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Reed Flute Cave - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Jia Tianxia landscape in Guilin, Lu Di worthy of the best scenery. Reed Flute Cave in Guilin is a shining pearl of the landscape. She is located in the northwest of Guilin, 5 km from the city center, is a cave tour mainly pastoral landscape scenery as a supplement to watch the scenic spots. Reed Flute Cave 240 m deep hole, the 500-meter run. Inside a large number of Lu scene in the visible Linglong stalagmite, milk stone, stone pillars, Shiman, stone flower, silver, composed of Asaka Shiling, Hung Bao Luo account, dragon pagoda, the primeval forest, Crystal Palace, Hua Guoshan such as landscape, visitors dizzying, as Wonderland, known as "nature's art palace." From the Tang Dynasty, ancient visitors have Trace, memory-history mural 77. Since the discovery and development in 1959, now has a restaurant, teahouse, Shuixie, Chi Lake, Quqiao, as well as cruise ships, wide planting flowers and trees, to become foreign tourists to visit Guilin, when will travel to hot spots.

Reed Flute Cave where the bright mountain, called the former head Mao Shan That there is only one small hole halfway up the mountain, only one person in and out, on the hillside and covered with grass Lo Tik, it can make use of flute, blowing enchanting voice, therefore, Reed Flute Cave got its name. Reed Flute Cave of the formation of a long gone era, according to research geologist, here was an ancient underground lake, was due to land Sports, mountain uplift, the water level dropped on the ground floor of the cave into a lake. Later, the ground water along the mountain in many, many broken with the movement of carbon, dissolved the calcium carbonate rocks. When the water from the rocks of crack into the hole, the crystallization of calcium carbonate sedimentation on, after millions of years of accumulation, the formation of a wide range of Concept. The cave stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns, Shiman, stone flower. Thousands, lifelike. Or may, or may God, or like animals, or who may spend Yi Cao, or crops like cereals, vegetables or fruits like. Dazzling, vivid. A natural component of the Palace of Art. "Lingui County", Hill recorded a bright, but did not say a mountainside caves. Self-preservation inside the cave, there are eight Yuan Tang Zhen (792 years) since the wall is more than 70 books, most of the ink used to write on the wall in the title of Travel. These books show that wall, Reed Flute Cave is not eternal unknown. In the vicinity of the village, has long been aware of this Qiao Zhidong, but was kept secret for a long time.

Reed Flute Cave, "the first break the shackles, Faerie singing in the Peach Blossom Spring." (Guo, "Reed Flute Cave Man Jiang Hong Wing") after the liberation, stability and people's lives, do not need a refuge, it will be seen that the Reed Flute Cave secret. 1959 Provides a cave near the village, after surveying the building, officially opened in 1962. Reed Flute Cave hole 240 meters long, 93 meters maximum width, maximum height of 1.8 meters, tour distance of about 500 meters around the time about 40 minutes. Inside a large number of Lu Qi scene in the visible Linglong stalagmite and stone , Columns, Shiman, stone flower, silver, the composition of the Shiling Asaka, Hung Bao Luo account, dragon pagoda, the primeval forest, Crystal Palace, Hua Guoshan landscape, and so on, so that visitors dizzying, as in Wonderland, as the "natural Palace of Art. "

Reed Flute Cave is a cave of cystic, into the With exports neighboring, the original hole for the Department of Natural hole, Chu Dong is the artificial hole cut. 240 m deep hole, run-length of about 500 meters. Cave is more than 70 million years ago, the water along the broken rock band formed by the flow solution. A large number of stalactite cave, stalagmites and columns, Shiman, stone flower, In the formation of caves, underground water containing carbonates category, out of cracks along the rock, water evaporation, precipitation types of carbonate crystallization gradually from the accumulation of a thousand million in state, silver
Reed Flute Cave is characterized by a water hole, stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns into development The stuffing is also particularly high. Hole visitors, many of the pillars in the middle of the gap switch, together with the color of the light shine, as exposure to the general in Wonderland.

The Reed Flute Cave miraculous magnificent, and in your nature and the arts, in addition to the hole, apart from the inside of connected trails, people can see that Role, and that a number of 30 wonders, from a purely natural, purely Shenciguishi of Heavenly Creations. They are dead to life without the stalactite, stalagmite and stone columns, stone flowers, stone steamed bread, in the nature of the Diaozao, all live, full of Aura. Any craftsmen, master of arts into the Lo Tik will fall on one's knees from rising in the self - And at the foot of itself to people feeling powerless. Reed Flute Cave is not the Kanbu Wan said. The Lions, forest, canyon, Fei Bao, the snowman, that curtain, Ta Song, mushroom, pagoda, Mountain City, Long Qiu, Optimus Prime, that goes outside the Hill, Crystal Palace, You listen to the flute throughout, that pastoral life, Zhu goldfish, which harvest more Shengjing: lotus root, Chinese cabbage, carrots, peanuts, beans, sponge gourd, Chinese angelica, Ganoderma lucidum ... ... then how they well that a few may be spurious? How they mix so perfect and full of rhythm? Drilling all over the world cave, where are you off to see? 500 meters short of the run-buckling, Mody such meta-Ling Lang everywhere, overwhelmed, with harmony, no clutter, Love Will Tear Us Apart satisfied, the undersea land in the United States and one of the objects? Perhaps you would say that King is the name people think of the imagination, who is lighting up the decorations, but at best it is "icing on the cake," no no substitute for the creation of nature. Ancient Yan Di, there are lights it, you were King, did not affect the aesthetic to the ancients. Human imagination is beyond time and space.

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