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Cheung Pei Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Cheung Pei Shan in the city in Taohuajiang convergence with the Lijiang River, a natural park with scenic landscapes and embraced the people call the symbol of Guilin's landscape. Natural park with scenic landscapes and embraced the main attractions are the moon in the water holes, eyes, as rock, Fugen tower, Hongfeng Temple and the Temple of the Heavenly Kingdom of revolutionary relics exhibition hall and so on. Kaiyuan Temple in the vicinity of the Sui and Tang Dynasties are the only remaining stupa. The moon in the water hole close to the river bank, through which water seep through, floating in the water, the rocks down into the water if drinking water trunk Lijiang, a very good view, since the Tang and Song is the place to visit. Song Department thistle North disabilities, "the moon in the water hole and rhyme" poem: "There are underwater moon, Water floating moon. Not on water, on water to flow. "Vividly depicts the landscape.

?? ?? the moon in the water hole in the trunk of Cheung Pei Shan and the like between the legs. Just over 1.2 million years ago, crustal uplift, narrowing the Lijiang River, to accelerate the development of the moon in the water hole, the permeability of the formation of an East-West Yuan Dong 17 meters long, 9.5 wide, 12 meters high, with an area of about 150 square meters. "Elephant Story" set, "there is a Shixue, each side can, round-shaped and long and a half of their income on water seep through, when the high water current, so the size of the hole from time to time also."

Tung Chao-yang moon in the water hole, Chaoyang Dong. But the hole in the water, such as the floating moon, the very image, so in the name of the moon in the water, are still in use. "Elephant Moon Water" is a great wonders of the landscape in Guilin, a bachelor scholar Wen Fu sentence, the world are amazing. Song Department thistle North disabilities, "the moon in the water hole" poetry "There are underwater moon, the moon floating water. Go on stream, the water still flows on to "sentence, a detailed portrait of the sky, the hole, the bottom of the moon has embraced the miracle. Xiangshan of the moon in the water and mountains of South Point on the relative rock, suspended one day, floating in a Water, "a bimonthly Lijiang River," the peculiar landscape.

Chaoyang hole in the Song Jian-ting, Qing called on a floor, has been spent. Zhang Xiaoxiang inside the cave, there is "Chaoyang Shi-ting and order," Fan "Fu Tung-ming, the moon in the water," Shi Gao Lu You Letters such as Cliff more than 50 pieces of stone.

?? ?? Chaoyang Pavilion as the nose on water inside the cave, built in Song, spent early Pavilion has been, but in far more than 800 years ago, around the On the hole named, Guizhou both before and after the local office of the Executive, between the back-to-back of a battle of words, this tour has become the people's eternal topic. It turned out that two roads in the Southern Song Dynasty (1166 AD), Zhang Xiaoxiang the moon in the water hole You do not linger too late to return again soon visit, a high - Preface poem, as a result of the hole to the east, the Pavilion, holes, rocks were all for the "morning sun", and described the incident "Chaoyang Shi-ting order," the moon in the water hole in the wall of the north. Since then, the main Fan Gui, took a different view, to restore the original name, wrote, "Fu Tung-ming, Moon Water" and degrade hole in the wall of the South. ?? ??

  Rock trunk and the moon in the water adjacent hole in the trunk of Cheung Pei Shan Office later named after. Rock 1.9 meters high, 3.3 meters wide and 13.5 meters in length, covering an area of 44.5 square meters. Rock River mouth area, to the east, the bar was closed, is in cool, look good Riverview Office. Stephen Mao on behalf of scholars at this time, "Book of Changes" in the future I carved rock, "rock school" 3 words, saying the rock as "Shan Yi-point window." Dingchou Wanli (1577) in the first month in the spring and carry out rectification, "bin Quanshan were open deep Cidong" stone title. Zhang Xiang Ming poet "Mao's visit to Shan Yi-chuen, at the window," Poetry, "1000 ares Light House culvert, "" Silent Hill window view of the Book of Changes "sentence, see the moon in the water hole Cliff stone.

As eye-Pei Shan mountain located on both sides of the north-south, connecting with each other, about 2 meters wide, 5 to 10 meters, 52.8 meters long, long Cheng Bian, an area of about 274 square meters. As the eyes of the original rock Not for a long ancient underground river, forming the moon in the water than during the early holes, as a result of the site as happens in places named after. Elephant from the south of the Antarctic hole, along the steps to board the Southern eye. Eyes like a rock, winding up Peak Road. North cliffs eyes, Dengkou can not pass. As eye-holes of the two north-south, is a scenic view Wonderful window. From around his left eye, high-rise hotel near the Lijiang River, City Market, row upon row of buildings, city and a half para sa fresh in our memory; from the right eye view, Fan Ying Jiang Bo, have surfaced in the blink Zi Chau, Tashan, between the mountains.

?? ?? Yun Xuan Ya Song Dynasty landscape architecture. Ming Zhang Mingfeng, "it Guangxi Set: "Therefore, Song Ru Tixingfanggong letter that the South temple wall under construction by Habitat, said Yun Xuan cliff. Xuan spent a long time." According to Ru Fang "title Xuan Ya-yun," and to Shao Hui Fang in the poem degrade before they build "Gu Yun Xuan Ya" account. Ya Yun Xuan really can not be built when the test. Fang Shi-Ru "the poor do not have to charge into Zhang Li, Lin He implicitly use Parapet. Qian Yan has respect on the hole, a section of cliff-yun qi "sentence, said Cliff Yun Xuan was built in the foothills as credible.

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