Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yung, Sequoia Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yung, Sequoia Lake is located in the central city of Guilin, a body of water connected to the heart of even the lake. Yang to her profession as a bridge, for the East Sequoia Lake, 000 West Ronghu, as a result of the growth of the shore of Lake banyan tree got its name. Tang and Song period, for the opening of the South artificial moat, known as the Nanyang River. Jian Hu referred to as the Yuan, Ming Dynasty city expansion into Neihu Since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the famous Fusion have lived on the lake shore Jie Lu, Yinshizuofu seekers can explore the lake, has become a time of cultural activities at the center of Guilin. Tang has built one after another sung Hall of the United States and five villas. Yun Wang Peng's ancestral home in West Park, the residence of Li Tsung-jen, Lu Bai Chongxi of Guangxi, the former home of Ma Junwu. Today, most of it Has no traces of the remaining deposit Gui Lu and Li Tsung-jen's official residence. Beidou Ronghu Bridge at East Lake even heart Island, west and the south gate of the ancient bridge-shaped layout according to the distribution of Polar Star, named Beidou Bridge. Fangshan the bridge railing with all the high-level white marble-playing, is currently the longest in Guangxi white marble bridge. Bridge-shaped appearance of the whole process fine , Crystal clear.

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