Friday, February 6, 2009

Kangxicaoyuan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Yanqing County is located on the west side of Township, Culture and Sport, on the banks of the Guanting reservoir, Beijing is the only natural grassland landscape. With the north-south strip of grassland Lake, meandering water, green grass. Fishing is on the northern outskirts of the district, is a bonfire in the northwest area, the southbound carriageway of the market has run a camel, horse racing games, and then for the South District yurts, tents area. The activities of Very rich: Visitors can stay Yang Bian, nomadic feeling of heroic passion; could rippling in Huguangshanse in rowing; fishing can also play into the water; summer night bonfire party, is a good opportunity. Kangxicaoyuan late in the development of tourism, a number of tourist facilities are perfect, but Can not stop the visitors feel warm and natural. Transport: From the outside Deshengmen by up to 919 bus routes, or from Beijing by Xizhimen envelope to get off the train in Hong Chong after the transfer. Admission: 20 yuan

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