Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Huaqiao - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Guilin Huaqiao is the oldest bridge, built in the Song Jiaxi years. It is located at the main entrance of the park, across the East River in the small and Ling Jian River above the confluence Department, the total length of 135 meters. Promenade deck there is wind and rain, green glazed tile Qiaoting review, as the rock bridge, is rich in ethnic style. Each year in spring and summer, flowers bloom, the flowers Cross-strait bridge planted peach, Bamboo, the cover of the bridge hidden in the "streams of water over the river and a half to spend", Huaqiao be named. Bridge is now in 1965 in accordance with the original style of Sikong repair bridges, build the Qingshi. Bridge, the bridge opening of the four semi-circular in its reflection in the water to form four Yu Pan, like a full moon, as "four-wheel-moon with Lotus Chengjiang and a half into the semi-hong "in the verse of the song" Hong Ying Hua Qiao "beauty.

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