Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shu Tong Shan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yangshuo County in south-eastern Lijiang River and Tian Interchange, about 2 km from the county seat. Pro right Lijiang River, mountain handsome tall and straight, the Lijiang River is the most petite Riverside Juanxiu a mountain peak. Between a mountainside north, split up with one stone, about 10 meters high, if Gong Li's costumes boy, who Shi Shu Tong, Shan got its name because of stone. There are about Shu Tong Shan In ancient legend, a long time ago, there is a dragon often appear in Lijiang, one against the common people. Shu Tong, a teacher from his mobile phone received a Book of the Demon instinct Jiang Yao, with hieroglyphics on the uniform to dragon, a dragon to see the Book immediately collapsed in the water. Shu Tong dragon is afraid of dead, hands on the Double Dutch into Hill, always stand side Lijiang, a guardian of local people.

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