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Huang Wan-ching Yaozhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

?? ?? at Hezhou Huang Yaozu Xiang-dong territory, 32 km from the city center, Yaozhai Shanqingshuixiu, charming landscapes, still antiquity, the world's only land of Yao ethnic customs, Yaozhai added to the mysterious color, Set national conditions and customs, exploration, tourism, vacation together, is an excellent tourist destination.

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Pro-Old City - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pro-eight located in the Old City area step-Jie Zhen, Yuan Ding of the Western Han Dynasty, founded in 2006, that is, 111 years BC, the four major ancient city in Guangxi is the only well-preserved history, an ancient city. Archaeological discoveries of the city a total of three cities, the first major city located in the village of Duck, said the city was jiuxian belly. At present, there are the city of the Western Han Dynasty period of four North and the South East and West Wall and East, South 2 fan Shing Mun, North and the South moat around the mid-Western Han Dynasty of the city was moved to this village in the territory of Lee Chang-Pro-West River Delta area of the interchange, said Mei Chau city. The Chinese city of about 3000 meters, over the years due to the floods, debris piled up, only the south wall is 300 meters above the ground. To the Eastern Han Dynasty The city was once again of movement, moved to the Hexi Street, said the Hexi Old City, since 1951 until the county to move to eight-step so far. There has been a Pro-old seat of the county's legacy. Hexi is in the city are the main city in Hexi and by-laws of the city, in east-ming also has a secondary city. By-laws in the city of Nancy north A 1,100-meter long Rammed earth walls of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the wall about 6-3 meters wide, 25-4 meters, compactor a moat outside the wall there is the Eastern Han Dynasty, 3-4 m wide and 1.5-0.8 m deep.

In the main eastern city of Nancy on three sides have since Song has been a brick wall package, the contract 200 Meters. Second, the southwest side of the Five Dynasties have their own moat along the East River to screen for natural conservation, the northern section of city wall and moat are destroyed. In the main city there are a lot of wealth to the local characteristics of the old buildings, including temples, ancestral halls, the Office of fishing, government offices, warehouses justice, Hall, the Confucian Temple, Xue Gong, stone streets, ancient, ancient tower, residential terminals Watergate, and so on. Be able to display a complete ancient city of multiple functions such as administration, education, culture, religion, transportation, trade, defense and so on. Linjiang in the east coast of the main river and the city hope that next year as a result of trade fairs and the incidence of urban functions and the extension of the spontaneous formation of a secondary city, Dongcheng District, said, is the historic Lower East Side Save for the still-intact, it is important to have a street in east, Guangdong Province-ching Hall, eight temple, Guanyinge, Li, Zhong name, last name, such as Mo's name out of the three major residential areas since, gun turret, the garden, long Diaojiao Lou Street , In line fir, ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Temple Mountain, the Qing Liu Dong Jinshi old standard, and so on. In the outlying city, according to archaeological discoveries, there are six major group of ancient tombs, ancient group of flowers, high-group of ancient tombs, ancient tomb groups Shou Feng, Ling tomb group of snake-heads, butterflies and the south-west ridge group of ancient tombs. Another of the Song Dynasty and a Fau Shan Ying, two temples, such as boiling water temple.

Pro-boundary of the ancient city of Guangdong, Canton And Hunan provinces, is to communicate the throat of the North and the South Mountains, as a result of the unique geographical location, contributed to the Central Plains culture, Baiyue Chu culture and cultural crossroads of integration here, and to form their own unique cultural characteristics, there are many age-old mystery of waiting Tour of people to study to reveal.

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Huaqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin Huaqiao is the oldest bridge, built in the Song Jiaxi years. It is located at the main entrance of the park, across the East River in the small and Ling Jian River above the confluence Department, the total length of 135 meters. Promenade deck there is wind and rain, green glazed tile Qiaoting review, as the rock bridge, is rich in ethnic style. Each year in spring and summer, flowers bloom, the flowers Cross-strait bridge planted peach, Bamboo, the cover of the bridge hidden in the "streams of water over the river and a half to spend", Huaqiao be named. Bridge is now in 1965 in accordance with the original style of Sikong repair bridges, build the Qingshi. Bridge, the bridge opening of the four semi-circular in its reflection in the water to form four Yu Pan, like a full moon, as "four-wheel-moon with Lotus Chengjiang and a half into the semi-hong "in the verse of the song" Hong Ying Hua Qiao "beauty.

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Yung, Sequoia Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yung, Sequoia Lake is located in the central city of Guilin, a body of water connected to the heart of even the lake. Yang to her profession as a bridge, for the East Sequoia Lake, 000 West Ronghu, as a result of the growth of the shore of Lake banyan tree got its name. Tang and Song period, for the opening of the South artificial moat, known as the Nanyang River. Jian Hu referred to as the Yuan, Ming Dynasty city expansion into Neihu Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the famous Fusion have lived on the lake shore Jie Lu, Yinshizuofu seekers can explore the lake, has become a time of cultural activities at the center of Guilin. Tang has built one after another sung Hall of the United States and five villas. Yun Wang Peng's ancestral home in West Park, the residence of Li Tsung-jen, Lu Bai Chongxi of Guangxi, the former home of Ma Junwu. Today, most of it Has no traces of the remaining deposit Gui Lu and Li Tsung-jen's official residence. Beidou Ronghu Bridge at East Lake even heart Island, west and the south gate of the ancient bridge-shaped layout according to the distribution of Polar Star, named Beidou Bridge. Fangshan the bridge railing with all the high-level white marble-playing, is currently the longest in Guangxi white marble bridge. Bridge-shaped appearance of the whole process fine , Crystal clear.

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East Falls group of ancient forest area - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin ancient East Falls Scenic Guilin from 26 km to the east, and along the Lijiang River, Guilin is located - Guan Yan travel online, is a rising star of the development of the area. The first batch of civilization among the scenic Guilin, Guangxi is also a young eco-environmental base. Falls: the only Department to form springs from the ground floor of the multi-stage serial Falls 500-meter gap between the last trip meters. Different time series, or cascade Juan show or forceful. Forest: strong sub-tropical jungle, the vines tied down. Muqiu value of each season, three thousand acres of red maple trees, Manshanhongbian, storied dye to make not only beautiful and elegant, both warm and quiet, stay in charming picture Fenglin, had shown the "red Green, yellow, and green blue, purple, red Shuangye in February Yayun Flowers. "

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Yan Feng fish - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Abundance of fish is a rock garden at the provincial level tourist resort of the main part of the underground river as a result of the oil-rich abundance of fish named after, known as "a perforated nine mountain, the world must Miao Jing" reputation, as the "Asia-first" . The whole rock fish abundance 7.1 kilometers, has the world's other tourist caves unmatched by the four major characteristics: first, "Lu Water, air, "a combination of route tour. The first is viewing the land 2 km, followed by the boat, pay homage to 3.3 kilometers, the last train to sit in the air overhead view of rural scenery 1.8 km, the new layout. Second, the cross-strait underground river rafting dazzling landscape, is The world's most unique and for a boat trip up the dark underground . Third, the abundance of fish even the rock hall of the Office of dozens of small, with an area of 25,500 square meters, 46 meters up to the central, densely magnificent stalactites, the world's most generous Dongting unique. Fourth, in the Dongting have an up to 9.8 meters, while only 14 centimeters in diameter stalagmite, up and down the size of a basic , Is the world's drop stone cave stalagmite in the category of extremely rare in the world can be a way. According to experts, these caves feature of a conclusion: "The abundance of fish is a world-class rock cave tourism." Traffic: first by bus from Guilin to Lipu, air-conditioned fast direct access to the class 15 yuan /person, an ordinary train 13 yuan /person, about Hour trip, arrived in Lipu, by direct light rock abundance of fish, about 40 minutes or so, the fares by 5 yuan, or rent the minibus to the area. END can also visit Yangshuo, in Guilin to Yangshuo Lipu station by the shuttle bus fare by about 5 yuan /person, and then Ibid. Admission: 60 yuan

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Rock wearing Gurong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Takada wear Rural Village Campbell River, a huge old banyan, Ju San Yuan Wang is a green, deep-rooted look at the past, the Bi Tian Ye Mao. Legend has it that in the Jin-sik, over 1,500 years old. Old trees, Campbell River flows slowly, bright and clean as a mirror. Across the plains out of a small rock. Through the middle of a channel, like giant Stone door opened, the gorgeous five colors, wear that rock. Gurong a ferry under the tree, "Yung Gu Du Yin," Yangshuo for a King, was here to film "Third Sister Liu" location, it is well-known. Admission: 18 yuan

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Fu Boshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the north of the city of Lijiang River in Guilin Sea, is a water according to the Bangshui Gu Feng, the Han Dynasty when Fubo General Ma Yuan Nan Zheng has been here, it got its name. Tang, when the mountains have built the temple Fubo General. Present decanoate Shuiting, Kikunami Court, Banshan Ting, Zhu Dong, Mi Fu's self-portrait, Qianfo Yan, and other attractions, there is a heavy 1,000 kg "Thousands of pot" and more than 2700 kilograms of weight clock. Zhu also inside the cave, there is a self-Dong Ding dangling down the boulder, called the test stone sword from the ground only Cunxu, standing alone, however broken, according to legend, General Fubo test is caused by the sword. Gufengtingxiu the mountain, half of the insert Jiang Tan, the other half of the land on the pillow. Spring and summer each year, Jiang The soaring to curb the foothills Kuanglan waves, so that the reverse swing of the river, the waves yield power. Fu Boshan beautiful scenery, strange caves. Hill is Linjiang corridors to the east, according to Cliff and Fubo teahouse built Kikunami's Court, west of the mountain there is stone, and Ban Shanting up to the Peak, climb a little perspective, we can see the picturesque Guilin delicate and pretty Shui-Guang Color, hence the "scenic spots Fubo" reputation. There are well-known eastern foot of the hole Guozhu also, Linglong visible inside the cave, there are more than 100 kinds of stone wall, in which large paintings of the Song Dynasty home of Mi Fu title, a self-portrait of the poem and poet Fan can be treasures. Zhu also related to a hole in ancient legends, according to legend, a fisherman Cidong to see in the shape of a dog as being of the animals to sleep before, luminous stars in all directions of the Pearl, and he admitted to the beads. Official know, he ordered the return of Miss Sarah, the fisherman also had to back-Chu. As a result, future generations will Cidong said Zhu also for the hole. Transport: Bus up to 2,13,15, 58 Fu Boshan to free public car park, 4A or green car that can. Admission: 15 yuan opening hours :8:30-16: 30, full tour takes about 2 hours park around

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Third Sister Liu impression - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The landscape of the world's largest real theater, the world's most charismatic director, long the most popular national folk songs, history and customs of the Lijiang River in Guilin Juxian. Large-scale real landscape of Guilin in "Third Sister Liu impression" is the beautiful Li River - Third Sister Liu Wei Song of the core area of the project by the Mandarin-dimensional wide Guilin Tourism Culture Industry Limited Investment in construction, China's famous director Zhang Yimou as director and screenwriter at the national level Shuai Mei Yuan Ren Producer, producers, as well as the two young directors - Wang Chao song, Fan joined the changes of the draft, which lasted three and a half years to Produced. She set customs Li River landscape, Guangxi minority elite Chinese culture and art Creation of Dacheng, the world's first completely new concept of "real performance landscape." The only set of performances, artistic, shocking, national character, in one of the visual, performing a revolution, a revolution of vision.

A radius of two kilometers of Yangshuo, Lijiang River above the waters of Shu Tong Shan, 12 King peaks, the vast boundless sky, so far constitute the world's largest theater landscape. At present, domestic investment in the construction of the largest environmental art works and unique lighting effects of smoke, to create a poetically dreamlike visual effects. Traditional performances in the theater's limited space, the performances are natural-made For the real stage, looking ahead, the Lijiang River water, the mountains of Guilin, as the center of the stage, gives a broad perspective as well as the feelings of aloof. Traditional stage performances, is a human creation, the "real performance landscape" is the common man and God's creation. The peaks have surfaced, Shuijing reflection, adorned the misty rain, the bamboo light , The Moon will put on spending any time into the show and become wonderful episode. Lijiang's sunny, breeze particularly fascinating reflection; misty rain to Lijiang, give people is another kind of beauty to enjoy; yarn, such as rain, Li Li Chan; clouds and wind around, like in Sin Temple, like entering a dream .... .. It is performed using clear, smoke Rain, fog, spring, summer, autumn and winter different from the natural climate, create endless magic charm to make every performance there are new.

Performances of "Third Sister Liu impression" as the title of the total, the freehand brushwork in the Third Sister Liu was left to the impression of classic folk, ethnic customs, such as Yu Huo Li Yuan Combination of innovation, to Buzhaohenji into the landscape, to restore the natural interpretation of the success of the harmony between man and nature relationship, to create a state of harmony between man and nature, known as "co-operation with the blessing of God." The performance of Guilin, Yangshuo two world-famous tourism, cultural resources - landscape in Guilin and left to the people of the Third Sister Liu Carried out as skillfully graft and dissolve organic, so natural scenery and cultural add radiance to each other. Based on the performance of Guilin, Guilin and music resources, natural scenery, folk customs perfectly, we do not perform at the same time, Li also look at people's lives.

Third Sister Liu Wei Song of the impression is located Tian Lijiang River and the junction with the world famous across the yangshuo Shu Tong Shan risers. Canton-dimensional Mandarin with the local government from the Song of the dike construction at the outset to reach a tacit understanding not only to emphasize the art of performance has attached great importance to environmental protection, the entire project into one with nature. Now, Song Wei was almost entirely green cover , Which has tea plantations, such as Feng Weizhu, and by planting grass, green rate reached 90%. The lighting, sound system using covert design, integration and the environment, water sports arena full use of bamboo structures, can not perform all split up and hidden body of water on the Lijiang river bed and not caused by video . Auditorium, built in accordance with the terrain, the terrace design, coordination and the environment, but also take into account the safety of the flood. Even the toilets are also set to introduce two Korean technology, is currently building the country's most advanced environmental protection, ecological toilets, toilet sewage discharged into the Lijiang River, but are not directly involved in recycling. In addition, the building of 100 mu with , The Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, as well as guests such as the gallery building a strong distribution of national characteristics, as far as building units, as a whole do not have to work a nail, eye-openers.

From the audience of green terraced fields constitute a model, a 180-degree panoramic vision, seeing the river two kilometers wide landscape Performance. 2200-set auditorium, which seats 2,000 ordinary, 180 VIP seats, 20 seats, President; strong cast by more than 600 specially trained actors pose; performance colorful clothing, according to the different selection of scenes The Zhuang, Yao, Miao and other minority Family Clothing; show the entire time about 90 minutes. It has been widely Mandarin Victoria's head, has been declared a Guinness record the following two: First, the world's largest group of Gulou; Second, the world's largest real theater landscape.

Producer of the show, producers Shuai Mei Mr. table : "We are pleased to have Mr. Zhang Yimou perform as the general director, he recognized the extraordinary talent and creative spirit of cooperation to make this work and God only. In his view, God is not only green, natural and human Harmony is a "beautiful mind." Large green that the traditional concept of environmental consciousness To the spirit level to guide the real mountains and rivers to reach the performance level of harmony between man and nature. I would also like to thank the other two young directors - Wang Chao song, to join the Fan, and their passion for innovation and practical ability so that the "real landscape in" by the concept into a reality. In addition, the design of music, Wu Mei design, lighting set , Costume design, and China is a world-class master, I believe, is not the producer of their choice, but God chose them. During the three and a half years in the creative process, to perform the program through numerous changes, we have step by step closer to the true meaning. Here, all the participants in all their efforts only Good integration into the landscape and become the soul of the landscape. She is green, to appease, it is natural baptism, the return of human nature.

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Reed Flute Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Tianxia landscape in Guilin, Lu Di worthy of the best scenery. Reed Flute Cave in Guilin is a shining pearl of the landscape. She is located in the northwest of Guilin, 5 km from the city center, is a cave tour mainly pastoral landscape scenery as a supplement to watch the scenic spots. Reed Flute Cave 240 m deep hole, the 500-meter run. Inside a large number of Lu scene in the visible Linglong stalagmite, milk stone, stone pillars, Shiman, stone flower, silver, composed of Asaka Shiling, Hung Bao Luo account, dragon pagoda, the primeval forest, Crystal Palace, Hua Guoshan such as landscape, visitors dizzying, as Wonderland, known as "nature's art palace." From the Tang Dynasty, ancient visitors have Trace, memory-history mural 77. Since the discovery and development in 1959, now has a restaurant, teahouse, Shuixie, Chi Lake, Quqiao, as well as cruise ships, wide planting flowers and trees, to become foreign tourists to visit Guilin, when will travel to hot spots.

Reed Flute Cave where the bright mountain, called the former head Mao Shan That there is only one small hole halfway up the mountain, only one person in and out, on the hillside and covered with grass Lo Tik, it can make use of flute, blowing enchanting voice, therefore, Reed Flute Cave got its name. Reed Flute Cave of the formation of a long gone era, according to research geologist, here was an ancient underground lake, was due to land Sports, mountain uplift, the water level dropped on the ground floor of the cave into a lake. Later, the ground water along the mountain in many, many broken with the movement of carbon, dissolved the calcium carbonate rocks. When the water from the rocks of crack into the hole, the crystallization of calcium carbonate sedimentation on, after millions of years of accumulation, the formation of a wide range of Concept. The cave stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns, Shiman, stone flower. Thousands, lifelike. Or may, or may God, or like animals, or who may spend Yi Cao, or crops like cereals, vegetables or fruits like. Dazzling, vivid. A natural component of the Palace of Art. "Lingui County", Hill recorded a bright, but did not say a mountainside caves. Self-preservation inside the cave, there are eight Yuan Tang Zhen (792 years) since the wall is more than 70 books, most of the ink used to write on the wall in the title of Travel. These books show that wall, Reed Flute Cave is not eternal unknown. In the vicinity of the village, has long been aware of this Qiao Zhidong, but was kept secret for a long time.

Reed Flute Cave, "the first break the shackles, Faerie singing in the Peach Blossom Spring." (Guo, "Reed Flute Cave Man Jiang Hong Wing") after the liberation, stability and people's lives, do not need a refuge, it will be seen that the Reed Flute Cave secret. 1959 Provides a cave near the village, after surveying the building, officially opened in 1962. Reed Flute Cave hole 240 meters long, 93 meters maximum width, maximum height of 1.8 meters, tour distance of about 500 meters around the time about 40 minutes. Inside a large number of Lu Qi scene in the visible Linglong stalagmite and stone , Columns, Shiman, stone flower, silver, the composition of the Shiling Asaka, Hung Bao Luo account, dragon pagoda, the primeval forest, Crystal Palace, Hua Guoshan landscape, and so on, so that visitors dizzying, as in Wonderland, as the "natural Palace of Art. "

Reed Flute Cave is a cave of cystic, into the With exports neighboring, the original hole for the Department of Natural hole, Chu Dong is the artificial hole cut. 240 m deep hole, run-length of about 500 meters. Cave is more than 70 million years ago, the water along the broken rock band formed by the flow solution. A large number of stalactite cave, stalagmites and columns, Shiman, stone flower, In the formation of caves, underground water containing carbonates category, out of cracks along the rock, water evaporation, precipitation types of carbonate crystallization gradually from the accumulation of a thousand million in state, silver
Reed Flute Cave is characterized by a water hole, stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns into development The stuffing is also particularly high. Hole visitors, many of the pillars in the middle of the gap switch, together with the color of the light shine, as exposure to the general in Wonderland.

The Reed Flute Cave miraculous magnificent, and in your nature and the arts, in addition to the hole, apart from the inside of connected trails, people can see that Role, and that a number of 30 wonders, from a purely natural, purely Shenciguishi of Heavenly Creations. They are dead to life without the stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns, stone flowers, stone steamed bread, in the nature of the Diaozao, all live, full of Aura. Any craftsmen, master of arts into the Lo Tik will fall on one's knees from rising in the self - And at the foot of itself to people feeling powerless. Reed Flute Cave is not the Kanbu Wan said. The Lions, forest, canyon, Fei Bao, the snowman, that curtain, Ta Song, mushroom, pagoda, Mountain City, Long Qiu, Optimus Prime, that goes outside the Hill, Crystal Palace, You listen to the flute throughout, that pastoral life, Zhu goldfish, which harvest more Shengjing: lotus root, Chinese cabbage, carrots, peanuts, beans, sponge gourd, Chinese angelica, Ganoderma lucidum ... ... then how they well that a few may be spurious? How they mix so perfect and full of rhythm? Drilling all over the world cave, where are you off to see? 500 meters short of the run-buckling, Mody such meta-Ling Lang everywhere, overwhelmed, with harmony, no clutter, Love Will Tear Us Apart satisfied, the undersea land in the United States and one of the objects? Perhaps you would say that King is the name people think of the imagination, who is lighting up the decorations, but at best it is "icing on the cake," no no substitute for the creation of nature. Ancient Yan Di, there are lights it, you were King, did not affect the aesthetic to the ancients. Human imagination is beyond time and space.

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Lipu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lipu located 100 km south of Guilin, Guilin is a major tourist area, is rich in tourism resources, ranking Guilin, Liuzhou, Wuzhou at the center. Lipu Yu to head China and famous. At present, the county has developed the first Asia-hole - for the abundance of fish-head of the provincial tourist resort of the Holy Land, by Yin Ziyan, gossip Villa Goose Ling Monastery, Lo Po falls, he traveled Long Beach area, the political arena, such as the Gap Sigong formed with seven stars on the travel pattern. Transport: From the Guilin Lipu bound for the long-distance bus, 7:00-14:00 every day, every 20-minute intervals, the travel time takes about 2 hours, 9 yuan fare. Tips: to Lipu, do not forget to buy China's Li Puyu famous in the first, but the Royal tribute. In addition, the use made of Lipu Yu Rou Lipu, visitors will no doubt keep the teeth Fresh.

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Lijiang customs Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Folk Custom Park is located in Lijiang River in Guilin Road, the two Eguchi, Lijiang is located in the Sea, is Guangxi minority Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang culture, art, folklore, song and dance, dining together one of the Recreation Area, also in Guangxi The largest tourism and entertainment complex's largest minority, watching financial, entertainment and pieces And as one of. Broad surface of the water here, good vision, not only to facilitate tourists visited during the day, even at night to enjoy the moonlight and the Lijiang River Yuhuo good place.

  Fir Park Qingwa, cascading roof, the ancient music of the Ya-Walled nation building, Feng Yuqiao and Drum Tower, the very color of the folk group totem pole; Hong Chai-off of the wine, unique ethnic wedding, "the bride back," a strong folk flavor of the plain. Place the performance of the original rough, spectacular scenes, there's Clothing dance Zhuang, Miao Lusheng of the step together, the more the Dong Ye, and other participatory programs; cock fighting, horse fighting, Daoshan on, and so on Shenu nation full of recreational activities and stimulate the funny ; Overview Office of the performance every night with a strong minority of local color song and dance performances, hard Qigong, stunt performers and national costume show.

Style garden is now the first Chinese to receive the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival opening ceremony; the first, second, fifth, and other large-scale landscape Tourism Festival, the CPC Central Committee I. Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Liu Huaqing, WU, Zou Jiahua, Song equality have come to visit parks and customs inspection.
  To the park, be visible in the minority totem pole, the highest of the Dong Drum Tower, Feng Yuqiao, stage scenery and Miao Village; Guangxi has the largest dance venue for tourists To reward great, authentic ethnic minority songs and dances and their unique food culture; the most authentic of the national production process demonstration field, can afford to buy their unique folk customs of ethnic minorities goods, and the full enjoyment of national minorities enjoy the art and folk culture. Located in the beautiful Li River and the East River in small junction of customs Lijiang Garden, Landscape of Guilin Tourism Development Co., Ltd. to invest in the operation. Park focus on the four main ethnic minorities in Guangxi Zhuang, Dong, Miao, Yao's national construction, folk customs and folk art, is a financial view, stimulating and participatory in an integrated entertainment. Qingwa fir, cascading roof, the ancient music of the national Ya Chai , And Feng Yuqiao Drum Tower, the very color of the folk group totem pole; Walled-off of mellow wine, unique ethnic wedding, "the bride back," a strong folk flavor of the plain, will let you worry polyester to make dust, away. Place the performance of the original rough, spectacular scenes, there's Clothing dance Zhuang, Miao Lusheng of the step together, the more the Dong Ye Participatory programs; cock fighting, horse fighting, the Daoshan, Shenu recreational activities such as the nation is full of funny and stimulating; Integrated Office to perform every night you have presented a strong minority of local color song and dance performances, hard Qigong, skills Performances and national costume show, where you can enjoy a taste of the colorful ethnic minorities Of the arts.
  Park has now won the customs of the first countries to AAA-class tourism area and has passed IS09001 international quality management system certification, with the full implementation of the district IS014001 Environmental Management System.
  Guilin is not only beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultural, And colorful ethnic customs is also obsessed with. Guilin to belong to the Beijing dialect, then represented by the Northern dialect. In the long-term-learning process, the gradual evolution of the form with local characteristics "Guilin words." Guilin dialect as a result of the transfer system and the Pan Beijing dialect more or less the same relationship is also relatively simple, Lin who is also easier to learn Putonghua, in many parts of the country's people can understand. Especially with the accent, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou and other places similar to Guilin as well as people overseas to travel, often mistaken for Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou, or people.
Although the words Guilin and Liuzhou in the Guangxi similar words, but words , A soft tone than the words Liuzhou, Nanning and the words, it is easy to understand. People understand Nanning and Guilin, Guilin and the vast majority of people do not understand Queting Nanning vernacular. In Guangxi, Guilin, then basically people of all ethnic groups can understand. If you look normal, it will deeply appreciate the words of the local characteristics of Guilin and its culture Guilin is a multi-ethnic city inhabited by Zhuang, Hui, Miao, Yao, Dong, and other ethnic minorities accounted for 28 of the city's total population of about 8.5 ?. In the city inhabited by the Zhuang, Miao, Yao, Dong and other ethnic minorities, maintained a simple, unique, colorful folk customs, such as the Zhuang song festival March three, Yao Wang Pan Festival Nuri section, Miao Lusheng Festival, Latin drum section, the Dong fireworks festival, winter festival of Chinese and foreign tourists make very attractive. More than 10 ethnic minorities, although they live together in an atmosphere of Chinese culture, none have maintained their own customs, including clothing, food, festivals, religion and even language. They have Productive life, now let us look into their lives.
Zhuang Zhuang Jin marked with, like singing. In ancient times, Gexian Third Sister Liu, there is this girl Leaves song festival March has three songs section.
Miao batik embroidery, unique technology, Lusheng step together to celebrate the night. Yao live in high mountain areas, drugs vat bath, dripping hearts, Qubing drive the wind is not a civil. Festival has hit the flag section of the public (Lunar May 14), dumplings worship, to pray for a good harvest.
  The superb architecture of the Dong to Feng Yuqiao, as the representative of the Drum Tower. A glass of wine highway, magnificent heart. A highway , Qingzhenyiqie.
Lijiang Garden Set customs of ethnic minorities in Guangxi Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and customs, folk customs, folk art, food culture, as one nation building, through the scenery all with you, for you to stay warm memories.
Shan Shan's show in the Palace Hotel, next to China to perform every night, wide - Minority style, fashion, catering for one, elegant style, a warm atmosphere moving.
Ginza is located in Lijiang Lijiang River dock at Pier 2 of the set singing and dancing, bars, karaoke OK as one of the entertainment, get Linjiang, Xiusekecan.

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Former residence of Xu Beihong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo Yangshuo County, located in the former residence of Xu Beihong St. in front of the county government, there was in Mr. Li Zongren Mr. Xu Beihong in 1935 to 1938, when the refuge Guangxi donated housing. The White House is the external Fenqiang, Qingwa small, there are slightly Tuhuang color of the cornices, the Gate Tower has suspended the following handwritten Mr. Wu Zuoren "Xu museum's former home," plaque, the plaque was also mounted on the side of the "former residence of Xu Beihong" marble tablets. Into the former residence of the court, but see a more than 10 meters high, the two have rough Wai, if the shade cover, the magnificent magnolia tree flowers. This strain of Magnolia trees can be said to be former residence of Xu Beihong a major feature of this Council. House display For the three-room single-storey brick building, the wind light brown to red. The main exhibition hall, displaying Mr. Xu Beihong in the real facts of life, and at the same time reflect the life experiences of Mr. Xu Beihong picture, and so on.

  Master Xu Beihong and the beautiful Li River and forged a bond, when he had Yangshuo Settle down for the community, its well-known "spring Lijiang River" map, that is, in Yangshuo "Panzhuang" into the painting. In 1937, Xu Beihong by boat from Guilin to Yangshuo, for the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River intoxicated. In his "Southern Tour random thoughts," wrote: "One of Taoyuan in the world, Jia Tianxia its mountains and rivers, Yangshuo of Guilin, even! ... Ying-Ying of the river, according to people as a mirror, wind around linger, thin stratosphere diarrhea, with silk. Shan light waves, beautiful picture, the mirror also Zhennai human cents! "

He go out alone, even in the Bi-ri to find accommodation. One day in a dilapidated house, to see two tall magnolia trees, flowers after another, Yan Snow, it Dunsheng feeling nostalgic, rent stay, engraved "Yangshuo days to the people" a seal, as in the painting Yangshuo. Mr. Li Zongren to know this, people purchased the house to be built, Xu better gift for painting homes.
Xu Beihong in 1985 by the former residence of one of the autonomous region of the Home Repair funding. This is a three-room brick cottage, after expansion, repair of the exhibition rooms and courtyards. Hospital's one-meter-high marble pedestal has a positive half-length bronze statue of Xu Beihong, on both sides of Yangshuo is unique stones, stone carving, "Yangshuo days to the people", "Xu India" stamp. Xu placed side indoor hall tragedy Dan Gaoxiang half, both sides of the penthouse rooms and exhibition displays text LIAO Jing Xu and his wife, and living according to the group photo, as well as the "Lijiang River spring," and so on a number of works of art. Former Residence of the door pillar on the "former residence of Xu Beihong," Miss Liao Jingwen Department of words hand-written.
5 km from the county's "Pan Zhuang", is a resident Xu Yang When sketching and painting the rest of (then GUANGXI for the fourth group of the National Revolutionary Army general headquarters and training policy by the Director of the Pan Yi Jian, is now a senior hotel). It was built in the old Yangshuo Eight "Castle" Yishanbangshui, wide field of vision. There Furuki heaven, the following is Gudu. Ferry hundred paces away for the Campbell River and Yulong He convergence of , Is the other side of the bamboo Walled Dou, through rock, rhino villages along the ridge. Qingming Festival, continuous rain, the white shade, Bamboo whirling, Shanguangshuise, Qingyipiaomiao. Xu Beihong painting often in the paint, he locked in purdah did not know who the "green scenery", are ready for a vivid, "Li Chun-yu," plans to stay in the country and the people The art treasures.

  Now, in "Pan Zhuang" Jimuyuantiao: Takada area of "green scenery, the river Camel, Kam Shan Monastery, Longtan-wearing rock Gurong, hanging on the peak, according to Feng Lou night" area, with Yangshuo's Qishanxiushui together Panzhuang like to put on a pearl necklace.

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Yulong He - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Including the scenery along the river on both sides of the strip. Yulong He originated Lin Guixian, flows through Takada, five Chengguan township into the Li River. A total length of 42.5 km to the Yulong Qiao Qing Ecuador this cross section of the best scenery. Old gray, clear spring water features, is to bring the landscape characteristics of the main attractions are: rhino pond, water scenery Ecuador Wuzhishan, Chaoyang Village, Guangxi cents Bridge, Yulong Qiao, the site of the ancient city of justice, the tomb group, such as the Eight Immortals crossing the sea near 20.

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Since the park-yu - Chinese tourism scenic spots

If the landscape in Guilin is the nature of art good fortune, Guilin, Yangshuo between the self-yu human sculpture park is the art of concentration camps. Since Yu Guilin and Yangshuo park is located between the large mountain Yan Bu Xiang (32 km from Yangshuo), is a contemporary sculpture and art cave-oriented large-scale landscape art park. Park display over the years by the world's top sculptor created a large number of works inspired by the profound human, wise and performance art to the natural landscape around the weld on a thick plate of culture, arts and humanities spirit of the natural complement each other, reflect each other so that each Into a person here can not help but By the art of shock, it is thought, or is to lift the spirits. After many years of great concentration, creativity, self-yu park building the first phase of the park covers an area of about 900 mu (accounting for one-tenth of all construction projects) of the main content of the tour are as follows:

Teresa Teng Music Garden:
  Song of the generation after the death of Teresa Teng had been 10 weeks , But she's sweet voice has an unforgettable one. Teng Teng Foundation decided to move to the music garden beautiful scenery from the park-yu, so that more fans to understand her life, music garden to be completed, Teng's legacy will be permanently stored in the music garden.
  Teresa Teng music garden of the main building Triangular, with the construction of a positive for fans and friends of the memorial statue to present flowers and Hua Chi, 30 cents a positive manner, the planting of purple flowers, like Teresa Teng, also used black and white marble cut and polish the giant piano keys, when people stand on any Button, there will be Teng's voice sounded ... ... placed in the hall, Teng different periods of photos, clothing, cosmetics, as well as jewelry, cars and so on relics.

Kalahari melon several of the world:
  Jimmy works popular in the world, but not in kind three-dimensional, self-yu park for children increased by smart expansion of the area for several Kalahari melon in the world, it will be a three-dimensional works of a few meters ! Those lovely and meaningful "why" will be hung in trees to climb the wall, on the windows, large and small, so that the lives of people in search of wisdom and reason, it is a very interesting idea!
Sculpture area:
  Display area of 47 countries from 135 artists For the two different styles of more than 100 pieces of sculpture, these works into the Han Chinese traditional aesthetics and the essence of Western culture, and embraced the natural landscape is very value of the assets of the art. They observe, you will understand what is to the human spirit, what is the creation of human beings.
International Arts Center: Yu park from the International Arts Center, staggered to overlap the unique appearance, the vivid reproduction of the unique range upon range of hills in Guilin Pinnacle. Arts Center brings together the world famous treasures, the exhibition hall set up professional-class audio-visual equipment and conference room.

Creative Arts Center:
  Creation Center, set up ceramics, prints, plastic copper Stone carving, wood carving and other studios, a senior artist with lively and interesting creative presentation, and then here you can experience together with the creative artists, most talented individuals to demonstrate competence.
  Ceramic art: pottery clay, modeling tools and guidance teachers, tourist products available for commemoration; creative print The provision of the brush, paint, paper, and other materials, finished products available for tourists to commemorate. Painted stones, pineal: brushes, paint, rocks, pine, and other materials, finished products available for tourists to commemorate; T shirt painting: brushes, paint, and other materials, T shirt to be tourists to buy their own; kites: kite from Town -- Shandong's Weifang kites up to more than 100 varieties, ranging from 15-50 yuan, free brushes and paints for drawing visitors can purchase products directly to flying; lanterns, Hedeng: self-production, painting, free brushes, paint .
  A water Li: By the light of changes in the levels of underwater world The ever-changing impact of the waves through the water trough Yan, showing a fairyland-like maya blurred.
  Maze landscape: the hedge, small trees to build the maze, strange shape and full of change, cyclotron The fun; in the development of intelligence, to explore a way out of the visitors at the same time enhancing the ecological awareness of environmental protection.
  The only Cave Art of the ball: (construction) is a blind cave art from the park's most unique art projects, including cave art, history, caves, cave art galleries, the whole project took 30 years in the hope that the show caves colorful art, contemporary left The unique artistic style.
  Since the park-yu, you should be using Hope to experience nature and experience new art.

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Yangshuo West Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo is a history of more than 2,000 years of the most beautiful side of the town of Lijiang River, visitors like clouds. Less than 1 km of Yangshuo West Street from the stone structure, was the S-shaped curve. Streets filled with a variety of tourist souvenirs, a large tie-dye tablecloths about 60-70 yuan, a small square 5-8 million.

Yangshuo Street, foreigners in China is the most intensive street, to come here every year for leisure residence of foreigners here is equivalent to three times the resident population. West Street is China's largest foreign language angle, the high proportion of foreign-related marriage for the whole of China the most. To this end, the tourism sector, experts and scholars known as the "Chinese tourism in the phenomenon of Yangshuo" China's "global village." This phenomenon caused by China's concern in the world. Its full of exotic night life is 10,000 kinds.

West's hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and so on are all Chinese and Western, and almost all the signs are in both Chinese and English, from the boss Attendant to the street stalls Mother can speak fluent English, there are no geographical differences, idle, the leisurely pace of life, so a lot of tourists come here for a long time do not want to leave. "Sentimental Journey stolen a few days free," may be here to experience what life is.

  Chinese and foreign tour Flow, or shopping, or watch. Street-side restaurant menu of both Chinese as well as Western-style. Many foreigners were sitting here drinking beer, food products, spirits when they come in person Zhangshao cooking. This has truly become the West's Yang Renjie, it adds to the small town of Yangshuo, a beautiful landscape. Here visitors can Love to enjoy the quiet town of Qingyun unique environment and leisure time, and the romantic atmosphere and the exotic customs.

  West Street shop is also very convenient, because the Street is the first of the East side of the Li River cruise ship terminal, visitors have just finished tour of Lijiang, you will cruise directly to the West.

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Montreal Le Leisure World - Chinese tourism scenic spots

World music all over the floor leisure-tourism, leisure, tourism, vacation in Guilin, one of the world's music all over the floor leisure, Guilin is located in Xing'an County, covers an area of 6,000 hectares, is by far the largest country in the world of leisure travel. Modern music can be all over the floor of the peak for leisure travel, grand, warm, beautiful, the harmony between man and nature; modern Division God works with the landscape of integration must yarn; the grand scale of the planning complete, complete facilities, the mood of graceful, called China the most. It is also against the theme park's magic also, true to the original forest resort, the most in the park features 18 holes of the Tomb American-style golf course, each another enjoyable time visitors may be to hang around , In the original Shanguangshuise be modern and comfortable enjoyment.
Music all over the floor the first phase of the development projects will be on December 25, 2000 opening-round, includes a total of forest resort, golf club, resort hotels, theme parks.
In the faithful to the original flavor of the sum Resort, in accordance with changes in the level of the mountains located elegant villas and chalets cliff base, unique style of camping platform for you to enjoy camping aristocratic taste. In the full flavor of the original field of the park, visitors can enjoy creative play area, such as: poetic tour of the Lake restaurant, Charlie's soul-stirring Vehicles, to stimulate the horror of the earth and the mountains shake, step-by-step climbing area, to enjoy the Need for Speed artificial ski ... and so on, will give you an unexpected surprise. The United States similar to Disneyland's large-scale entertainment, Bi You Happy Chinese district in the western U.S. city, district dream world, the South Pacific, piracy features, such as the village of King Area, the entire park as impressive, the Leisure Tourism of the Kingdom.


  By the designer of the 368 elegant rooms fine, for honeymoon couples and planned in the House floor, a warm, family or business for the design between the two sets of exquisite rooms and three suites, with parks, gardens and countryside three Changes in the landscape to choose from. In addition, we are even more preposterous the distinguished guests to provide services and equipment, the five-star gourmet delicacy, the SPA aerobic massage, sauna and steam bath, night clubs and so on ... ... enjoy the aristocratic, so that you experience the feeling of home away from home. Financial landscape of the United States, folk arts, entertainment, as well as theme A five-star Sadian. Visitors can choose a different price, quality, variety and style of tourism consumption.

The introduction of world-class large-scale amusement park design, capture all over the world dream situation, the re-implementation of the Montreal music in the Magic Kingdom, the warm Pacific Area, cross time and space The Chinese city of joy, the thrills of the western district of the United States, as well as the wonderful magic world full of mysterious zone of the village of pirates ... ... will allow you to enter a time tunnel to a different experience in the exciting and varied fantasy fun.

Tiancheng unaware of the Golf Club, use of mountain and lake scenery of Hope, by the International According to the original landscape of the home landscape, carved out a totally natural world-class 18-hole golf course, changing the compact design of the ball, you will bring to the swing-by-hole strategy fun. Is now the largest full Guangxi, China is its sole international standard American-style 18-hole golf course hills. Swing so that those who enjoy the fun at all, access to drinking by Some world-class landscape, an experience that ultimate feeling of honor.

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Yangshuo rock climbing - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo of Guilin as a whole is a typical karst, the high mountains, where the mountains without continuous ups and downs, most of them is a separate mountain from where they stand. Lin cliff here, where rock climbing can be found everywhere, it is no exaggeration to say that, from any location Yangshuo North Korea looked in any direction can be seen climbing . Some of the rock wall where the joint development, and some serious weathering, but because of abundant rainfall, the rock-weathering on the left, leaving holes and cracks in the solid and clean, especially suitable for climbing, it seems to be devoted to God Rock climbing enthusiasts for the opening of the park. Yangshuo existing space rock climbing, All in Yangshuo along the road to Lipu, good transport facilities, starting from the county seat of the supreme Tin Lipu or Pakistan, 1-2 yuan. Among them, the more concentrated the rock climbing routes have a large banyan, Moon Hill, the cat hole, the peak of thumb, and so on.

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Shu Tong Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo County in south-eastern Lijiang River and Tian Interchange, about 2 km from the county seat. Pro right Lijiang River, mountain handsome tall and straight, the Lijiang River is the most petite Riverside Juanxiu a mountain peak. Between a mountainside north, split up with one stone, about 10 meters high, if Gong Li's costumes boy, who Shi Shu Tong, Shan got its name because of stone. There are about Shu Tong Shan In ancient legend, a long time ago, there is a dragon often appear in Lijiang, one against the common people. Shu Tong, a teacher from his mobile phone received a Book of the Demon instinct Jiang Yao, with hieroglyphics on the uniform to dragon, a dragon to see the Book immediately collapsed in the water. Shu Tong dragon is afraid of dead, hands on the Double Dutch into Hill, always stand side Lijiang, a guardian of local people.

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Moon Hill - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Moon Hill at Takada, 8 kilometers away from Yangshuo, where simple elegance of the scenery, quiet comfort. On the mountain's natural to have a large Stone Arch, through both sides, From a distance, exactly like the bright moon hanging in the sky. From different points of view to see change, Cidong also changing shape. If the drive is to celebrate the mountain, that the shape from the Stone Arch Shang Xianyue the bend, gradually turned into a half months, Full Moon, then become Xiaxian Yue, very wonderful.

In the vicinity have to wear rock Gurong scenic spots, nine cattle Ling, Wo Hu Shan, 20, a number of black rock, and so on.

Moon Hill is a wonderful scene of the territory of Yangshuo, it Takada Fenglou rural village, as much as More than 80 meters. Peak because it is run through a big hole, like a Haoyue, high and bright, so people call it moon peaks, known as Moon Hill. Visitors can follow a 800-class climbers on direct access to the Road hole.

Big hole on the bizarre, each 50 meters high relief, and Shanbi only a few meters thick. Liangbi like formation of the walls, but at the top of the hole covered with a stalactite, various shapes. Two of them, like the palace of the rabbit and Wu Gang. In sunny, visitors can see the hole on the blue sky and white clouds, like hanging on a hill on the Yuan Jing.

  As the hole on the north side of the hill is a circular Therefore, visitors walk Shannan "to celebrate the road" from the point of view on different holes, you can see the Full Moon, Mei-yue and a half months and the different scenes. Seo Jeong-Ci Jing Qing Zheng said was "hanging on the peak," he wrote a poem: "The rise amid floating on top of light-, air-ming has not received overnight. Zixi cliff collapse of the iceberg, so far as future soul left. Wear Hill Yao no moon. Ren Hui stay on mountains. Only non-vancomycin-mill, and for long-Han Guang Yu. "

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Bi Lianfeng - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Bilian Feng is one of the hallmarks of Yangshuo County, the Hill as a result of the shape of a Hanbaoyufang Bilian named after. In its about half a kilometer to the east of the South Bridge Yangshuo bridge the so-called "concept Lin Department," Bi Lianfeng see from here, like the bath water out of the arch, the Hanbaoyufang Lotus. Bi Lianfeng around the Pavilion, Cliff, monument Lot into trees and Castle Peak, people think of Xu's poem "The most memorable is that you bow to the gentle" Qingzhi, thought-provoking. Xiuse set its landscape and cultural heritage, in a rare but Mid-Autumn as the "garden of the park." In the past, from the Tang Dynasty Buddhist Master Jianzhen, poet Cao Ye, the brigade Xu hundreds of homes, and other celebrities to the contemporary Aston Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi, Deng Xiaoping, dozens of state leaders have gone to the garden tour, leaving behind a lot of beautiful poetry and calligraphy.

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Yangshuo Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is located in the north-east, south of Guilin. Is located in east longitude 110 � 13 '~ 110 � 40', latitude 24 � 38'-25 � 04 'between East and Gongcheng County, at the junction of Pingle County, adjacent to Lipu and south, Yongfu County, which borders with the West North and Lin Guixian, adjacent to the Lingchuan County. The total surface 1428.38 square kilometers. At the end of 2003 has a population of 299,434, including the Zhuang, Yao, 37,760 people of the Hui ethnic minority. County government in the town of Yangshuo. Yangshuo jurisdiction, white sand, welfare, Xingping, grapes, Takada 6 Campbell Town, Pu Yi, Yang Di 3 townships, 110 administrative .

Yangshuo County, construction began in the first year of the three Miss Mannan (265). This is still home to Yangshuo County, the counties Hei Ping, Jingzhou is a gun before, in order to Yangshuo County, to build the beginning.

Wong Sui-opened 10 years (590 years) from Yangshuo County government has moved to the town of Yangshuo. Takenori four years of the Tang Dynasty (621 years) Yangshuo County at home by the Yixian county government in this village of Pak Sha jiuxian on the north side of town. Yangshuo County, with the same jurisdiction in Guizhou. Zhenguan the first year (627), the withdrawal of Yixian County into Yangshuo. Lingnan Road to the West Guizhou and jurisdiction.

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Yangshuo for Chu, the Southern Han rule, a Guizhou jurisdiction. Grand View the first year of the Northern Song Dynasty ( 107), to Guizhou for the House Jiang Jing, Jing Jiang Yangshuo by the government jurisdiction. 15 years of the Yuan Dynasty (1278), for the House to Jiang Jing-Jing Jiang Road, Yangshuo is a quiet River Road. Hongwu of the Ming dynasty in the early years, Jiang Jing change the way for the government of Guilin, Guilin, Yangshuo is a government. Qing dynasty, is still Yangshuo, Guangxi Guilin Prefecture.

In 2002 ( 913 years) Road House in the waste. Yangshuo is Lijiang, Guilin Road to June the following year. In 19 years (in 1930) spent Road, Guilin, Yangshuo, Guilin, a Civil Guard District. In 23 years (in 1934) to March Guilin is a district administrative supervision. In 29 years (in 1940) in April to the first executive Governor Area. Sanshiyinian Republic of China (1942) March Zhili is a provincial government. In 33 years (in 1944) to May is the eighth Chief Inspector of the district. 1949 (1949) is the 14th July to the Chief Inspector of the district. November 25, 1949 liberation of Yangshuo. People's Republic of China into After that Yangshuo County, an area of Guilin. In April 1968 called Guilin region. July 1, 1981 Yangshuo approval of the State Council under the jurisdiction of Guilin. Yangshuo approved by the State Council in 1978 for opening to the outside world.

  Yangshuo in the western and north-east of higher ground, Zhongshan, low-entrenched Hill, the sub - There are yellow, red yellow, red, purple soil, is Forest Woxian main areas. One in the north east of higher ground, the highest peak 1701 meters above sea level Songping Long; the peak time for the wood in the western Bay Ridge, 1394 meters above sea level. Spread all over Rock Hill, about 56% for the karst, Qi numerous flat out all over in the river Shore. In particular, the two sides Lijiang River, Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, the United States and stone, the clear bottom of the Lijiang River water in mountains meandering, Jiang Liu Cheng Xia, Shanguangshuise embraced thousands of images, constitute a beautiful scene in the beautiful mountains and rivers, Known as "Jia Tianxia landscape of Guilin, Guilin, Yangshuo called a" famous in the world that has become ancestors A pearl of the beautiful rivers and mountains, attracts many foreign visitors. In the territory in the central, eastern, southern flat terrain, water conditions, Woxian is the most important grain-producing areas. County in the center there is an area of 150 square kilometers of hills, a more moderate slope, the thick layer of soil potassium, is the name of the four Woxian Kumquat the main producing areas.

  Yangshuo, China's tourism county. Has a long history, more than 5,000-year history of Habitat. Sui Kaihuang 10 years (AD 590 years) home county, the city has been the history of 1410 years. Yangshuo, Guangxi is located in the north-east, south of Guilin, a sub-tropical monsoon zone, the average annual temperature of 1 Celsius Degrees. The county with a total area of 1428.38 square kilometers, 3 rural town of jurisdiction 6. County population 300,000, Han nationality accounts for 87%, there are other Zhuang, Yao, Hui, Dong, Miao minority 11. Approval of the State Council in 1987 opening to the outside world. By the State Council in 1982 as the first National Scenic Area. Shan-ching, Shui Sau, the odd holes, the United States and the four stone landscape features, creating a fairyland on earth Yangshuo side, God's special gift to give a Fu Jia Tianxia of Yangshuo Mountain Xiushui. The county has a peculiar peaks more than 20,000 seats, 17 rivers and streams, 8 large area, more than 250 natural and cultural attractions. Up , The world has more than 150 countries, more than 300 presidents, prime ministers, the Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism visits to wait until Yangshuo.

  - The world's most typical karst peak forest landform in Yangshuo;

  - The beautiful Li River, the scenic landscapes of the best of the lot in the territory of Yangshuo;

  -- Embassy of the United Nations headquarters in the country to fly only on behalf of the Chinese landscape painting, the scenery of Yangshuo is a "reflection of yellow cloth";

  - People's Bank of China in 1999 issued a round Ershi yuan background patterns, Yangshuo is the scenery Xingping;

  - 1960, a sensation in Southeast Asia The film "Third Sister Liu" in the picturesque scenery of Yangshuo success of the film;

  - 2001, won the first county in Guangxi Tourism outstanding;

  - 2003, directed by Zhang Yimou, the world's largest real landscape in "impression? Third Sister Liu" in Yangshuo to be successful, the project Rong National Cultural Industry Model Base of the third and China the top 10 performance awards event;

  - 2004, the World Tourism Organization Location: Yangshuo - leisure tourism destination;

  - Known as "China's global village" of Yangshuo West Street, Eastern and Western harmony freighted with the local gas , And filled with rich exotic. The unique charm of West Street, Yangshuo has become a symbol of the distinctive tourism, tourism has become China's well-known trademarks.

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Cheung Pei Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheung Pei Shan in the city in Taohuajiang convergence with the Lijiang River, a natural park with scenic landscapes and embraced the people call the symbol of Guilin's landscape. Natural park with scenic landscapes and embraced the main attractions are the moon in the water holes, eyes, as rock, Fugen tower, Hongfeng Temple and the Temple of the Heavenly Kingdom of revolutionary relics exhibition hall and so on. Kaiyuan Temple in the vicinity of the Sui and Tang Dynasties are the only remaining stupa. The moon in the water hole close to the river bank, through which water seep through, floating in the water, the rocks down into the water if drinking water trunk Lijiang, a very good view, since the Tang and Song is the place to visit. Song Department thistle North disabilities, "the moon in the water hole and rhyme" poem: "There are underwater moon, Water floating moon. Not on water, on water to flow. "Vividly depicts the landscape.

?? ?? the moon in the water hole in the trunk of Cheung Pei Shan and the like between the legs. Just over 1.2 million years ago, crustal uplift, narrowing the Lijiang River, to accelerate the development of the moon in the water hole, the permeability of the formation of an East-West Yuan Dong 17 meters long, 9.5 wide, 12 meters high, with an area of about 150 square meters. "Elephant Story" set, "there is a Shixue, each side can, round-shaped and long and a half of their income on water seep through, when the high water current, so the size of the hole from time to time also."

Tung Chao-yang moon in the water hole, Chaoyang Dong. But the hole in the water, such as the floating moon, the very image, so in the name of the moon in the water, are still in use. "Elephant Moon Water" is a great wonders of the landscape in Guilin, a bachelor scholar Wen Fu sentence, the world are amazing. Song Department thistle North disabilities, "the moon in the water hole" poetry "There are underwater moon, the moon floating water. Go on stream, the water still flows on to "sentence, a detailed portrait of the sky, the hole, the bottom of the moon has embraced the miracle. Xiangshan of the moon in the water and mountains of South Point on the relative rock, suspended one day, floating in a Water, "a bimonthly Lijiang River," the peculiar landscape.

Chaoyang hole in the Song Jian-ting, Qing called on a floor, has been spent. Zhang Xiaoxiang inside the cave, there is "Chaoyang Shi-ting and order," Fan "Fu Tung-ming, the moon in the water," Shi Gao Lu You Letters such as Cliff more than 50 pieces of stone.

?? ?? Chaoyang Pavilion as the nose on water inside the cave, built in Song, spent early Pavilion has been, but in far more than 800 years ago, around the On the hole named, Guizhou both before and after the local office of the Executive, between the back-to-back of a battle of words, this tour has become the people's eternal topic. It turned out that two roads in the Southern Song Dynasty (1166 AD), Zhang Xiaoxiang the moon in the water hole You do not linger too late to return again soon visit, a high - Preface poem, as a result of the hole to the east, the Pavilion, holes, rocks were all for the "morning sun", and described the incident "Chaoyang Shi-ting order," the moon in the water hole in the wall of the north. Since then, the main Fan Gui, took a different view, to restore the original name, wrote, "Fu Tung-ming, Moon Water" and degrade hole in the wall of the South. ?? ??

  Rock trunk and the moon in the water adjacent hole in the trunk of Cheung Pei Shan Office later named after. Rock 1.9 meters high, 3.3 meters wide and 13.5 meters in length, covering an area of 44.5 square meters. Rock River mouth area, to the east, the bar was closed, is in cool, look good Riverview Office. Stephen Mao on behalf of scholars at this time, "Book of Changes" in the future I carved rock, "rock school" 3 words, saying the rock as "Shan Yi-point window." Dingchou Wanli (1577) in the first month in the spring and carry out rectification, "bin Quanshan were open deep Cidong" stone title. Zhang Xiang Ming poet "Mao's visit to Shan Yi-chuen, at the window," Poetry, "1000 ares Light House culvert, "" Silent Hill window view of the Book of Changes "sentence, see the moon in the water hole Cliff stone.

As eye-Pei Shan mountain located on both sides of the north-south, connecting with each other, about 2 meters wide, 5 to 10 meters, 52.8 meters long, long Cheng Bian, an area of about 274 square meters. As the eyes of the original rock Not for a long ancient underground river, forming the moon in the water than during the early holes, as a result of the site as happens in places named after. Elephant from the south of the Antarctic hole, along the steps to board the Southern eye. Eyes like a rock, winding up Peak Road. North cliffs eyes, Dengkou can not pass. As eye-holes of the two north-south, is a scenic view Wonderful window. From around his left eye, high-rise hotel near the Lijiang River, City Market, row upon row of buildings, city and a half para sa fresh in our memory; from the right eye view, Fan Ying Jiang Bo, have surfaced in the blink Zi Chau, Tashan, between the mountains.

?? ?? Yun Xuan Ya Song Dynasty landscape architecture. Ming Zhang Mingfeng, "it Guangxi Set: "Therefore, Song Ru Tixingfanggong letter that the South temple wall under construction by Habitat, said Yun Xuan cliff. Xuan spent a long time." According to Ru Fang "title Xuan Ya-yun," and to Shao Hui Fang in the poem degrade before they build "Gu Yun Xuan Ya" account. Ya Yun Xuan really can not be built when the test. Fang Shi-Ru "the poor do not have to charge into Zhang Li, Lin He implicitly use Parapet. Qian Yan has respect on the hole, a section of cliff-yun qi "sentence, said Cliff Yun Xuan was built in the foothills as credible.

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Yulong Qiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Longqiao also known as back in Yangshuo County town of White Sands, the Yulong He Yulong Village. Yulong He is a beautiful river, in particular, the following Yulong Qiao, to Campbell River and the confluence of Heshan Eguchi. About 12 meters do this, the towering peaks overlap, the scattered villages, you can watch the Yulong Qiao, rhinoceros Mochizuki, Guzhai mountains, in the city just left , The legislation refers to the mountain, double crossing, horse, and so on the air scenery sites, Yangshuo is another scenic nirvana. 10-year Yulong Qiao Ming Yongle (1412), Hong single-arch stone bridge, be wrong stone arch camber sewing, dry block. Bridge, 36 meters long, 4.2 meters wide and 9 meters high, the momentum grand style, aesthetic simplicity, the very people Characteristics, Guangxi is the name in the history of the bridge. Li deck there are pieces of the Anti-Japanese War Victory Monument l, the villagers themselves on their own record in 1944 with dozens of days of fierce fighting the Japanese won the facts.

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Dah Sing Ming pastoral scenery - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ming pastoral scenery, 53 km from the county seat, at the national level scenic spots. 20 km radius of a beautiful scenic mountain water around the ring, known as the small Guilin said. Bamboo here around the coast, dotted farm structures, cross-single-plank bridge, swaying rice, the farmers get rid of Fuhe, the shepherd boy water, the scenery Toshiro Qing Yi, the very southern rural atmosphere. Beautiful Mountains, mirror-like river, the boat into the sky, sprinkling over the bamboos, green and lush rice fields, local taste of the water tankers, water pipes and a single-plank bridge, so that you river rafting, mountain feeling blue sky and white clouds reflection of bamboo as a mirror, Re-lined bridges, birds Timing, as well as the cottage in the dog cock is a hard to come by Stunning rural scenery.

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Dah Sing Tak-day falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

De-day falls at the Sino-Vietnamese border of the Spring River upstream from the Sino-Vietnamese border, 53 Monument about 50 meters away from Daxin county seat 66 kilometers from the city of Nanning, the capital of the autonomous region, about 208 km. The main waterfall and 100 meters wide, 60 meters in depth, 70 meters gap with the board about Vietnam falls together, falls wide of the total 208 , Is Southeast Asia's largest cross-border natural waterfall, the world's second-largest transnational waterfall. Do not dry year-round water falls, falls around the towering old trees, flowers and shade. De scenic waterfalls days after several years of construction, set to form the food, shelter, transportation, travel, purchase, and entertainment for the whole of the tourist facilities, a large number of tourists come here especially, has become a journey Resort.

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Sand Tuen multi-level falls - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Also known as the waterfall at the end of study, located in Long Shuo Shuo Long-Tuen Mun village of sand to the Spring River Canyon on the Castle Peak, about 50 km east of the county, the state secondary spots. Falls of about 60 meters wide, with a total gap of about 20 meters, seven minutes from great heights. Gaoshanjunling the two sides, lush jungle, Guteng coil. The river from the 10-meter high mountain stream out of the gorge Fei Xie cliff, or in the water formed under the first level of about 500 square meters of Cheongdam, water points and six layers of television, the class difference between 2-3 meters. In the waves of droplets often appear Fisherman's bamboo.

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Daming Mountain Nature Reserve, West - Chinese tourism scenic spots

West was left Damingshan, Youjiang, at Dah Sing, Chongzuo, Fu Suixian between the mountain. Up to 1,080-meter peak, four mountain slope in more than 80 �. Peak 1,000 meters for the gentle undulating surface, slope 600 meters and another there is a gentle face. Cambrian strata in order to, the Department of Ordovician shale sand at the core On the order of Silurian quartz sandstone, Devonian quartz sandstone and shale. Paleozoic limestone for the external. As a result, there is a clear boundary of the mountain, that is, hard by the Devonian quartz sandstone ridges into the slope for the radical circles, and from the external Terrain by enveloping the peaks Rock Hill. Cutting victims mountain stream, there are large areas of hillside full -Like form. In the fan-shaped peaks and Rock Hill junction, as a result of apparent dissolution, each into a gully, the mountain is the most appropriate rice farming. Distribution of mountains, plains into a circle, to highlight the landscape.

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Hill pole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Zhenning pole in the Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, 15 km west. The area is inhabited by the Buyi. Are surrounded by mountains, for Caozai. From UNITA's Baishui He Chong and Su Liu, Caozai to the middle, Wu Li Xiufeng, Qiu He deep. Mildly arouse the river, or for a number of falls. Over several years, on a mound, about 30 meters, More than 20 meters, up to 1 km. There were stone Link, Mengrong grass, a gray, Tianchou recline in between. Koyama both ends of the process, with verdant trees, each foot of a small village in the north said, standing alone security in the south-hole Ma said. Like a Dutch-pole, the pole named Hill. The People's Bank of China, China criss-cross paths look around, mountains Cui Xian, the Jiquan With Wen. Fu has always been a land of the Buyi people celebrating the traditional festival of natural Plaza. The first lunar month every year to the first Five-Year Plan, the Walled young men and women to wear clothes Li, cross-Horse, with arms gathered here. Jockey men's contest, dancing women throwing flowers, bands play, the sea of people. July to the first Five-Year Plan, there is a near - God, fine-sounding name, "Sin release." And the horse racing event in the spring contest with Lie, very strong national colors.

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Wang's former home - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wang Ruofei former residence is located in Anshun city, North Avenue Road on the eastern side of the middle. China's older generation of proletarian revolutionaries Wang was born and lived. Former Residence was built in the Qing Dynasty, Wang great-grandfather built, opening in 1982. Former Residence of the street, Road into North Korea through the door into the courtyard, paved with square stone floor, Stone flower beds, a fish pond, and so on, for housing construction Qingwa small wooden structure, with residential-style Qing Dynasty. Most of the existing furniture and in-kind Ruofei a young age in Japan, France to study when the activities of the information revolution, Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai and other leaders to work with the photos, manuscripts communications, Chongqing negotiations clothing worn by After the death of the central leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the eulogy, some KMT officials, generals, patriotic, democratic inscription celebrities, and the elegiac couplet Wang's books, publications and so on.
Former residence of Wang as a "national demonstration bases for patriotism education."

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Rhino - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Zhenning in the Buyi and Miao Autonomous County at about 1 km east of the east slope of Hill. Formed in 200 million years ago. 000 cattle-old group, in 1975 the construction of water stations on the ground floor, inside the cave dug out the fossil bones, thus this name change. Hole more than 400 meters long, 5-100 m wide, Wan Yan twists and turns, peculiar structure. There Cheng Tan, floor Do not hole the palace. Stalactite rich: There are no vast sea of clouds, the parents of the formidable guard, the baby's embrace of the Miao women, realistic image of a lion, hung upside Bailian waterfall chart, and so on, a picture of natural increase, the odd fight for victory, dizzying. There is a great center of the circular palace, can accommodate 1,000 people. The top of the caisson decorated with full justification ; A central standing Optimus Prime, can be encircled, as high as 30 meters, straight up and down, sub-section uniform, each have a detailed profile of a straight line, like ivory carvings; on the left side of the huge Shiman, down from Dong Ding, Clear lines, color harmony, and the use of the velvet stage curtain is no different. Behind the main hall, a square meters Dome, covered with follow-up. 70 meters long, 20 meters wide, 27 meters deep of water Longtan. If the bank stalagmite forest, Mid-levels pagoda in sight. Tam-side hole, a stone gong Shek Kwu display, the deduction of hair metal sound echoed residual sound, echoing with prolonged. Unison hole at the entire octave, clear and sweet, it is said never.

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Tiantai Mountain - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pingba county in southwest Yunnan-Guizhou 13 km road on the right side of 2 kilometers. Hill, "more than ten feet high," and "the creation of Kennedy Space", only to the south from rising, thick forests thick, dense shading Road. West, North, East are cliffs on three sides Gou Mountain rock. Also around the "cutting of the stone, and high mountain." According to the Qing dynasty, "Anping County and expanding references to the" travel day Hill recorded ": Wanli next 18 years (1590)," Monk Baiyun Zhuoxi mountains here, "Jiansi Peak. Li Kangxi, Jiaqing, three generations of the Upgrading light, "building housing several layers down calendar mixed", "even through the Housing group, under the high, even if the city." Pei Xiu is the last full in 1937. The existing main building, Including the permitted large, side hall in a palace HS, Wei Tuo Temple, the Yu Huangge, Patriarch Palace, and Canon floor tower; construction subsidiary has Leaf-ting, Taiwan Mochizuki, the day Street, the Mountain Gate of St. Paul, and so on. Peak use on a very narrow space to build so many temples halls, pavilions, in Guizhou Plateau is rare. In the mountains of the existing generation as a result of Moldova Such as ginkgo old trees on the right side of the mountain "in the Grand View", the first of the Mountain Gate, "the first Qiannan Hill," Street, Shek Pik days between "the roof" and "Wu famous review", wrote out of the ordinary, out impressive. Monument and notes of the original temple was built to Shibei Dachaoshan, multi-hand man has difficile. However, Li Guang's Lingnan Qilu a well-preserved. "Must Thousands of stroke Ren Shi, Liang Wei echoed in the first floor. Dan Feng Huang Rong Qiu lax old, and micro-Shu-yun intended to draw strong. "Qiu Jing described Tiantai Mountain, it really is. Terauchi couplets of well-known, most were printed in front of a Buddhist Temple, Wen said:" From the day goes out Natural born on Qi, on the stage as Taichung view of scenic spots on the stage. "Good content Calligraphy is also good. "Rooftop" Qiao three words embedded in the joint, so that readers scenic spots on the roof-top imagination. Stone works, "Figure Eight Immortals", the outline of the characters, trying to highlight the characteristics and personality, the "Eight Immortals" of the air. Qianlangzhuchu Shuangshi permitted large, soft, thin body is fluffy long-haired, prostrata front, back down on one's luck, Whistling for the first weight-bearing-like, very vivid image. Platform is expected to peak, overlooking board, Castle Peak, green water, farms, cottages, picturesque. Terauchi a collection of swords, ivory towards a Wat, a Qing Dynasty Guan Fu, Chuan Wu Sangui since the early Qing Dynasty for the Dian-Qian pilgrimage to the Hill when presented so far in good condition; and another box of a basin With a diameter of 0.33 meters, 0.34 meters high, the Department of light 28 years (1848) on behalf of the abbot monk after mt box of old trees from elaborate, very valuable. Temple has a national theater museum.

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Dan Touzhai - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dan Touzhai located in the southwest Guizhou Zhenning county's pole Hill, 48 cottage Puyi, Dan Touzhai is one of them. Quan Zhai layer upon layer of stone house, the construction of the mountain, orderly layout. Housing construction are wood and stone structure, not a brick by brick, stone house a solid long, Dongnuanxialiang, designed by the Walled people, to build on its own, very Features local and national characteristics.

Dan Touzhai or a town famous for its batik. Dan Touzhai good for women's batik tapestry. White Quanzhai 80 per adult women of this city's traditional arts and crafts. Even more interesting is that visitors can participate in their design, their operation, to do a back Dan Touzhai Walled Pouilly , To experience the traditional process of endless fun.
Dan Touzhai tourism landscape is the view of the largest stone-built houses, stone walls as to stone for the gallery to stone for the column for the stone tile. Dan Touzhai, Puyi of the local language known as the "Posen board", meaning "rock back, the resident stone house." Layer upon layer of stone house Slopes along the bottom, the orderly layout. Some of the stone hut towards the door, the rows of side by side; some components of compound, criss-crossing; a stone house and some stone walls, stone arches and out. Walled side of the bamboo, tree placement of Dan Deng, stone benches and Shizhuo for leisure, entertainment.

Residential building, is the appearance of a uniform size, each side has certain rules shaped stone through the Cuoluoyouzhi Leiqi from the strong housing. However, when residential construction is quite particular about: Housing stone hillside, the building before the eyes to a room, stone mining on the spot. Wu Ji stone house is , In a more than two meters, so every family has a block of stone steps through the door. I do not have houses here, brick by brick, the building when the first timber roof trusses to wear as a tenon, but also to build on both sides of the stone walls, wooden pillars in the middle frame, the frame-li good room, surrounded by the wall, "closing", with some Thin stone every room, some with stones Lei Qi, Also supported by pillars. Housing regardless of 3, 5, the central room in the middle of the total, for both sides bedroom. Housing is invariably divided into two, the wood shop in the middle, and lower GUAN animals, who live in the upper. Housing outer wall with the size of the stones to build together with lime coagulation tiger wall pointing at the wall; masonry joints and a half closer lines Time symmetry. Beacon House, into a wall, and also similar to the size of the irregular stone covered roof, the roof Xieshan Ding absorbed the basic style of construction, and changes in regularity. This wood and stone structure of the low-cost housing, durable solid, Dongnuanxialiang, unique and practical. Quan Zhai Yu-see well-stone house, then become white as silver, natural good .

Dan Touzhai residential construction also attaches great importance to the appearance of the modified appearance in the overall shape of the stone room, although the tradition is being affected by the impact, but based on the natural environment, level of economic productivity and create a unique and simple geometry of the United States. Dan Touzhai in the housing structure of the internal and external decoration , Because of the size of the use of a combination of different materials, fabric is the United States, irregular rectangle, diamond, triangle and polygon of a round table of stone and gravel mix Leiqi; Dan Touzhai housing gable stone carving patterns on the Sun Tou, Some dragon, Shou Xing, and some flower patterns, unique.
Your Batik famous Chinese and foreign, is well-known Dan Touzhai Leung town Wax, Zhaiwai Walled Village, River on the bridge, can be seen at any point wax, wax drift of women. Quanzhai about 80 percent of adult women will be this traditional folk art, half of them have a vat dye; can be said that their life has accompanied manufactures batik; newborn baby Used by a small towel, baby clothes, children's wear, flower hat, water pocket, took back fans are batik products, young love, marriage, when the handkerchief, belts, scarves, shawls, vests, foot cage, clothes, courtesy batik products ; Sheets used in everyday life, Beimian, pillowcases, curtains, wallpaper, the burden of cloth, Wei Yao Pago, Sets, blue scarf, purse batik products are: the old died at the exclusive use of clothing, Beimian long, long shoes, towels, cover-ling and towels are also calling back the soul of batik products. Dan Touzhai batik is a culture of the world.

  In addition to batik, Dan Touzhai women also engaged in textile production process. At the same time, they are Song, dance, June 6, and other Chinese ethnic Buyi Ganchang day or holiday, young men and women is the Buyi and the joy of life; field on both sides of the dam, the Front for the respective men and women, a good friend of loved one, then to the fields, trees, river , River Cliff, back-to-back in order to appeal against singing heartfelt emotion - this is the Buyi and unique "drive table .
Dan Touzhai simple living and hard-working people Puyi, the history of living up to more than 600 years. Buyi people's hospitality is a major feature of a passenger when guests are Quanzhai of each grand to have the same courtesy. With the further development of the Huangguoshu scenic spot, also by Dan Touzhai her unique charm, ushered in a number of foreign tour .

Dan Touzhai the United States, the United States and is a stone, straw and cow dung is the United States!

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Puding piercing site - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Puding piercing site is the late Paleolithic site, located in the western town of Puding 5 kilometers on a Solitary Hill. Excavation of May 1979, received a large number of stone tools, bone. In May 1981, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guizhou Province to explore joint Museum, unearthed stone tools, bone, animal fossils and human fossils 200 More than, in southwest China to study the primitive society to provide a wealth of materials

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Sok Kwu Ling Guan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Customs ryong Sok Kwu Ling in the Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, 22 km east, and the "chicken back the public" phase of confrontation. If the path of the word, and circled to be approved by the 43 party arrived in the Peak. Jia-Mu Department to 16 verdant, quiet Cave. There Longquan Temple, Hou Si three Shouting Shu Han Guan Yu; Arima Stephen plane, water Ganlie taste, as Qiongjiangyuye. Customs Nan Zheng Liang, the third son of Guan Yu Guan demand for the striker, EC soldiers to this very thirsty, Eerchengji plane to the water, a horse named Stephen. Stephen on the right side of a deep Chi Xu, of course, very severe drought, heavy rain is not up, drink this water-human transmission gets dumb, dumb named Stephen. Xu Er Quan said that "not quite a few steps, Liang (plus hard wood), so different!" Ancient Can not answer, is a long time to build huge, cut-exist side by side monument, Bang said, "Stephen ancient dumb." Peak above the clouds form, the vast Wu Hai, the Meteorology Series. Yu Shu floor stands During this period, there were 2002 Emperor Kangxi (1663) Ye Hyun-title "Yunnan-Guizhou Suoyue" horizontal inscribed board. One side of the temple floor, for cable clearance. Qian Guan Yu respect people, all over the multi-Kwan . Legend has it the cable clearance, Yong Man, active in Guizhou, hence this temple food, and its famous name.

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Dragons Tunbao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Dragons into the Tun Bao, as if the dream into the alley, 600 years ago, the war has gone along with the years. Smart is a stockade of the spring, we went to the same day, a hundred people from the tourist group came to Guiyang, Tun Bao Road, the girl spoke Mandarin Zhunbao on a story in the Ming Dynasty legacy. 26 guides all of the Dragons Village girls, local farmers who become involved in tourism to do a bright spot.

Tun Bao culture is a culture of Guizhou, an important part. Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang launched by the Yuan dynasty put down the remnants of the regime Liang war radically changed the land so that Guizhou's ethnic structure has changed, and promoted into Guizhou A province, a large number of Han immigrants from the old haunt Jianghuai into the advanced science and technology, so that people of all ethnic groups in Guizhou into an advanced civilization, farming, education and civilization. Tun Bao Qian into the ancestors of Zhao's achievements is the sun, can say: because of the history of this case, with this group of people in Guizhou to become a 000.

  Tunbao real sequence of activities is on the basis of this, in order to better understanding of Tun Bao culture, understanding Tun Bao, the use of special-General History of the Long Poem narrative together with the real performance of modern popular art forms of expression of our ancestors Zhunbao Memorial to better publicize Tun Bao culture, in-depth development of the tourism Zhunbao Performances by the entire Long Poem and music in the background, the actors spend a total of 200 people, and all the local villagers as an actor, the original ecological Zhunbao display of movement of people throughout history, as well as rich and colorful folk culture, folk customs.

Tunbao villagers spread of a doggerel: The Walled Son, Tuen Yunshan of the men Zi, the Dragon "mold." The so-called "mold" refers to the mode of tourism development Dragons. March 5, farmers Dragons Tourism Association Chairman Cheng Kam-yin told reporters: "The association of farmers went to his house a few days ago, the shares do require travel." Currently has the intention to introduce farmers Yue Mun

Dragons Tunbao ancient town located in the west of Yunnan's throat, here in the Yuan Dynasty is a well-known ancient Yuan Shun Yi Dao, is the first ancient town Tun Bao Tian Yuan Shun Yi Dao on an old station ...

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Anshun Confucian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Confucian Temple is located at the eastern end of the Anshun city, covers an area up to more than 7000 square meters, was built in Hongwu (1368-1398) in the early years, as revealed after a four-year (1624) and Qing Emperor Kangxi 2007 (1668), 55 (1716), 16 light (1837) a few rehabilitation, upgrading, Japan Complete the formation of a group of magnificent old buildings. Confucian temple few of the Dacheng Dian Qian Zhu stone, as a result of Diaogong known, the fine arts Toudiao abnormal life. There are Confucian Temple Museum of batik art, in-kind through the many exhibits, visitors to the system introduced features of the development of Guizhou batik. If tourists Anshun to visit, the general will go to the Confucian Temple. Tickets: 3 yuan

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Shuilian Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huangguoshu Falls unique in its ground, underground, water, the water there are a series of scenes, one of the most amazing thing is implicit in Falls Banyao up to 134 meters on the curtain falls cave. Falls after Shuilian Dong quite wonderful, from inside the six-hole windows, Dongting five, three-and six-channel group Stephen The main attractions are: cactus upside down, hanging Gurong root, rattan screens, pocket-sized garden, I blast, Crystal Palace, waterfall Taiwan touch, and so on. Visitors through the cave, in addition to viewing the top of the wonders of the curtain man. The most wow, all Shuilian Dong from the hole can be a window to see the Rainbow Lake rhinoceros, from here to see the rainbow, Is the only double rainbows, but rainbow is a dynamic, changing blurred, it is well-known "in view of the sunset Shuilian Dong", it is natural wonders.

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Guanyin Dong - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guanyin Dong Xuan Tong at-hand halfway up the mountain, is one of the two look at each other to connect the natural cave, Southwest is the largest Buddhist cave. Main Hall for the next hole, a plastic Buddha, the Buddha pharmacists, Buddha and the Ocean's 18; on a Tung Goddess of Mercy and plastic Shancai Boy and Dragon. And down-hole total of 2 plastic Buddha Zun, Zun Zun look realistic, lifelike, the two Hall of wind around cigarettes, added to the solemn atmosphere of mystery. Outside of a vertical cliff, the words of the Buddhist Association of China Chairman Mr. Zhao Puchu wrote of "Guanyin Dong," the three characters.

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