Friday, February 6, 2009

Dazhong Si - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Health formerly known as Mr. Temple, built 11 years Yongzheng (1733), as a result of a Ming Dynasty Yongle Temple Treasures years of casting bells named after. Dazhong Si emperor of the Qing Dynasty was the rain, sit monastery south, from south to north, followed by the Mountain Gate, the Drum Tower 10 minutes, King Hall, Main Hall, Houdian, Canon House, 10 minutes And the East-West wing, as well as six distribution in both sides of the veranda. Great Clock Tower is unique inside the core of the building, which stands at a huge Qingshi piled on the platform, the whole clock tower on the bottom of the circle, a symbol of "Tianyuandefang" Qingshi build a platform on the octagonal "casual tone" Chi, in its role under the light hit the clock , Can be heard in a radius of more than 100 Chun-hou, the old fashioned bell, the residual sound sustainable for as long as 3 minutes. Hanging with the big clock tower clock Wing-lok, the Yongle, the Ming Chengzu capital after Beijing ordered the casting, have elapsed since the 560-year history. In the large courtyard of the clock tower to the east, according to the historical display during the 40 I The ancient bell-shaped different. Song, Yuan and the times were 10 minutes of the bucket, such as the collection of Tripitaka in the building at the clock is casting Song Xining years ago has been 900 years of history, Dazhong Si is the oldest bell. Early next 10 minutes outside the mouth gradually Zhang, was flared, reflecting China's ancient bell in the history of the development, people's acoustic, mechanical Reasonable understanding of the process. Traffic: 123,361,367,422,425,626,730, special vehicles up to 8 and so on. Admission: 10 yuan opening hours :8:30-16: 30 Tips: The Legend of Emperor Qianlong had a pair of Ji Xiaolan entrance exams, the Alliance are: passenger Natural Habitat, the sky was off. Ji Xiaolan unable to do anything. After Dazhong Si, a Xialian: Dazhong Si-off people, the large temple bell man.

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