Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hill pole - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill Zhenning pole in the Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, 15 km west. The area is inhabited by the Buyi. Are surrounded by mountains, for Caozai. From UNITA's Baishui He Chong and Su Liu, Caozai to the middle, Wu Li Xiufeng, Qiu He deep. Mildly arouse the river, or for a number of falls. Over several years, on a mound, about 30 meters, More than 20 meters, up to 1 km. There were stone Link, Mengrong grass, a gray, Tianchou recline in between. Koyama both ends of the process, with verdant trees, each foot of a small village in the north said, standing alone security in the south-hole Ma said. Like a Dutch-pole, the pole named Hill. The People's Bank of China, China criss-cross paths look around, mountains Cui Xian, the Jiquan With Wen. Fu has always been a land of the Buyi people celebrating the traditional festival of natural Plaza. The first lunar month every year to the first Five-Year Plan, the Walled young men and women to wear clothes Li, cross-Horse, with arms gathered here. Jockey men's contest, dancing women throwing flowers, bands play, the sea of people. July to the first Five-Year Plan, there is a near - God, fine-sounding name, "Sin release." And the horse racing event in the spring contest with Lie, very strong national colors.

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