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Xiangshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Fragrant Hills Park is located in the small northern suburb of Beijing Xishan Mountain West Dong Lu, 20 km from the city, covers an area of 160 hectares, is a famous royal garden with large-scale features of the forest park.

Fragrant Hill Park was built in 26 years Dading Kim (1186), have elapsed since the 00 years ago. Yuan, Ming and Qing Imperial Villa in the construction of other homes, in order to clear streets for the emperor's royal tour Fortunately for the community. Qing Emperor Qianlong in the 10-year construction of the pavilions, temples Gallery Xuan, a total of Mingzao into the capital's King 28, after the construction of the wall and Ciming "Providence Park", named Jingxi "three five-Hill Park." After the British and French troops and by the Eight-Power Allied Forces Sweep. Opened in 1956 as People's Park, after nearly half a century building, has now become a well-known Chinese and foreign Beijing park one of the top 10.

Fragrant Hill Park, rich in precious cultural relics, and stars like pavilions scattered among the mountains. There are eight Yanjing one of the "Western Hills Qingxue"; Ming and Qing dynasties have set the architectural style temple, "Biyun Si"; There are only a wooden home gold, "Ocean's 500-tang"; VI meet here palace of the Panchen Lama "in the temple of Edwin Mirror" ; There are quite characteristic of the classical courtyard Jiangnan "See Shinsaibashi"; There are a great man of the century into the north of the CPC Central Committee and Mao Zedong Residence and office of the first place?? Shuangqing Villa; There are a great man of the century coffin Dr. Sun Yat-sen temporary resting place - the throne of King Kong Biyun Si tower.

Fragrant Hill Park Jun-lying rise, rise amid Pinnacle, Mr. Quan Mao. Xiang Lufeng main peak (commonly known as a Ghost) 557 m above sea level. Various types of trees in the park 6 million lines, only the old and valuable trees up to more than 5800 trees, accounting for about one-fourth of the Beijing City, the forest coverage rate as high as 98% in recent years, Beijing has been concerned for the determination of negative oxygen ions highest in the world. Park my wife and nature live in harmony, singing Chong Ming, squirrels frolicked in the forest gully. Here spring flowers Jin, nice and cool in summer time and winter makeup to silver-wrapped. Especially in late autumn season, 100,000 sumac in full swing, the magnificent, has been named the "Beijing Sixteen of the new King".

Fragrant Hill Park travel service facilities. Travel, seating around a large-lift cable (length 1400 , Between 431 meters), the beauty of the Western Hills, Beijing wall panoramic view. Eat, the restaurant Pine beautiful environment, wild insects, spring water to cook a meal, a special flavor. Live, Xiangshan Villa full-featured, is the Tourism, to discuss the meeting, the ideal place to vacation and leisure. Live here, leisurely walk to reach the Chinese Academy of Sciences -Park, Beijing Botanical Garden, Wo Fosi. Several kilometers to the east is the famous Summer Palace. Octopus also to the south, park in the world, such as tourist attractions.

Famous attractions:

Bi Yunsi

Biyun Si Xishan Scenic Area is the most beautiful ancient temples of a The temple was founded in 2002 yuan to shun (1331), 600 years have elapsed since the thing of the past. Descendants of the founding fathers of the Yuan Dynasty Chucai B. Le indemnity "mountains, the net trade structure before," Wan said at the time Om. Ching Tak-ming years (1514), by the eunuch in the mountains Sihou in the construction of the tomb of Health changed its name to Pik . Tianqi years, Wei Zhongxian much expanded repair and rebuild their Biyun Si, the scale of the event. Qing Emperor Kangxi 40 years to inspect southern Zhang Yuan that is Biyun Si Ni Chen Wei Zhongxian tomb of Health and leveled. 13 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1748) as a result of Emperor Qianlong Lin He loved beauty, but also the expansion of large increases in Sihou set up an India-style King Kong Tower Block, in Hangzhou Jingci Si Si You like the Department of Ocean's Church built Biyun Si Han together to form the axis of symmetry structure, the size of today laid the Biyun Si. Shinianhaojie Biyun Si was also unfortunate that most of the destroyed statues. In recent years, the garden workers on the popular ancient temples decorated with oil and carry out rectification, re-Bi Yunsi Made a life.
"The wind blowing fluttering far Song, Feng Qing Xia after another remnant of Health, a Western Hills by three Temple, the only way to Bi-fiber Lennon said." The Biyun Si ancient temples, mountains and rivers, "Li Jing best," lying "Dang Dang cheerful, dignified adults." Twilight, the barometer, the Four Seasons in the landscape, a unique form of late spring, Short, as early as autumn and winter seasons of the law, but also formed a unique tour of the summer resort.
Biyun Si mountains are built in accordance with its building up layer by layer, into a pattern of self-six Jinyuan La. Simen Jin, Zhi Li Shishi on both sides, fine cut and polish, Vermeer image that is left of the Ming Dynasty stone lions one of the better. Mountain Gate There are a cornerstone of the flagpole side of the Qing Dynasty, the Mountain Gate there are important details to Portland side, with the Han, Mongolian, Manchu, Tibetan language to write four "Biyun Si," Qianlong for the hand-written.
North Biyun Si axis springs keep the house in order in the name of Stephen Zhuoxi. Since the spring between the rock poured out of the water taste sweet, Tingquan is a good place.
Cloud Temple is the representative of the Ming and Qing Dynasties construction works, it embodies the wisdom of the ages of the working people can be, not only to retain the temple of the Zen Buddhist temple in the Ming Dynasty features, and absorption and development of Buddhism were fans of the style, and have the momentum of the Imperial Palace. In spite of its years of the Cultural Revolution and the damage, but the party and government clearance And garden care workers to protect, repair, re-Bi Yunsi full of glorious past.
Spring in the Biyun Si, is full of lush, Qi-Fang Yamahana, Full, Zhen Feng Die wings, birds calling of birds calling of birds, showing a very lively scene; summer Furuki Biyun Si Blot out the Sun, Stephen streams full of poetic pieces of the King . Bi Yunsi of an ancient and beautiful, it is both beautiful and elegant landscape, the magnificent ancient architecture, the lush plants and rocks were Quan, Chinese and foreign visitors to the capital's tourist must pass through to.

Xiangshan Temple

Xiangshan Temple was built in the Tang period, as a result of Shan Ming Si. After a few The rise and fall, its easy to name a few. Fifth decade Xianfeng September, the beginning of six British and French invaders burned.
"King Sejong the history of discipline" set: "Dading 26 (1186) March, Gui Si, Xiangshan Temple, cheng. Fortunately, the Temple Ciming 'Wing Tai Temple', to the two acres of fields, Li 70 Qian Guan 20,000. " Royal North Korea in April Qingyuan, Ren (Ai-Yu Li Li pulled Octopus) 10,000 amendments to the note-Wing Xiangshan Temple, and changed its name to "Gan Lusi." Ming orthodoxy, the Secretary-Li Fan Hong eunuch, "the city of dollars donated materials, reconstruction of public life, the palace, pavilions, corridors veranda, as such, is brand new, regulation Hong-li, Ju Wei for the brake. Wen thing is the amount of grant Chan Wing . "Later, the eunuch Cheng Wang, Zhi Ji-Xiurong. Tianshun, integrated years, the Mongolian tired Banci classic, decorated by painting like. Wuzi of winter, Ma Yu ZHENG eunuch with Siyu consider in the future, pastoral, or trees Damage caused by invasion, it was, thanks to resume Albrecht cut-care instructions to quit abbot monk Jin Jue just right for the grace of the Lord re-Chong, Cheng time for the event 16 years of Emperor Kangxi (1677), began construction on the northern outskirts of Kyoto West Royal Garden, Xiangshan built palace, the scope of the Temple in the Fragrant Hills area. Nine years of Qianlong (1744), the establishment of the Agency's Xiangshan. 10-year Qianlong (1745), to create the beginning of the Fragrant Hills project. 12 years of Qianlong (1747), Hong Temple is listed as one of the Providence Park View 28. Qianlong Dici "Xiangshan Wing Tai Temple."
11 Qianlong (1746), the Emperor Yu-Hong Li Xiangshan Temple poem read: "Temple was built in Dading King Sejong, according to sink rock frame for the five-storey hall, Jinbi Hui Ying, since under the hope that the level of a few . Yong-old were also Mannan. "Qianlong period, to repair Xiangshan Temple, the Temple of all called NISHIYAMA crown.
Luo Ying Temple in the Fragrant Hills on the rock of the West, the North has Xiangshan Temple Wing On the first of three four-post-up arches. Decorated archway over the road on both sides to know is that the sale of Ho Lok Street. Ho Lok known to the east side of the building into three four-post-decorated archway, the inlay Lung Yu Bi "Xiangyun seats." To a Temple in the Fragrant Hills to the permitted Jieyin, an intermittent three-Hill, Dianqian character is carved on both sides of the wall to see. Dianqian the establishment of the two flagpoles. Qian Yan hanging outside the main hall to the east, "Wing Xiangshan Temple," a plaque, blue and Qianlong He Bao.
Wing to a temple for a Hall of Heavenly Kings 3, Xie Shan - Qianlong put the door Yubi blue powder oil poetic inscription five. Bring up the rear platform built on both sides of the bell tower, drum tower, two-story-Xie Shan, a roadside building on the north side of a four-Beiting, will include: 11 years Qianlong (1746) Suo Yu-Yuan Huang Zu Yun Luo Shugong according to the monument.
Again, the platform on the North and the South has an octagonal monument Zhong Yan And on the road, a four-post-up of a decorated archway. Into the built inner circle on both sides of the soul should now two side hall in a palace hall, 3. South 3 a side hall in a palace, located next to the north between the Altar; 3 a side hall in a palace north, south and set up inter-ming offered on the altar. Zaishangtaijie for 7 Danyanxieshan "Circle of Hope is to" the great hall, the next three Zhaobi located to the east before God . Wai Yan linked to the main hall to the east "should the current round of Hope" on a plaque, blue and Tong Zi, Bao Qian Long. Dianwai located in the middle, green stone blocks for a five bronze, stone buildings a furnace. Pre-screen and then set up a stone, published in the Diamond Sutra, the Heart Sutra left and right by Guanyin, the screen after the Qianlong Emperor Yu Bi Gong Juan Lotus Lantern Buddha, Guanyin, like all Fugen, and System, a decent, respectable man.
Ling-yen should be on both sides of the hall is the door for a shade. Bring up the rear on the high-profile, "wide field of vision," an Office of Plant 3. Wai Yan to the east are inter-linked, "a wide field of vision," while important, oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long. Then a wide field of vision north-south verandah, climbing Yousi Central Gallery, and the twists and turns, and "Qing Xia Yi sent" flat phase .
Qing Xia Yi sent for a two-tier Xieshan Ding, up and down the floor, one of the three. Qian Yan linked to the lower east "Qing Xia Yi sent" an important one, and He Qing, Bao Qian Long. Second, Lou Wai Yan linked to the east, "Jiufeng Chung-yun," while important, and He Qing, Bao Qian Long.
Qing Xia Yi sent downstairs, has Kaobi "Moon Water That "a Hall of the three. Wai Yan in the main hall linked to the east," the moon in the water and air that "while important, green blue, Bao Qian Long.
Water and air-ming has Dianqian "Zhan Bo Xiang Lin," the six-party pavilion of a three-floor. The first tier, Tingwaiqianyan linked to the east, "Zhan Bo Xiang Lin," while important, oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long. The second tier, former Ting Wai Linked to the east "living law" an important aspect of the oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long. The third layer, which put off "Nengrenmiaojue" on a plaque, Bao Qian Long. Tingwaiqianyan linked to the east, "Lin bright community" important aspects of the oil powder blue, Bao Qian Long.

Shuangqing Villa

  Xiangshan Shuangqing Villa is located in the Fragrant Hills Park south of the hillside, elegant environment, with its green bamboo, ginkgo Zhetianbiri, tall and straight pines and cypresses, the ancient architecture to food. But really this place is famous the world is not her beautiful scenery, but because here was a place where Chairman Mao lived, was of the CPC Central Committee Hui, China has happened to reverse the decision of the fate of China's major event in the future. The party's Second Session of the Seventh in the successful conclusion of Xibaipo, encircling the cities from rural areas to the strategic thinking of Mao Zedong, the realization of his long-cherished wish, we need to march forward, to go to Beijing! Chairman Mao Zedong said humorously: "'s gone, we Beijing is the examination! "March 25, 1949 from the CPC Central Committee moved to Xibaipo double the Fragrant Hills-ching. Villa in the two-ching, Chairman Mao Zedong directed a campaign crossing, where preparations for the new People's Political Consultative Conference, to build a new China, wrote in the" People's People's Liberation Army occupied Nanjing, "and other well-known poem immortal. 199 , Shuangqing Villa was named "Youth education base in Beijing." There was Mao Zedong's life have been the work of the original display; Mao Zedong and son have had a cordial conversation where ---- red hexagonal pavilion. There are records of the great generation "of Mao Zedong in the two-clearance activities in the exhibition" ... .... "Mao Zedong in the two-clearance activities of the exhibition "From Beijing to Xibaipo Xiangshan", "Mao Zedong in the two-ching", "living in Xiangshan leader of the" three-part, reflects the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries such as Mao Zedong strategist military victory thousands of miles away in order to reflect the The older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of the revolutionary course of hard work.
Villa-ching is the vast number of young people in patriotism and revolutionary traditions of education outside the classroom, the enterprises and institutions, schools, organized on the theme of the party, Mission, teams place a good day. Fragrant Hill Park also take full advantage of this resource, "I stand for a two-Qing Gang," "Love Beijing, the Museum of Love" essay in the form of open A variety of patriotic education activities in the two-ching Villa Park on the establishment of Mao Zedong's books and special items to increase the player, "Mao Zedong in the two-ching," the documentary film and related materials.

Xiu Hua

Yuhua scenic mountain peak, located in the center of the park 10-year-Qing Emperor Qianlong (1745) in the Yuhua Temple on the basis of continued construction, as one of the 28 King, known as Xiu Hua, the Eight-Power Allied Forces were burned. 99-year restoration of the Fragrant Hills Park Xiu Hua, Yuhua new scenic mountain peak by the Yuhua Temple Mountain Gate, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, Xiu-Hua, on the invitation of Sheikh, Wangting Yi, Yi Fang Xuan Veranda, and other construction group It is a garden of the old park. Hospital is part of the palace to restore the original appearance of the Qing Dynasty, opened the exhibition display, immersive, elegant scenery, the rest are tourists teas, the leaves to watch one of the best Department.

See Shinsaibashi

See Shinsaibashi at North Park on the west side of the building Park is in the park. Before Jiajingnianjian Ming (1522-1566) is quite characteristic of the southern garden courtyard, Chia-ching years continued construction. Legend is the emperor of forensic his Secretary of State whether or not loyal, named Shinsaibashi see. Hospital semi-circular pool on three sides by Wai painting gallery, see the main hall is the heart of the vegetarian fish pavilion, after fasting Condensate is together, a fish pond with more than 1,000 red crucian carp last tour, so it's unique small house full of vitality.

Xiang Lufeng

Xiang Lufeng the Fragrant Hills Park is the highest, because of the steep terrain, difficult climb and see ghosts, commonly known as depression. Fragrant Hill Park has set up in the top three characteristics Pavilion. "Chongyang Court" intended to board the Chung Yeung Festival on September 9 of the capital is expected to enjoy "When Ling will be in excellent shape, the list of small hills," the mood. "Yunting Tap," as a result of autumn rain, before the spring Winston continuously through kiosks inside and outside, riding like a cloud named after the general, "Zi Yan-ting," as a result of morning mist in the evening on the occasion of light such as cloud purple Margaret, when the time is now hidden, Rizhao has incense smell and Zi Yan of Health got its name. Bai viewing platform to stand on, as if winding road jade belt waist, beautiful panoramic view of Western Hills, know full well the "truth" feeling. Wang Yan Shu look at the depths of the East like a pot of water Kunming Lake, the Forbidden City Yingyingchuochao, spread all over all kinds of construction, so that visitors to the capital New.

Zhao Temple

Edwin mirror in the temple, also known as the "Chao Temple", was built in 45 years Qianlong (1780) July. It is to meet the Panchen Lama to Beijing VI congratulations to the Emperor Qianlong built 70 life greatly, known as the deceased Panchen palace. Qianlong 40 In Sept. 19, Edwin's case-opening of the temple. VI Panchen Erdeni Qianlong in 45 years on September 20 came to the Fragrant Hills Park, Providence, in its line of tour intra rest. Qianlong 45 days early in November, due to the Panchen Erdeni infected pox disease, a drug-sheng fire too, in the death of Xu Shi Huang Temple in the West. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall is located at Biyun Si Xiangshan, since October 1, 1977 officially open to visitors, tens of thousands of different sectors of the community have come to pay respect to the visit, is the revolutionary tradition of education and an important base for patriotic education . Ji There was an halls to the middle of the Chinese Kuomintang Central Committee and Zhongshan schools across the country presented the full-body white marble statue of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, around walls inlaid with white marble sculpture of Dr. Sun Yat-sen written by "suicide note addressed to the Soviet Union," Xi Beiyu main hall displays in 1925 3 30 people in the Soviet Union sent glass Steel coffin, was also on display halls of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Yi Mo, a left.
On both sides of the main hall of the Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall exhibition room reflects the revolutionary Dr. Sun Yat-sen's life for a better understanding of the life of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the revolutionary life and achievements provide a valuable wealth of teaching material. The first exhibit is divided into content Parts: study determined that the revolution to overthrow the monarchy and the creation of the Republic of China, Taoyuan law, the great turning point. A summary of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in the pursuit of truth, and invigorating the Chinese nation, after arduous struggle to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, putting an end to the feudal monarchy, created republican democracy in China and Asia in a new era will be in Revolution to a new stage. The second exhibit is divided into five parts: the north ill, died of illness in Beijing Xiangshan temporary resting place, Ling moved to the south, cherishing the memory of a great man. Dr. Sun Yat-sen introduced to the country's peaceful reunification, the north took ill, the lives of up to the last interest rate.
A great patriot and revolutionary forerunner Sun in President, deeply revered and loved by Chinese people in the world, the 15th Party Congress praised him as "China's first 100 years of great changes." Mao Zedong once said: "He wholeheartedly in order to transform China and spent his life energy, it spared no efforts in making Die. "Dr. Sun Yat-sen for peace and reunification of the motherland, Department running until the last moment of his life. Aimo his illness, regardless of their own safety, exhausted in Beijing, the temporary resting place of Xiangshan focus is the embodiment of the process. In October 1924, Beijing launched a coup Feng Yuxiang, electricity and invited Dr. Sun Yat-sen conspiracy to commit the north country yes. In order to the peaceful reunification of the country, Dr. Sun Yat-sen published Declaration on the north, "the convening of the National Assembly to reiterate opposition to imperialism and feudal warlords, the abolition of the unequal treaties. November 13, Dr. Sun Yat-sen took ill from the north of Guangzhou. As the long-distance tired, he attacks the liver, arrived in Beijing, a sharp deterioration in the condition is in critical condition. Before dying, he made a "National , "" Family "and" caused by the Soviet government, "the three Wills; Lay Dying, he still left struggling to support the spirit of" peaceful struggle ... ... ... ... to save China "last words.
At 9:10 on March 12, 1925, Dr. Sun Yat-sen passed away in Beijing. Dr. Sun Yat-sen's 19-ling Parking in Central Park (now Zhongshan Park), a grand public memorial, on April 2 in the coffin of Hope moved to the throne of King Kong Biyun Si Xiangshan Tap door voucher temporary resting place. In May 1929, Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing completed. May 22, and the relatives of Soong Ching Ling, medical, health, where Dr. Sun Yat-sen for the service convergence, grabbing at the complex The shift from copper coffin will be a replacement of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's clothing and headgear, back Lianzhi Phoebe Guanzhong, enclosed tower Tap the throne of King Kong. Pu-ming in the Biyun Si Miaojue Hall (now Memorial Hall) mourning hall set up, held a solemn ceremony of the shift from soul coffin. May 26 southward shift of Hope, on June 1, the remains of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing Zhongshan Alex Feng-cheng. To mark the remains of Dr. Sun Yat-sen's temporary resting place, "national government" in the Hall of Miaojue Pu-ming Li, "Prime Minister Kai-shek Memorial Hall" in the throne of King Kong Tap Mun voucher legislation stone, "Prime Minister Yi Guanzhong." After the founding of New China, People's rehabilitation after the Biyun Si Fu called "Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall" (written Soong Ching Ling) and Dr. Sun Yat-sen Yi Guanzhong, "that people paid their respects.
For the progress of human society to contribute to those who will live forever in people's hearts; against the historical trend and all those who have come to no good end, as Dr. Sun Yat-sen's inscription as "a mighty world, Shun Cheong is the reverse of death was . "We hope that the ancestors Reunification at an early date and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to comfort Dr. Sun Yat-sen's utter devotion!

Cuiwei Pavilion

Cuiwei kiosks located on the south side of Lake static, as one of the Providence Park View 28. Founded in 1745, which is located in the old trees, shade, ravines, rock, And to the Green Villa, toad-feng, kiosks spots adjacent to the voiceless, the "Cuiwei." Old-sen out here, be able to win the 4 o'clock, in particular, to "Chapter thousand summer shade, the sound of birds up and down" for the most is leisure, enjoy the cool air of a great place.


Western Hills is located in the snow-eye South of about 100 meters south of the cable stations in about 450 meters. Of the difficult physical broad, flat, at about 2050 square meters, at South Mountain, Road, North Road junction is Trekking tourism has to go through land. In the rest platform, South visual forest leaves 100,000 sumac spectacular scene, the West may Xianglu Feng Wei Figure, the North's video tour ropeways leisure, as the East can feel the joy of climbing victory in sight. There are simple platform of fitness facilities, shady shelter Gusong. Here, especially fresh air, cool breeze interest rates, so that the climbers unconsciously into the nature, so many visitors linger favorite ... ... Shan Qing Xue

Yanjing is one of eight well-known "Western Hills Qingxue" monument erected in the park Ban Shanting North, despite years of vicissitudes, but on the stone inscription of Qian Long Yu Bi, "the Western Hills Qingxue" shiny. Qianlong 15 years, according to legend, a five-winter snow, spring, no rain. The Emperor and the Minister of anxiety. One day, Emperor Qianlong Xiangshan people to relax hunting. Xizhimen out by the Tsing Lung Bridge, Xiangshan Shanao saw a white like snow. Emperor much surprise, came to scrutinize, is the original vitality of thousands of apricot, Manshanbianye Qinrenxinpi of Heng Fa Chuen. Chujingshengqing Emperor Qianlong, is pleased to pen "Qingxue Western Hills." Also said that the records do Emperor amazed at the Western Hills after the spectacular snow scenes and inscriptions pro title. "Western Hills in the end Qingxue snow from the Western Hills after the makeup of the silver-wrapped the scene of the sublime, or 100,000 vibrant apricot, Manshanbianye Qinrenxinpi of Heng Fa Chuen, was also not known, however, to give people a good reverie.

Qin Zhengdian For the King of Qin Zhengdian 28 in the first, the Orient House is located inside the park, which is Emperor Qianlong Garden to clear streets for the emperor's handling of the provisional government, Wang met with the Minister, Chief of the ground intended to take, ideological and political hard-working. Qin Zhengdian 10 years before Qianlong Dynasty (1745), the area from the main hall, side hall in a palace north-south, North Korea Housing, leave , On River, decorated archway, and other components. 10-year Xianfeng (1860) British and French forces burned. July 2002 Xiangshan Qin Zhengdian rehabilitation works to be completed in July 2003 and formally open to visitors. Qin Zhengdian Xiangshan is with the Royal Garden features landmarks, is the level of reconstruction since the founding of the most , The largest single construction of a palace-building. The main projects are in the main hall, side hall in a palace north-south and the repair of arches and scenic rocks in the road finishing, more than 1000 square meters floor area, covers an area of 8000 square meters area. Qin Zhengdian Danyanxieshan are a group of architecture, the main hall, and Wai Yan-lung is Yuxi Dynasty, As far as the exhibit hall on the basis of "Providence Park Qin Zhengdian display files" in the light of Qing Kangxi and Qianlong of the Royal Palace to restore prosperity. South side hall in a palace held Xiangshan (Providence Park) history exhibition, with Xiangshan (Providence Park) sand table map (scale 1: 600), north side hall in a palace open to the Fragrant Hills Park Visitor Center.

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