan-Piyong water." Bi Yong is the emperor of the Qing Dynasty to give lectures. Emperor to the lecture is "temporary Yong." Since the Kangxi, Emperor of each to have ascended the throne in the first lecture, on the court to show the importance of higher education. Piyong in their own right and left sides of the housing 33, co - 6, is a tribute of Health, Health supervisor's classroom. The north Biyong in the for-Tang Yi Lun, is the supervisor of the collection as a teacher's office. Jing-Yi Lun at the Pavilion Hall, for the third courtyard of the Imperial College, Royal Hospital there are seven-Sheng Yu monument, and Secretary Jijiu industry is located in this room.

Thirteen carved stone 190, an original East and West 6, is in the collection of Confucius Temple and Imperial College in Gadao. These include the stone as "Book of Changes" and "Shang Shu", "The Book of Songs" and "Zhou", "Yili" and "The Book of Rites," "Spring and Autumn Zuo Zhuan", "Spring and Autumn-ram", "Spring and Autumn Gu Liang Chuan "" The Analects of Confucius "," Book of Filial Piety " Mencius "and" Elite "13, including more than 630,000 words, only one of China's most complete Thirteen stone. China's stone by the book began in the Han Dynasty, the Department of stone carved in writing by Jiang Heng Qianlong years, and it is by Stone Qianlong. "

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