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Tanzhe Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tanzhe Temple is located in the western suburbs of Beijing's Mentougou District in south-eastern foothills Zhe Tan, 41 km away from the Fuchengmen. Tanzhe Temple ride south, Bao Bei Yi Everest, surrounded by tall peaks 9 was horseshoe-shaped retaining ring, which peaks 9 from the eastern side of the back followed by a number of Long Feng, a tiger from the peak, holding on peak, purple Cueifong , Set Yunfeng, Luo Ying-feng, aircraft Feng, and Wang Feng as Lotus Peak, the summit like a 9 9 forward to protect the giant dragon's Bao in the middle of Mount Qomolangma, the large-scale Tanzhe Temple built on the ancient temples in the south of Everest Po. The tall peaks of the block from the North West of the cold spell hit, so Tanzhe Temple where the formation of a warm, humid microclimate, so lush vegetation here To spend the large number of old trees, the King of great natural beauty ring.

  Tanzhe Temple scale of the event, Temple covers an area of 2.5 hectares, Siwai covers an area of 11.2 hectares, along with around Tanzhe Temple from the jurisdiction of the Forest Hill Field and, with a total area of more than 121 hectares. With the level of the mountain temple built, Cuolayouzhi. Beijing's Forbidden City there are 9999 rooms and a half, Tanzhe Temple in the heyday of the Qing Dynasty has 999 rooms and a half, is like a microcosm of the National Palace Museum, said to be the construction of the early Ming Dynasty, the Forbidden City, which is modeled on the Tanzhe Temple built. Liberation in the early part of the old temple demolished and a number of new houses are now a total of Tanzhe Temple 943 buildings, 638 ancient temple, the building has maintained the outlook of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is the largest suburban Beijing an ancient temple complex. The entire complex fully reflects the ancient Chinese aesthetic principles to a north-south axis, left the basic symmetry, so that the whole building appears to be the rule Bearing, discipline, clear priorities, a clear hierarchy. Its construction in the form of Temple, Church, Court, vegetarian, Hennessy, kiosks, buildings, such as the altar, a wide range. Si Wai Tayuan up and down there, things Guanyin Dong, Tong Yan-being, the Longtan and many other buildings and scenic spots, as if holding on the Zhongxing, which spread to form a radius of a few years, many attractions , Diversity, different taste of the scenic tourist attractions. Tanzhe Temple is not only rich in cultural and natural landscape is very beautiful, spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own King, morning afternoon evening night different taste, as early as in the Qing Dynasty, "Tan Zhe Ten" has been on the famous Core Pacific.

  Tanzhe Temple was built in the Western Jin Dynasty, has been nearly 17 0-year history, is in Beijing as early as the construction of a Buddhist temple in Beijing folk "first Zhe Tan, You Zhou after" the proverb. Tanzhe Temple in the Jin Dynasty when Mingjiao Jia-ji, called the Tang Dynasty when the Longquan Temple, the Temple, called on behalf of the Royal Secret Inspector Wan Shousi large, in the Ming Dynasty has also restored the Longquan Temple and the Temple of the formerly Kerry, money Ci Ming Xiu for the Kangxi Emperor Temple Cloud, but because there are Sihou Longtan, Zhe trees in the mountains there, therefore it has been civil, "Tanzhe Temple."

  For thousands of years, Tanzhe Temple has been its long history and magnificent architecture, beautiful scenery, and mysterious legends by successive rulers of all ages. From the Jin Dynasty Emperor Xizong After all dynasty emperor has Tanzhe Temple to burn incense to the ceremony, make a sightseeing tour, and allocated funds, renovation and expansion of the temple. Minister Wang, Princess Concubine also donated their own funding, facilities Gabrielle, the civil and religious men and women have Tanzhe Temple knot

The good is that tens of thousands more, they long to Tanzhe Temple Shi, Zhaiseng, spontaneous and organize the dozens of civil Shannon will raise funds for the purchase of farm land, donated to the temple has become a huge Tanzhe Temple to maintain day-to-day expenses of one of the major source of income. In the Qing Dynasty, the temple Tanzhe Temple in the size of the property, land, religion, political influence, and so on have reached a peak of the times, Emperor Kangxi to do is set Tanzhe Temple, "Chi Jian", making it the largest in Beijing a royal temple. Tanzhe Temple in the Buddhist community played an important role in the Jin Dynasty from the beginning of a very long period of time, the Mahayana Buddhist Rinzai Zen in the cases of leaders, and Mingseng come forth in large numbers, the senior monks in their history, A case study of Buddhism go, in order to carry forward Buddhism, in order to Tanzhe Temple and the expansion of the Xiurong, in order to flourish the temple incense, made a contribution to the hard, and in "Gao Sengchuan" superscript, through the ages-000. Tanzhe Temple due to the politically powerful forces in the economy, with its huge middle Temple, a Buddhist in Chong The status, coupled with the huge size of the temple, therefore enjoy the "First Temple in Kyoto" in the world.

  After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the People's Government to open up Tanzhe Temple for the forest parks and monuments, has become a tourist attraction, Oct. 28, 1957 by Beijing as the first batch of key cultural relics protection Units in 1978 Tanzhe Temple of the Beijing Municipal Government funding for a two-year large-scale renovation in August 1, 1980 re-opening to the outside world, and in early 1997 after the approval of relevant departments, Sengtuan stationed, for the resumption of religious activities Places.

  June 25, 2001, in People's Republic of the State Council for approval, Tanzhe Temple listed as key protection units.

  Tanzhe Temple of today's towering temples, quiet courtyard, Temple, Church, altar, the room has its own characteristics floor, corner booths, vegetarian extraordinary scenery, old and valuable trees, flowers all over the Bamboo temple, Pinnacle rockery, water Qu beginning Matched Fun, green glazed tile walls, cornices Qiaojiao Calocedrus Chung in the shade, neatly Hall, the great solemn. President of the Buddhist Association of China Mr. Zhao Puchu written in conjunction Chan said: "The gas line photo and a half too, to be provided to You Zhou." Tanzhe Temple today is not only the numerous monuments to scenery to attract guests with the world, visitors eight points of the compass, but also to build Modernization of tourism facilities, the implementation of transport, accommodation, meals, sightseeing, entertainment, the one-stop shopping services, on the outskirts of Beijing is a famous tourist destination.

Beijing Tanzhe Temple is the oldest temple, Beijing City 800 years earlier. Tanzhe Temple was built in the Western Jin Dynasty period (265-316 years , Said Kerry Temple, 1,700 years ago, the "first Zhe Tan, after Youzhou" said. After the expansion of the Tang Dynasty Longquan Temple, the renovation work on behalf of large Wanshou Si, the overhaul of the Qing Dynasty when it was renamed Xiu Yun-ji, 17 to the end of the century has been that the scale. Name "Tanzhe Temple" down through the ages. Tanzhe Temple after embracing Jiufeng, then peaks such as the huge front screen, as the saying goes: "as before, after relying on the right and left have a" description of it is location. Potential take the mountain temple, the qualities of tolerance. Hall level up, mixed layers of scattered arrangement, surrounded by high walls around. Temple and outside the towering old trees, Running water before the water features, such as the monk tower forests, shady Xiuzhu. Qing Emperor Kangxi Emperor here praise: "Shengjing no smaller than that of Mount Wutai Mountain." In 1957, Tanzhe Temple is listed as the first city-level protection units.

  Tanzhe Temple covers an area of 6.8 hectares, the temple sat south, can be divided into the main building, , West Road, the main building there is the Mountain Gate Road, King Hall, Main Hall, and Pilu Zhaitang Court. East abbot hospital there, the extension Qing Court, the palace hospital, Wanshou Palace and the Temple too, and so on. West has distracted Tan Yan (no deposit), a warning to Taiwan and Kwun Yam Temple, and so on, with a solemn silence. In addition, Hill is located on the hillside outside the well-being of the Church and on Ta Yuan, as well as under the mountain was built in the small quiet room division, the rest pavilion, Longtan, Yubei, and so on. Tayuan A total of 71 monks buried the Zhuanta or stone.

  Hill is outside the 3rd floor of a 4-column of St. Paul, decorated archway before Gusong 2, branches and leaves up together with each other, like a green ceiling, decorated archway before a pair of stone lions, hung Mighty. St. Paul had stone arch bridge is a single, "Huaiyuan Bridge", is the Mountain Gate Bridge.

  Dian Dian-zhong King for as Maitreya, on the back for as Wei Tuo, on both sides of the plastic about 3 meters of the four statues of kings. King Hall for 10 minutes on both sides of the Drum Tower, is behind the Main Hall. Treasure Palace Miankuo 5, Zhong Yan Dianding veranda, yellow glass Green cutting edge, the eaves on the amount of title, "solemn quiet", under the title of the amount of light, "Chu Fu-hai round." Zheng Ji at either end of a giant green glass kiss chi, is the remains of the Yuan Dynasty, on the line to the glittering gold chain length. Middle of the hall dedicated to the huge Buddha statue, a solemn expression, after the backlight, the backlight on carving have Dapeng Garuda, the dragon , Lions, elephants, sheep, and flame patterns, and so on. About the separation of Buddha, "Venerable" and "gamma leaf," as are relics of the Qing Dynasty. Zhaitang to hospital after the Main Hall, who is a monk to eat, after three Temple Church, but these two are Hall dismantle. Only two Shorea ginkgo tree and two trees, tall tree. End of the axis is a House-building, 000 Court Pilu, two-story high, wooden structure. Pilu standing on the Court Zongmu view, panoramic view of mountains and temples.

  East temple courtyard-style building from composed, abbot house, and extended Pavilion Qing emperor of the Qing Dynasty palace hospital, the main building there Wanshou Palace, the palace too, and so on. Elegant homes in quiet, Zhu Lan-watt, water features Artesian Bore Baths, Xiuzhu problems, some quite artistic conception of the southern landscape. Hospital has a flow Cup Pavilion, 000 Xuan Yi-ting.

  Most of West Temple temple-like hall, the main building there Jie Tan, Dian Long and Kwun Yam Temple, and so on, arranged in layers, splendid. Jie Tan was ordained monks, There are, like Buddha, as the former three chairs, a bench on each side, the three divisions of the seven cards sitting; Kuan Yin Temple is the highest temple, there are hand-written Qian Long Lin Chi Hong industry, for Avalokitesvara Buddha, and even co-heads of convergence, Juanxiu dignified.

  Tanzhe Temple large number of monuments and heritage, with gold-plated chi, the stone tablet on behalf of poetry, money Buddha body, the magic stone fish are rare cultural relics treasures.

  Zheng Ji Tanzhe Temple Main Hall at either end of a giant green glass kiss chi, is the remains of the Yuan Dynasty, on the line to the glittering gold chain length. Kiss is the chi-emerged as a town, the legendary dragon is one of nine children, is water, fire grams, and therefore On the roof in order to avoid fire in the town. It is said that Emperor Kangxi in the early to Tanzhe Temple, see chi kiss Jump To move away Po Kong a great trend, the gold chain ordered people to build it locked and sword play, this chi Wenshang "gold-plated Jianguang Kiss belt "is the gift of Emperor Kangxi.

  Temple Road is a square flow Cup Pavilion, " Xuan Ting. "Matrix kiosks and a huge white marble cut and polish on a winding water-Beaulieu, when the spring water flows out of date, with ear into the glass, floating in the water with their rotation, stop somewhere, and get to drink In short, drinking and writing poetry, which is well-known in ancient China, "Qu flow beginning of the" customs.

  There are two Tanzhe Temple : Po-pot, stone fish

  Bao pot: King of Dian Qian Tong Guo has a diameter 1.85 m, 1.1 m deep, is a monk who used cooking. The original pot of East meeting West Kuayuanbeifang, where there is now a bigger pot with a diameter of 4 meters, 2 meters deep, Zhuzhou can put a 10-meter stone, 16 to be small Can be cooked. As the big pot at the end of thick, slow fire slow boil, Therefore, not only boil the soup and incense stick. 2 In this pot, there are "throwing sand does not leak meters," said the original, the bottom of the pot "Let Sand", with the Ao Yu at the time of stirring constantly, the sand will sink into the bottom of the pot depression.

  Stone fish: Tanzhe Temple Kwun Yam Temple on the west side there is Dian, Dianqianlangshang a stone fish, 1.7 meters long and weighing 150 kg, copper appears to be, it was stone, hit the pentameter can be made, the legendary Dragon King's palace in the South China Sea is a treasure, the Jade Emperor, to the Dragon King. Later on earth drought, the Jade Emperor, to the misfortunes Tanzhe Temple. Big night of wind and rain, stone fish appear out of the blue, out of the hospital. It is said that stone fish 3 position on behalf of the 13 provinces, which are drought province, the site of percussion in the province Rainfall can be.

  Furuki its old Tanzhe Temple, the most famous of the Millennium ginkgo tree, the tree Borneo Millennium, Millennium Park, Qiao Yulan II, and so on. Tanzhe Temple surrounded by a number of affiliated Tanzhe Temple of landscape architecture. For example, the Eastern Guanyin Dong Ming Dian West Guanyin Dong, from top to bottom, such as Ta Yuan temple together with a radius of a few, diverse landscape, the taste of different areas, many thousands of years people have been intoxicated by the beauty of Tanzhe Temple. Come forth in large numbers of history Mingseng Zhe Tan Qi also a grand Buddhist activities, will Buddhism bath, Lianchi such as the General Assembly in Beijing is very famous. 19 8 Tanzhe Temple in the restoration of Buddhist activities, every first, the Five-Year Plan, the Millennium temple wind around cigarettes, Zhong Qing Ming. Hanging around in the ancient temple, the temple to listen to light shade to talk about the story of the past, into the ancient bell to let the music wash away the bell-fan chaos of mind to enjoy a long Buddhist music products of the refined realm of extraordinary items.

Lan possession Abdomen, as well peak in the door. Free people worthy of-the-way track, Monk high muddy old trail. Zhe ancient caribou habitat, Han Tan Zhelong hidden. Even where to go, the road was closed cloud field. ----( Ming) Wu Wei-ying Tanzhe Temple

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